Major Player History

Wild Bill Hickok

Major Player History

The famous hero of the Wild West, Bill Hickok, before the turn at the poker table in Deadwood, working at the sheriff's office in Kansas real enemies thugs. Here he is with them and met in a fateful day for myself 2 August 1876. Bill sat with his back to the door in the saloon, and playing poker with the local cowboys and did not notice that behind the bar appeared Jack McCall, long-waited event revenge.

Jack, take a large whiskey, came from the back to Bill and fired point-blank into his head. The bullet passed through. Bill instantly bye to life, and from the hand fell four cards: two eights and two aces black suit. Did not win the game, lost lives.

This combination in poker came to be called "dead man's hand." Since then, the heroes of Westerns often drop these sinister omen cards as rapid demise.

15 minutes of fame Barefoot Joe

Major Player History

April 2, 1995 in the casino doors "Treasure Island" in Las Vegas, appeared unkempt old man, barefoot, in rags. It was said that his wife had driven out of the house, and he did not even have time to put on shoes. With them he had a little money - benefit from the fund of social protection. The casino was surprised, but missed the unwanted guest. According to the laws of the glittering Las Vegas built on losers, he had to quickly say goodbye to their pitiful four hundred dollars and get away with anything.

To the surprise of the dealer, the old man started to win, ignoring all blackjack strategy, and stayed in the casino are not on the same day. Drinking Jack Daniels and Coke, he beat the casino over a million dollars! Lucky visitor interested in the security service. Old man dressed up, given protection, in a hotel room, limousine and watched. Won should ultimately remain in the casino! The strategy worked. Luck grinned, and reckless old man, who was called Barefoot Joe could not stop in time and lost his million. But before you again turn into an ordinary old man, he lived, perhaps the most brilliant week in the life and sold the film rights to his story for 10 000 dollars. When signing the contract was attended by a representative of Hollywood Kevin Costner.

As Pushkin "Eugene Onegin" in the card lost

Major Player History

You know Pushkin as "our everything" and the great poet, and for the Moscow police he was a gambler, which is included in the list of known bancomats that on occasion threatened to court and the expulsion of the outlawed the game for money. Pushkin was a player of chance, but of luck: four games lost three, and when the money ran out, then in the course were - oh, horror! - the manuscript (in these words, all the teachers of the Russian language and literature should faint).

One day on the way from St. Michael to St. Petersburg, Pushkin stuck in Pskov.

"My angel Vyazemskij ... I received a letter to your wife and your postscript, both the food and thank you to you and not finishing. What! I get off! .. In the village I wrote contemptible prose and inspiration never at a loss. In Pskov, instead of writing the seventh chapter of "Eugene Onegin", I play in the fourth Stos not funny "(PA Vyazemsky, December 1, 1826 From Pskov to Moscow).

The fifth chapter of "Eugene Onegin," Pushkin had played in Moscow with the father of his brother - Alexander Mikhailovich Zagryazhskaya. As usual, so after all the money and, overcome by passion, parlayed a brand new work. Zagryazhsky gentleman was aware that the publisher pays him a tidy sum, therefore, the rate adopted. Again, failure: the fifth chapter of the poem went on to Zagryazhskaya. What would have to play? Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels! Pushkin took a pair of dueling pistols, "Lepage" and played his masterpiece and money!

As Dostoyevsky in Baden-Baden gambled

Major Player History

If Pushkin lost at cards already painted works, Dostoyevsky had to urgently write a new novel to cover their debts, formed because of addiction to gambling.

In the summer of 1862 Dostoevsky first went on holiday abroad, and so he liked in the German Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden and Bad Homburg, that he was returning there from year to year. However, the writer has not attracted the healing waters and glittering casino halls. I finish the writer before that had little to sell his soul.

Buyer-up shower and the masterpieces found themselves stranded writers and composers of that time was a certain Theodore T. Stellovsky, St. Petersburg literary and music publisher. He signed contracts with authors in those very moments when they desperately needed money and were in agreement on the most unfavorable conditions.

By November 1, 1866, Dostoevsky was obliged to provide a novel is not less than 12 printed pages, or Stellovsky was free in the course of nine years to publish the gift of all the works of the writer, without any compensation. Sinister publisher was convinced that Dostoevsky did not have time, because he has a parallel contract to "Crime and Punishment" for "Russian Herald", besides he suffered bouts of epilepsy, while that may not work.

So "player" novel was written 24 days. In the morning, Dostoevsky was working on one work, and in the evening took up the second. Helped him to a young stenographer Netochka Snitkina, whom he married at the end of the novel.

According to the author's own estimates, the affair turned out, though "very satisfactory", but saved from ruin gambling writer. It is true once said uncle Pushkin Davidov: "If Russian writers do not play cards, there would be no Russian literature."

As Prince Golitsyn wife cards lost

Prince Alexander Golitsyn was most unpleasant type, for which, succumbed to his condition, had married very young Maria Vyazemskaya (she was sobbing on her knees in front of parents, begging to cancel the wedding, but they did not change their decision). Wealth he took his chic and young wife beat what the buzz servants. His extravagance was legendary: if he lit a pipe banknotes, cabbies throwing gold and gipsies - jewelry.

Prince with a young wife appeared on all the balls, where it became known as "the sad beauty". On one of the balls this beauty, be sad, I saw Count Leo K. Razumovsky and decided chivalrous rescue her from the villain. Duel? Knowing racket Prince of life and his passion for gambling, he invited him to a game of cards. The game dragged on through the night, Prince Golitsyn lost all state. Driven to despair opponent Count Razumovsky suggested revenge, putting at stake his wife. A second to think, the prince agreed - and miserably lost!

Dropped, it must be said, with glee and joy, as the Count Razumovsky was a man highly educated, intelligent, charming, sophisticated, loved art, and it is from the moment of their acquaintance imagine how happy would have turned their lives, if not for the old prince.

And in 1802, got a divorce, which at that time was unthinkable, Maria G. married to Count Razumovsky. In a secular society, marriage is not accepted, Razumovsky attended only modest family holidays. At one of these techniques in the house suddenly appeared Kochubeev the Emperor Alexander I. He in French addressed to Mary G., calling her a countess, and invited Polonaise. Gossip in the world immediately stopped. Once he found the emperor Maria Grigorievna worthy of their society, it recognized the legitimate wife of Count Razumovsky, restoring its former respect.

and Shostakovich piano

"Playing for my baby grand piano!" - said Dmitry Shostakovich in the hope to win. Game preference in the Leningrad Music Hall was delayed until morning. At the table sat a gambling inseparable trio: the theater director Michael Padua, chief conductor Isaac Dunaevskii and Lost composer and pianist, Shostakovich, who already owed forty rooms for future play "conditionally killed".

Recoup him at that time it was not possible, he lost Dunaevskaya not only a grand piano made of mahogany, but his only at that point jacket. And later bought a piano Claudia Shulzhenko.