The secret of successful photos in Instagram

Instagram - one of the most popular applications, through which people can share photos and videos. For some it has become a way of self-expression, for someone a good source of income, while others are just looking for inspiration, looking at other people's photos. Surely, you've seen just incredibly beautiful and harmonious profiles with thousands of subscribers. I wonder how this can be achieved? Then these tips are just for you!

The secret of successful photos in Instagram

The idea of ​​the image

The secret of successful photos in Instagram

Do not clutter up your account dozens of photos of your cat or a child in different poses. Believe me, that's enough of one of the best photos. It is unlikely that someone will want to look at the nearly identical images of the same dishes, published at intervals of 1 minute.

Seals, food, selfie or landscapes - these are the most popular, which you can see in Instagram. It is not necessary to post all at once, choose just one thing, making a thematic profile. Always choose a central figure in the photograph as something interesting decorating or beating her. The initial selection of the specific content will attract a certain audience, which are interested in this topic. If everything is mixed up in your profile, it is unlikely to be popular and starts to be fun.


The secret of successful photos in Instagram

does not focus attention on how many likes pick up your publication. Most often, such starting end in failure and do not become popular. Share what is really interesting to you and your subscribers. The pictures always have to feel what you are interested and inspired by this image. Refers to the amount likes quiet. Then you and you will see that the less you worry about it, the more likes you get.

The process of recording

The secret of successful photos in Instagram

Unfortunately, a great number of publications in Instagram are very poor quality and uninteresting. Before taking the photo, you should look to its main object.

1. Use your eyes before you start up the camera in motion. Better than 20 minutes to make 3 quality pictures than the 100, none of which do not like you or users of Instagram.

2. Give preference to natural light, morning or evening. Even the most well thought-out and original picture will remain unnoticed, if it was made under poor lighting conditions. This disadvantage can not fix any, even the most professional photo editors.

3. No one has repealed the golden section and the rule of thirds.

4. Pay attention to shadows and silhouettes, they may play into the hands and become the focal point of the photo.

5. It is important to identify the main element that will form the basis of the total composition. It can be a person, food, books and much more.

6. Do not rush to take pictures of something interesting at the same time, as soon as you saw it. Wait for a while, you may be able to choose a more interesting time and angle to shoot.

7. Try to take pictures from different angles, then you will have a greater variety of images.

8. Do not be afraid to experiment with the details, sizes and colors.

9. Catch emotions and movements. These pictures always attract more attention than static.

The publication of a photo

The secret of successful photos in Instagram

Remember that Instagram - is a kind of social network. Many people are there the successful blogs, talk about life, sharing events and emotions. Do not forget to come up with interesting captions and comments to your photos. Specify the location, it will help to attract subscribers and increase the popularity of your profile. Maybe someone wants to go to the same place, and the location will greatly simplify the achievement of this goal.

The secret of successful photos in Instagram

Do not forget the hashtag. They will help find a picture of the desired theme and attract users. On some sites, you can find the whole list of the most popular phrases. This can be a simple word that describes your photo, or the whole quote. Description mood, an indication of brands and locations will allow people who are interested in this, faster and easier to find your photos. You can even come up with your own hashtag, which will be the highlight of your profile. But do not use too many hashtags, it irritates many people.