Rules of Life musician Chester Bennington

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Rules of Life musician Chester Bennington

My mind can be compared to a bad neighborhood where you should not walk alone.

I started using drugs at age 11. At a young age happened to me a lot of things, and it was difficult to cope with. And often I find myself alone.

I was beaten and forced to do things that I did not want. It killed me confidence.

I shudder, remembering his youth, when I was raped when it happens to me all these terrible things.

Like most people, I was scared to talk about it. I did not want people to think that I'm gay or lying.

Parents' divorce was a terrible period for me. I hated everyone in my family. I felt abandoned by his own mother; the father at the time was emotionally unstable - so I'm not one to turn to. At least, so I thought at the time.

There was a time when I took acid 11 servings a day. I upotryablyal it in such quantities - amazing that I'm still able to speak. I could smoke crack, and then a bit of meta and just sit stoned.

I like that. Nice and friendly guy, stuck inside the monster, which in reality - the injured child.

Music kept me alive, perhaps even more than the love of relatives or friends. Perhaps music is the reason why I'm still here.

Before becoming a rock star, I hung out a lot more. I always say I do not have to be a rock star to behave accordingly. You do not have to be special to be the asshole. The idea that success is equivalent to happiness, annoys me. It is ridiculous to think seriously that if you are successful, then you have immunity to the full range of human experience.

Someone asked me why I no longer sing about teenage angst. I said, because I was 41.

If we talk about the lyrical content of songs - we can not again become embittered by the children. We need to talk about what matters us today. One such topic - that is worth fighting for?

Alcoholic be cool. Not cool to drink and be asshole.

I came to the point in my life when I could either give up and die, or would fight for what I need. I decided to fight. I wanted a good relationship. I would love the people that surround me. I would enjoy the work. I wanted to enjoy fatherhood, friendship and morning awakening. Because even for me it was a challenge.

It seemed to me that the world is full of crap and all the people I knew, too, are full of shit and that life - sucks. And I thought: "At *** all this."

Sometimes life presents to you on a silver platter sandwich shit, and you have to eat it.

Hatred, pride, revenge and fear - it is a plague land. Love, kindness, compassion, empathy and helping others - a cure.