"Hold on a steam locomotive, do not knock the wheel ...". How to free your head from the debris and start to notice life?

Twenty-first century - is not only a century of development of various technologies, the development of vaccines for previously incurable diseases and strange fashion spinner, but the awful bustle time when many of us simply forget that they are human beings, not robots which are soldered to your workplace.

Today, many simply forget that you must at least occasionally raise its head up and looking at the sky, the stars, nature and many other things that are essential to human life. The brain is also necessary to "restart", or you can make some very sore impartial or just "burn out" in the workplace.

We run ahead of the engine

is never too late to tell myself: "Enough!". The world will not stop if we take today have less work and devote your free time alone or as expensive and loved ones. Well, remember when you called / phoned their parents? When I asked about how they are doing? Long? Do not even remember when? Then it's time to say to myself: "Enough!". Now answer yourself the question of when the last time you slept well?

If you have a goal, and you go to it, in spite of everything, the great option that you just get lost in the next turn if you do not rest and give your body proper care.

There is no sense now to write about a variety of life hacking, you can apply to your life. If you want to - do, but if not, then it is purely your choice. Everyone has their own priorities and objectives, each follows his dream, or simply fulfills the dream of their parents - in principle, the denominators do not change, however, the second option is much more pitiable first. Any one of these two positions will still bring complications, if time does not take action. Do not run ahead of the engine. It will not do you a plus. In most cases, this behavior is contrary to the results in the fact that you find yourself not in front of the entire planet, and in the tail. Everything has its time. Do not rush and keep yourself in their hands.

A surprising number of

Your life - it's not an endless stream of messages on social networks, not fancy clothes, not dating sites and gadgets. The world around you. He is changing every day. Every day there is something new. Sitting out the whole time on a laptop or on your phone, you lose more than you gain.

As teenagers, many of them with a spark anger rather want to become adults and to dispose of themselves and their time themselves, they forget how gorgeous in time they live. Adulthood - the bun is not the clubs, not embracing behind the garages, not beer and cigarettes and do not waste time in vain. Many do not realize that when you grow up, you have to take care of himself, own decisions and your own to begin to build their lives. After all, Mom and Dad are not eternal. You will have to decide yourself what you want.

Bugs - this is one of the most important components in this life. It is making them, people can learn something. Therefore, assuming that the adult - is a universal machine that simply can not be wrong, very stupid. Do not try to seek in adulthood. All this you will have more. Try to remember a time in which you now live. One gets into your memory chest all the most significant events and try to transition to adult life, he was a wonderful sex moments.

The light head is

We are so used to living in the noise that concurrent TV, laptop and radio - this is perfectly normal. Even if you notice that abruptly became silent, the source of all sounds simply disappeared, a new noise arises in the mind. It can be various ideas which we roll in the head, scenes from movies, lines from books, conversations with friends, and more. This is garbage.

First of all try to understand that in order to look at the world differently, you need to disable all of these annoying sounds in my head. A great way to clear your head from the trash - is to go into the countryside. The setting will be fine tuned to rest both body and soul.

Always leave a little lyuftik for themselves. Live this life. Memorize every moment, because it is these moments will warm you a very long time.