How to extend the life of your phone battery

Few things are more annoying than the discharged battery is in the middle of the day at the time when it is very necessary to make a call or when waiting for an important call, and the charger is not at hand.

How to extend the life of your phone battery

No matter what device you use, keep the charge for a long time does not work, mainly because of the abundance of data and applications that are installed on your phone.

However, using the numerous tips and tricks, it is possible to extend battery life.

Do not put the battery on charge overnight

Maybe it does not sound very logical, but charging the battery overnight, you destroy it.

Believe me, using this charging method, you enter the battery in a state of stress - somewhere between 99 and 100 percent of battery charging begins wear and the service life is reduced.

It is best to periodically recharge the battery during the day. This is easily accomplished if you work in an office, but, of course, more difficult if you are working outside.

Turn off unnecessary applications

Like most people, you probably use a large number of applications. Many of these applications consume large amounts of energy.

Facebook - a particularly striking example of this series, although the Windows, and Android phones now has monitors battery charge, detailing how much energy is used per application. This is where you can determine which applications consume a lot of energy, and from what should completely abandon.

Reduce the brightness of the screen

Option "screen brightness" - a guaranteed killer cells, so it is advisable to switch the Auto Brightness check box is in position. This action will adjust the brightness of the screen to the surrounding environment of phones and thus extend battery life.

Turn off the vibration

If you do not like to announce its presence the world in a loud ring tone, the vibrations - the best option.

But the vibration consumes much more energy than it takes to call. If the business meetings can not do without it, or at least reduce the intensity of the vibrations of the phone.

Reduce the time included the screen

Not all phones are able to automatically turn off after the call, so come to the fore during the time turn on the screen. That is, after a call or activate a screen while the phone is still active. Adjust the glow of the screen time, and it will significantly affect the durability of the battery.

Turn off bluetooth

Few thinks that bluetooth is another major energy drain from the battery. You use many accessories (headphones, watches and so on. D.), But do not use bluetooth? Unplug it.

Turn off the GPS

You may see a small message that continually pop up on the phone and ask you whether you want to a specific application to track your location.

Many applications use the GP functions operate on the phone and "sit down" your battery. Disable these features in your phone settings.

Turn off all notifications

We all need to know when someone - it calls us or when we get a new message. However, we do not need notifications for each application in this phone - and they are all, of course, consume energy. So turn off any unnecessary notifications as soon as possible.

Reassure email

To be constantly informed of the receipt of new emails is very convenient, especially if it is related to work.

But still, your phone demand continuously check mail is sometimes useful to change. Make the phone, such as check email every 30 minutes, or check it manually.

Do not hold the phone in the sun

If your phone handles a large amount of information, you have certainly noticed, it is heated. This can happen even when the phone is exposed to direct sunlight, or, for example, when you leave your phone in a car parked in the sun. The battery is discharged at this time more intense than usual. So hold the phone in a cool place if possible.

Replace your battery with a higher capacity battery

If you do not fit any of the above tips, spend a little money and buy high capacity batteries. they are currently relatively cheap, but you get rid of troubles and a new battery will last without charging a light day.