The fate of the heroines of the legendary film "Girls"

Legendary Soviet comedy "Girls" was released in 1962. The film, loosely based on the novel by Boris Poor, immediately fell in love with the public and is still one of the favorites of the popular movie-about love and relationships.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Now it is difficult to imagine other actresses in the roles of cheerful cook Kislitsyna Toshi and her friends, so good cast formed. During the filming there were many conflicts, and just interesting stories.

The fate of actresses who played "girls" have developed in different ways: someone has made a successful career in film, someone chose to shoot a happy personal life, but someone died in solitude and obscurity. Least of all the tragedies of the fallen, who played the most unlucky heroine.

On the role of Kislitsyna claimed many talented actresses. Nadezhda Rumyantseva chance of getting the role was exactly the same as in others. She herself did not particularly believe that it is approved. Rumiantseva already 31st birthday. She was much older than all of its rivals, and 18-year-old movie heroine.

The film's director, Yuri Chulyukin knew about all the talents Rumiantseva - he filmed the actress in her first film "intractable". But to say it in the "girls" in no hurry. Toshi role he promised his wife - actress Natalie Kustinskaya. However, the artistic council headed by Ivan Pyryev Kustinskaya not approved - and not the appearance, and an actor it was considered rather weak.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Hope Rumyantsev and Natalia Kustinskaya, claimed the role of Toshi

Filming has already begun, and all Chulyukin could not admit to his wife that he gave a major role another actress. Kustinskaya learned the truth by accident from a friend cameraman. They say her husband has arranged a huge scandal. Chulyukin trying to save the relationship with his wife, but she could not forgive him for this betrayal.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Hope Rumyantsev as Tosi

An incredible Hope Rumyantsev, who could in their 30s perfectly portray the 18-year-old gay girl, brought her worldwide fame. The actress received in 1962 the prize of the International Film Festival in Argentina for the main female role in "The Girls". When Hope received the award, legendary actor Paul Newman called it "a miracle with pigtails." The Italians immediately compared Hope Rumyantsev with their star Giulietta Masina, and other foreigners have dubbed it "Chaplin in a skirt."

Many talented actress was invited to appear, but she chose the career of a happy personal life. In the late 1960s Rumyantsev for a long time ceased to play a movie, because living abroad, accompanying in the foreign missions of her husband, diplomat Willie Vartanovich Hshtoyana (Hshtoyan worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and was sent to a Soviet trade representative in Malaysia and then in Egypt).

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Hope Rumyantsev on television

After returning to the USSR Rumyantsev successfully developed a career in television: television every Sunday morning "Alarm", which has been leading Nadine, wake thousands of Soviet boys and girls, and her voice spoke to us from childhood favorite Soviet cartoons characters.

In 1996, two criminals tried to rob an apartment Nadine. Robbers detained her husband Willie Hshtoyan, who in his youth was engaged in boxing, but one of them managed to put the actress hit on the head. Till the end of Nadine we chased a lot of pain from which she periodically lost consciousness. In 2008, the actress died of a brain tumor.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Svetlana Druzhinin as Anfisy

Ideal Anfisa searched for a long time. In this role tried and Clara Lucko, and Valentina lans. But approved Svetlana Druzhinin. When the first footage caught the eye of the leadership of "Mosfilm", the director told the actress to replace Chulyukin - too beautiful this Druzhinin, they say, no one would believe that a girl from Ilya could escape to the lapwing Toska.

For Druzhinin stood up all the actresses from "The Girls". They have become friends, worked together, and the other Anfisku not imagine. The situation was saved by the artistic director of the film Julius Reisman. He suggested to the director how to mitigate a stunning effect, which produces Svetlana Druzhinin - you just need to remove all of her close-ups.

"Rybnikov wanted Anfisa instead I played with his young wife Alla Larionov - told reporters afterwards Svetlana Druzhinin. - He insisted on it, intrigued, and makes every effort to get me out of the picture. But I'm not mad, I understand: it was all done for the love of his wife.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Svetlana Druzhinin - director

Svetlana Druzhinin many years, put up with the fact that it was called MAIL, on behalf of her character from "The Girls". After "Girls" Druzhinin for some time, starred in the movie, and then decided to change its role on the set and left the acting profession for the sake of the director's work.

At 34, his first film as a director. Real fame came to Svetlana Sergeyevna already in this capacity - after the famous "cadets". And almost all of her films, including multi-part saga "Secrets of Palace Revolutions", filmed the same operator - Anatoly Mukasey. He Druzhininoj husband for more than 55 years ...

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Lucien Ovchinnikov as Katie

Lucien Ovchinnikov played more than 50 roles in movies, but for the spectators it will always remain Katya from "Girls". Cheerful and smiling Kate performed Lucienna fall in love with the country, and on the set colleagues did not cease to admire the actress. The image of a simple girl from across the street made of Lucienna favorite actress Soviet viewers.

In 1960-1970-ies many Ovchinnikov shot. Among her paintings such Soviet hits as "Big Break", "20 days without war", "Mom got married." But the more successful in her career evolved, the more tangled her personal life. She was married three times, but none of the marriages she had no children - her career has always been there for her in the first place.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Lucien Ovchinnikov in the film "The Tale of the merchant's daughter, and the mysterious flower", 1991

But despite the national love in the Soviet years, it was old age is full of disappointments and troubles: a popular actress left the theater and in film roles and was not for her. To earn a forgotten star just appeared on the scene for a piece of bread - with the actors in the 90s often paid products. She began to drink and died in oblivion and solitude at the age of 68 years, surviving his third husband for four months. The last way to her home just a few people.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Inna Makarova as Nadi

"Girls" was released on the eve of Women's Day - March 7, 1962. At the premiere there was a whole crew, except Inna Makarova (she played Nadia in the movie). It turns out that the actress did not like how the director went with her heroine. The fact that the story of Boris Poor Nadia sees the hero falls in love with the cook Rybnikov Toska, and begins to believe that she could also find their own happiness. In the final, she throws unloved Xan Ksanycha. This scene was filmed, but the picture has not got, and the audience decided that Nadia is still resigned to his fate. Inna Makarova offended for her character, besides she did not like the new name of the film (originally called "Girls"), that did not come to the premiere.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Inna Makarova

The most vivid and memorable roles actresses besides film "Girls" were in the pictures "Marriage Bal'zaminova", "Women" and "Russian field". In the late 1980s, the actress began to appear less often, and with the beginning of the 1990's and completely disappeared from the screens, devoting himself to concert activities. In the mid-2000s Makarova again returned to her acting career, becoming appearing in various television series. This year, Inna Makarova was executed in '91.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Nina Menshikov as Mom Vera

MamVera - so called Toska his eldest neighbor, which is the entire film received letters from wrong, but repentant husband and threw them into the stove. Nina Menshikov, who played the role, was only two years older than Hope Rumyantsev. This relatively small role brought the actress-Union glory.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Tombstone Nina Menshikov

The actress often starred in the role of true wives, good friends, a caring mother. But in the first place she was not working, and her husband and son, who eclipsed the fame of the actress uncommon: Stanislav Rostockiy and Andrew Rostockiy. Unlike Vera, Nina Menshikov wisely belonged to hobbies-director husband. And, as life has shown, this is not the worst thing. In 2001, she lost her husband, and less than a year - a son. Actor, director, stuntman Andrew Rostockiy died on the set in 45 years. Nina E., which since 1991 has left a movie, to somehow cling to life, briefly returned to the profession, playing two roles. In 2007, she was gone.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Yuri Chulyukin with his wife, Natalia Kustinskaya

Director Yuri Chulyukin took 15 paintings and wrote more than 30 scripts. But the film "Girls" was the brightest of his work. Yuri tragically died under mysterious circumstances in 1987, when he was sent to the creative business trip to Mozambique, for a week of Soviet cinema. For one of the Soviet actresses began to pester some local. The director stood up for the lady. In the evening, someone had called out of hotel rooms, and in the morning his body was found in the elevator shaft. It was officially announced that the director committed suicide

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Nikolai Rybnikov as Ilya Kovrigina

At the beginning of filming the movie "The Girls" Nikolai Rybnikov has been held screen star. For the generation of 1950-1960-ies he was a real "hero of our time", as Rybnikov was so convincing in the way the foreman and so like thousands of these same guys working in factories across the country.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Nikolai Rybnikov and Nadezhda Rumyantseva

On the set of "The Girls" relationship the actors who played the main characters did not develop. Play Love Rybnikov turned out really hard. Rumyantsev was not totally inspired. Nikolay Rybnikov - recognized movie stars and dream of women - could not take it on an equal footing. At rehearsals and between doubles partners quarreled as rapidly as their heroes - Ilya and Tosya. Rumyantsev but firmly made it clear: the film "Girls" the main role - from her. Eventually Rybnikovu had to put up with it.

Actress many times in interviews told that he has emerged as a superstar and looked down on the set on the rest of the cast - mostly young and not very experienced. He even played half-heartedly. But it was not until as long as Rybnikov did not see the first footage. "When he realized that some scenes simply profukannyh immediately changed their behavior and asked the director to reshoot them. More tensions did not arise, "- confessed Hope Rumyantsev.

The fate of the heroines of the legendary film

Nikolai Rybnikov in the film "I - Khortytsya" in 1981

Kovrigina role in "Girls" has become the latest star role Nikolai Rybnikov. Over time, to replace workers in the movie came intellectuals engineers. Rybnikov got older, the role of reckless guys he no longer fits. He never begged for the role, not to persuade directors and on anything not insist. And he offered the only bit parts. For some time, he went on to star, but the success of the past are no longer reached. Rybnikov died of a heart attack October 22, 1990. He was buried in Moscow on Troekurov cemetery.

The film "The Girls" unique scenario. Contrary to all the rules of drama, there are no negative characters. Perhaps that is why he has become so vital and so fond of people.