Hidden features of Google

Google - is not only a service to search for information, but also a whole laboratory, which is developing hundreds of applications to entertain the users.

Hidden features of Google

16. solitaire

Google - is not only a service to search for information, but also a whole laboratory, which is developing hundreds of applications to entertain the users.

Hidden features of Google

16. solitaire

One of the hidden games, hidden in a search engine. Just type in the search for Solitaire - and below the search box with the game screen will appear.

15. Turn any scribble in Figure

As part of the project AI Experiments can see how the neural network recognizes AutoDraw image: you draw the outline of a mouse or the form of any thing, and "smart" algorithm to guess what you mean, and replace it with a clearer picture.

14. Quickly calculate

If you do not have my calculator and do not want to run a separate application on your computer or phone, the aid will come built-in search engine calculator with advanced functions. Enough to drive the word "calculator" in any language in the search box.

13. Play "Pacman"

In 2010, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the game Pac-Man has appeared in a search engine interactive mini-game for all users. To run it, you just need to enter the word "Pacman" in the search field.

12. Listen to how sound different animals and birds

Try the search box write What sound does a zebra make, to hear what sounds are emitted zebra and other animals and birds, such as a whale or a raccoon. Note: Requests must be entered in English.

11. In addition to the computer to play a duet on a virtual piano

Another pilot project, where artificial intelligence is trying to pick up the accompaniment to any music that the user creates. Regular users can have fun with a virtual piano and professional musicians even connect electronic.

10. Immediately to the legendary game Breakout

Classic arcade game created in 1976 by Atari. To play it in the browser, in the search field you should write Atari Breakout and open search results in pictures.

9. Learn all about the nutritional value of any product

If you follow the figure and you need to calculate the nutritional value of foods and drinks, try Google special cards. Just write "nutritional value" and the name of the food or beverage in the search box.

8. Enable the "night mode" on the YouTube

This is a new design, which is convenient to watch long videos and big movies. Switch to it, any user can: click here and clicking on the link, click on Try it now button.

7. Get in Time Machine

Time Machine "Tardis" from the movie series "Doctor Who" now appears in our dimension. The spacecraft in the form of police box for several years is one of the streets of London. Thanks to Google Maps, you can see inside.

6. Build a house or make repairs

Bubble level will be at Google, if the search box, type the phrase Bubble Level. Now attach phone or tablet one side to the object to measure tilt, or put on a flat surface to measure the angle of 360 °. It works only on mobile devices.

5. Play with a dinosaur, if disabled Internet

A small gift for the most attentive user. When the Internet connection is interrupted, the Google Chrome browser appears on the 2D game-dinosaur adventures of Steve. To start the game, you just need to click on the "gap".

4. Turn into a musician and to create a ringtone from any sounds

Another Google Labs project, and a few talented developers. Web application The Infinite Drum Machine to create a melody, a bit of a thousand sounds that fill our lives: the sound of closing the lock, the rustling of newspapers, dogs barking, birds chirping or a whirlwind of strong winds.

3. spinner to twist or run a tape measure

Virtual spinner or a numeric drum will appear if the search field type the word Spinner. Loosen it by clicking on it or by clicking on the Spin button. Switch the slider to Number, and starts the numerical drum.

2. To play at the very snake

To start the Chinese snake, click here. Control with the arrow keys "up", "down", "left" and "right". Collect coffee, dumplings and other bonuses besides the dynamite. And watch out for his tail.

1. To compare, the better to eat cooked food from

If it is difficult to decide what to eat, you can ask for advice from Google and compare the 2 courses. To do this, the search engine on the home page to enter the name English dishes such as Pasta vs. Burger, and click "I'm Feeling Lucky". So you get to the page where these and other ready-made meals can be compared with each other.

Bonus: How are the numbers 466453 and Google?

These strange figures - a numerical interpretation of the Google name. They correspond to the letters on the phone keypad. Very popular before the use of mobile SMS-Find: it was enough to send an SMS with a question to 466453 and receive an answer in the incoming message. Now the service is unfortunately disabled.