Popular dreams and their meaning

Dreams - fancy tricks of the mind, which often mean so little and so much at a time.

Popular dreams and their meaning

Some dreams come to us more often. Want to know what they can mean for you?

See yourself naked in a dream people

In real life, with the help of clothes we create a certain image, so be naked in a dream means that any situation in reality makes you feel vulnerable and defenseless. Wallace argues that it may be related to the situation of your daily life, such as the reception of a new job or tying new relationships when you are not sure that everything goes in the best way.

"Despite the fact that you are trying to hide their nakedness in all ways, no one seems to ignore it, because for those around you continue to represent self-confident."


This is definitely one of the most common dreams. While no one can say with certainty, but many believe that it is associated with problems, from which we run away.

If you are in a dream pursued animal, it may mean that you are trying to hide or hold back anger.

Escape from someone who you know, it can mean that you are trying to cope with a certain task or that you feed negative feelings toward someone.

Although, if you run away, and you like what you are haunted ...

"... it means that you like to be the object of desire. Do you like to feel welcome. This dream can mean the rapidly developing relationship. "

in a dream Flying

Popular dreams and their meaning

The expert on dreams Ian Wallace believes that in a dream flights can be linked to a desire to avoid the circumstances which, figuratively speaking, you hardship. There is another view that this could be something to do with our confidence and the ability to achieve results. If you are in a dream to fly high, it means that you are confident enough, or that you have already made a difficult decision, and it is you are no longer a burden. But soaring low over the ground means that you have something else binds, holds, does not give up.

teeth fall out

Like flying in a dream, tooth loss can also be associated with self-confidence. Dream book argues that the loss of teeth in a dream can mean lack of confidence in their abilities and a sense of helplessness. And the claim that the dreams of the loss of teeth often dream of people who are afraid that they are losing their appeal due to aging.

"Such dreams are also characteristic of people who are losing money, undergo a setback in their careers."


The fall, in fact, it is the loss of control - perhaps you do not feel safe, or you do not have confidence that you are able to cope with the situation.

Such dreams may be a warning that you need to stop being afraid that you will lose control of the situation.

Some believe that these dreams may be associated with fatigue - you do not have the strength to withstand such a large load, or you are too burdened with responsibilities and time for you to relax and let go of what you tormented, you need to learn to trust yourself and others who may support you and share with you the weight of the burden.

To dream of empty or unused room

Rooms in the house symbolizes the different sides of your personality. Find unused space - so to discover something new in itself, as you may have no idea. Before you can open up new perspectives.

There are those who believe that if the room but the bare walls and it is completely empty, it means that you are ready to start all over again - like a clean slate.


Popular dreams and their meaning

The water is said to represents our emotions. Water quality (clear, cloudy, and so on. d.) is an indicator of our emotional state. This also applies to the water; there are no ripples in it or surging waves?

To lose a dream vehicle control

Vehicle, whatever it may be, is your ability to consistently move toward the goal or solving the problem. Loss of control of the vehicle means that you are not in control of your way to success.

Wallace advises:

"Instead of trying to control the situation, loosen the grip and follow your instincts and inner instinct to help you choose the best way."


Sex in a dream, obviously, may be associated with sexual feelings, but it can also mean the way you feel about yourself and other people.

"With whoever you had sex in a dream, this indicates that you have found yourself in some sort of advantage or do you enjoy some life situation."

Of course, all this is only an attempt to explain the most common dreams. In fact, only you yourself can reliably interpret what's going on in your head.