Later paternity among celebrities

Quite nadavno George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin became parents for the first time: the couple were born twins. And after a couple of years ago, few people believed that the actor even marry his girlfriend next. However, the former lone wolf happily took the new role of the father, adding to the ranks of Hollywood's belated daddies.

Later paternity among celebrities

George Clooney

He became a father at 56 years

Later paternity among celebrities

A committed bachelor George Clooney is "broken" 2 years ago. Stubborn bring to the altar could not be an actress, not a model and did not star, and strict advokatesse Amal Alamuddin. In June this year, Clooney has become a father to twins Alexander and Ella. During pregnancy, the wife of the actor on a step did not depart from Amal and her moral support.

In one recent interview, George admitted that after the news of the pregnancy the couple he was more cautious: "We Amal decided to behave more responsibly in order to avoid dangerous situations. I will not go to South Sudan and Congo, and Amal would not go to Iraq. But before I do not worry about it. "

Hugh Grant

He became a father at 50 years

Later paternity among celebrities

This handsome famous for his exploits not only on screen but in real life: in his "Don Juan" and includes a list of the relationship with the most beautiful women in showbiz, and the sex scandal, so we did not expect, that kogda something Hugh decides to start a family.

However, in 2011 during a brief affair with Chinese actress Tinglan Hong actor daughter. For 50-year-old Hugh is a surprise, but a pleasant one. The actor is actively involved in the life of the baby, and even won a court decision prohibiting called the name of his daughter in the press. A year later, Hugh and Tinglan had a son. British actor at the same time managed to zamiksovat role of a caring father with the role of an incorrigible womanizer. In parallel with the relationship with Hong he fathered another son from Swedish Anna teleprodyussera Ebershteyn. At the moment, the couple also have two children, five-year and two-year daughter, John. "I have become much more pleasant person after the birth of children, - says Grant. - I have long been advised to have a certain number of children. Then I did not understand the extent to which children are able to change lives for the better. But now I recommend it to everybody. "

Richard Gere

He became a father at 50 years

Later paternity among celebrities

The only son of the actor was born when Gere was 50 years old. "I do not regret that I became a father so late. If I were younger, I would have continued to find their way in life to worry about a career. But at 50 I was ready to devote himself to the formation of another person ", - said Gere.

James Homer Gere was born in 2000 by the actress Carey Lowell, with whom Gere Sr. lived for 18 years. Carey and Richard were married after the birth of her son.

In 2013, Carey and Richard were divorced, but Richard is involved in the life of his son and his ex-wife to thank for the fact that she "gave him this happiness."

Steve Martin

He became a father at 67 years

Later paternity among celebrities

The wife of actor, writer Anne Strigfild her first child in 2012. This event is the pair tried not to publicize and protect his daughter from the media spotlight.

"Endure them can not!" - so once the actor spoke about babies, but, it seems, has changed his views on life.

"In my youth I was fixated on himself and his career. Now I'm just hanging around the house and play with my daughter. It's wonderful! "- admits Martin.

Edward Norton

He became a father at 43,

Later paternity among celebrities

Since 2012, Edward Norton is married to producer Sean Robertson, who in 2013 gave birth to a son, Atlas. Last year, Edward and Shona second child was born.

Edward always tried to keep his personal life a secret: his marriage was secret, pregnancy Shona fans have learned a couple of months before the birth of the child, the son of his wife's name was kept secret for a long time. But photographs taken by paparazzi, we can say that Norton gets on well with children, walks with them, riding a scooter with her son and looks absolutely happy.

Al Pacino

He became a father at 49 years

Later paternity among celebrities

Pacino has never been married, but the father of three children. In the 49 years he had a daughter Julia from the teacher of acting Jana Terrant, and in 2001 the actress Beverly D`Andzhelo bore actor twins Anton James and Olivia Rose.

Al Pacino is always trying to spend more time with children: take them to film in the trip. His eldest daughter - an aspiring screenwriter. On the day of his father's birth, she took off her movie about him. Al in every way helps his daughter and gives professional advice.

Now Mr. Pacino 77 years, in his heart he was still young, and even think about getting married. Recall that in 2010, the actor met with 38-year-old Lucille Sola. Who knows, maybe it was lucky enough to be the first wife of a famous "gangster".