Magic to attract money

• Magic to attract money

Magic to attract money

By following simple rules, putting at the same time in every action, a piece of yourself and your positive thoughts, you will greatly improve your financial situation. And to make your life the way you always wanted it to be, it is never too late.

1. If you keep the house cash (collect on anything), it is best to put them in their eastern or south-eastern sector of the house and stored in envelopes or bags (you can make your own) red. Preserved and will multiply. As for jewelry, then their storage place - the north-west. When you yourself have forged a red envelope, clearly defined on what you want to gather money - on vacation, equipment, clothes, etc. But do not tell yourself that the money will go to the funeral, hospital treatment, they certainly can be.. these need to spend, but the initial goal should be positive. Jewelry is best in the north-western sector of the house.

2. Check that the documents relating to the monthly installments (books and miscellaneous receipts for utilities, telephone, gas, credit, and so on. D.) Have been paid, and is not well stored in a red folder. In this case, no problems with timely payment, moreover, to draw money to pay off the debt, if any. 3. The increase in wealth and income growth contributes to the cultivation in the south-east sector of the house (office) "money" tree.

4. In order to attract a fine of money energy is very good to keep in your purse, as well as wherever you keep your cash savings, a few leaves of mint and a pinch of cinnamon. It verified that these plants are good attract money.

5. The money goes into the hands, if you take it a rule to every new moon (in one of the first three days, ideally, if it will be Wednesday or Thursday) to carry out such a simple manipulation: the day before bedtime to collect all the money available in the house (not including) grease drop of cinnamon oil or rosemary and put under his pillow; and in the morning just after waking up three or seven times count them, not getting out of bed. You can say at this favorite cash conspiracy. Thus, you are charging their energy bills, and spent during a month money back augmentation.

6. It is unacceptable to consider and give the money out of the house after sunset. But if, in view of the circumstances (payment of some bills, services, and so on. D.) You have to pay at this time, immediately before the transfer, place them on the floor, and the person to whom they are intended, let them raise.

7. Categorically unacceptable to consider and discuss other people's money and income - the money will not! Not many people know that envy others' success, condemnation and negative attitude to the rich only brings poverty. Studying the negative energy in relation to money and material things (even a stranger), you subconsciously signaliziruete universe that wealth - it's bad and you do not need it. 8. Immediately get rid of the habit shove crumpled bills in his pockets or throw them anywhere. Money should be kept in a certain place or in a purse.

9. Giving or taking debts, paying for your purchases, do not pass the bill by hand: with them can be transmitted to another person bad energy. Of course, you can find all this bullshit, but not for nothing that the stores there is a special saucer for money? Perhaps the sellers, through whose hands a lot of other people's papers is held daily and coins, intuitively feel the truth of this assertion.

10. If you are hosting at home, the remains of spirnogo into the glasses of your guests will never do not drink up and do not drain back into his bottle, the same applies to undernutrition, food from other people's plates.