Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

• Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

Work photojournalist Eduardo Martins (Eduardo Martins) of military conflicts and war ravaged towns occupied double page spreads of the best international publications, and his Instagram account numbered 150 thousand subscribers.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

However, in August, 32-year-old Brazilian photographer, allegedly worked for many years in the hot spots, caught cheating. It turned out that it simply does not exist, and photos made by someone else. We were fooled by the BBC, broadcaster Al Jazeera, the Wall Street Journal and even Getty Images.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

Eduardo Martins - 32-year-old handsome blond from Sao Paulo, Brazil, working as a photographer, documentary, and in his spare time surfing. As a child was sick with leukemia, but he was able to win this terrible fight. Began to travel around the hot spots of the world, working for the UN, and, becoming a witness to a huge number of deaths began to photograph what is happening and share in Instagram. His work has bought the world famous photo agency.

A touching story, is not it? Here only it is not true.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

fanbase in Martins Instagram served great impetus to his career. His photographs have published international publications, being in full confidence that frames belong to him.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

Soon after the publication by the very interested in the photographer. In October 2016 Recount magazine published an interview with him.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

The Brazilian VICE released a photo essay titled "On the front, together with the Peshmerga."

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

In early July, the Brazilian BBC also released on Martins material. And if not for a few mistakes and corrosive attention BBC journalist Natasha Ribeiro (Natasha Ribeiro), wonderful life and promising career handsome Martins and went to the mountain. Ribeiro began to doubt, to learn about the life and work of a photojournalist, and having dug a little deeper and did not find a single person who would have met Eduardo Martins, began to doubt even more.

Neither Brazilian journalist working in Iraq, none of the officials have not heard of Martins.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

Martins wrote an article and took pictures for VICE on the fight in the Peshmerga, but two Brazilian photojournalist, who were in the same place at the same time, never met newfound celebrity. That is impossible, taking into account how cohesive a group of journalists in war zones.

Brazilian BBC Martins said through WhatsApp, which works for the UN as a volunteer in the refugee camps. Again found no records to confirm his words.

Martins started a relationship through the social network with six successful and beautiful woman who used to transmit information to journalists. Naturally, none of her friends had never met.

Brazilian journalist deceived the whole world

recently an art gallery in São Paulo was planning to organize an exhibition of Brazilian photographers, including Martins. With the pictures attached, he was in Iraq. Soon, however, he stopped communicating, and the organizers were afraid that he was kidnapped by terrorists LIH.

At the same time the exhibition organizers learned about the investigation of the individual Air Force photojournalist and questioned the authorship of the works, as reported by Martins. He then removed his Instagram account and sent the last message in WhatsApp with numbers, which also ceased to exist: "I am in Australia. I decided to travel the world in a van. I renounce all, including from the Internet. "

And so just disappeared. Perhaps no one knows who is hiding behind the image of a successful photographer.

Brazilian BBC published the findings of the investigation, after which the world's news agencies and photobanks become Martins remove photos. Photos of another lzhefotograf betrayed his own, treating them: cut copyright and turned the mirror.

At least a few works Martins stole from the American photographer Britta Daniel (Daniel C. Britt).

Here is a comparison of the original and edited version of the Martins.