Little-known and amazing sports

In a world of constantly having new kinds of sports, both amateur and professional. However, in parallel with them are born other sports competitions that unjustly remain in the shadows, despite the huge number of loyal fans. Here are just some of the sports, the existence of which you may have never known:

Sepak Takraw

Little-known and amazing sports

Looking at this photo, you probably think that this popular in Southeast Asia, the sport is a combination of karate and volleyball. And you are not far from the truth.

Players throwing the ball from dried palm leaves, and the game itself has much in common with a similar command the game in the West. Sepak Takraw is popular in Asian countries, and at the end of the 80-90-ies even held in North America.

As in football, Sepak Takraw players pass the ball only the head or feet. The game takes place on a platform the size of a badminton court. Two teams of three players on both sides of the net are trying to keep the ball long as possible in the game. Instilled in scoring are the same as in volleyball.

Underwater hockey

Little-known and amazing sports

This is a fairly traumatic version of ice hockey with characteristic strong shocks and collisions for him. Add to that the risk of being drowned, and ice hockey will seem like child's play.

The rules of this game are the same submarine that in its solid counterparts; The only difference is that players use wooden or plastic sticks the size of a banana - they are pushing the metal washer on the bottom of the pool. When the game is particularly exciting, the audience is visible only water ripple created a tense struggle in the bottom of the pool.

Dancing with the dog

Little-known and amazing sports

Dancing with the dog, also known as kennel freestyle, more like an art than a sport. They combine elements of training, obedience and dance. Perhaps someone dancing with a dog may seem a fun pastime, but in fact it is a sport in which competing pet owners in the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries. So if you are in search of the perfect dance partner, we advise you to look in the encyclopedia of dog breeds.

A street luge

Little-known and amazing sports

This sport combined the single sleigh and pavement. Participants lie on a device like an enlarged board for a skateboard, which is able to accommodate a human body. Rest of the work makes the force of attraction.


Little-known and amazing sports

As in the Harry Potter books, Quidditch combines magic, athleticism and a little bit bloodthirsty. Do you think that, as a sport, Quidditch in reality simply can not exist? Nevertheless, a huge number of Harry Potter fans simply will not allow some laws of physics stand in their way. These people without magical powers, but not devoid of ambition and excitement, and they created their own version of Quidditch, though not such a magical and dramatic. The International Association of Quidditch, based in Middlebury College in Vermont, just grown into a network of hundreds of teams for several years, which can be found on every continent. The game has the same rules and the same scoring system as in the books, but with one big difference - a broom nobody flies.

Games bushman

Little-known and amazing sports

This sport has nothing to do with board games - instead Summer Games bushmen in East Dublin, GA, offering you such sports as: throwing down the toilet, spitting sunflower seeds or artistic belly fall into the pit with dirt.

And although members of these absurd events do not get as much fame, money and contract with the firm of Nike, but there is no doubt that athletes should obladatnedyuzhey sense of humor to all the laurels got them.

by dragging Championship women

Little-known and amazing sports

Running wives (Eukonkanto fin.) - simple sport of Finnish origin, which looks like this: husbands overcome all obstacles with his wife, who is hanging upside down, clasping her husband's neck and back.

Glory - is not the only winner of the prize. To the winners of the World Championship in sonkajärvi dragging wives expect a keg of beer, the weight of a wife winner.

Felling trees Competitions

Little-known and amazing sports

To some it may seem that cutting of trees - a fairly routine and dreary work.

However skating competitions on a beam or shear treetops hot saw made from conventional longhorn these athletes. Match also include command relay, climbing trees for speed and endurance of the game (such as riding on the log).


Little-known and amazing sports

It is a national game, which is characteristic for the countries of Central Asia, which is played on horseback - which makes it similar to polo. But there is one major difference from Buzkashi Polo - instead of wooden sticks and a ball, participants use the carcass of a cow or a goat.

The team consists of ten players, five of which are in the game at any time. Players earn points by dragging the carcasses through their net. Given the fact that the game is played dead animals, it is not surprising that the game itself is pretty wild, but not without casualties among the spectators.