How to learn how to engage in dialogue with a sociopath?

How to learn how to engage in dialogue with a sociopath?

Today, many people have heard of such a thing as a sociopath. But not everyone really understands that suggests this diagnosis and how to behave with such people.

Sociopath called human suffering from dissocial personality disorder. In simple words, the disorder can be explained by the fact that a person does not perceive the joy or sorrow, it behaves detached from others, as it were, living in his own world. Often, these people do not have enough simple human empathy, that is, responsiveness, ability to support and generally show emotions and how to react to certain events in life. For such people, it is difficult to observe the social laws and regulations because of which they violate them mercilessly. They find it difficult to understand the feelings of others, so they are in what does not put other people's feelings and emotions.

In fact, it is considered a great myth that a sociopath, as a separate entity does not mean anything. On the contrary, many studies show that sociopaths have intelligence much higher than the average person. Therefore, in many films, the criminals is shown in the form of sociopaths. But if you do not look at films and take into account the common man suffering from dissocial disorder, we can safely say that he is a great manipulator who is willing to go over the heads.

Trust, but verify

How to learn how to engage in dialogue with a sociopath?

If in a conversation with a person, your sixth sense tells you that something is wrong, then maybe sociopath sitting in front of you. 1. Communication begins with flattery in your face, but by the middle of the conversation, you already dictate how and what to do;

2. Constant and open a lie;

3. The caller has no family or friends, but it has a circle of admirers;

4. It may be broken, and to be aggressive during a conversation with you;

5. Can isolate you from society, imposing your opinion that it is unnecessary to you;

6. Perfect manipulates people for his own benefit;

7. Copes with stress.

How to deal with a sociopath?

The first and perhaps the most important rule is that you have to remember - communication should be as small as possible. Realizing that in front of you are the person, which is now referred to in this article, it is best to quickly break any relationship, so you do not get upset. Sociopath as a great manipulator, can drive you around by the nose for a long time. But do you need it?

Try demonstratively not to say goodbye to such a person, because you can find on his head a couple more problems. It is necessary to reduce this disadvantage smoothly for you cooperation to naught.

How to learn how to engage in dialogue with a sociopath?

The victims of sociopaths

In most cases, a sociopath can choose their victims among the people through life frustrated, in fact those who are easy to subdue, or who he wants to control it.

The best weapon against manipulators - is one hundred percent confidence in themselves and their abilities. Defend their interests and opinions. And, of course, leave behind the shackles of dependence on something or someone. If you do not know how to be independent, then learn. Yes, of course this is a very difficult and long process, but he needs!

How to learn how to engage in dialogue with a sociopath?


does not reciprocate

Whatever you did not link the relationship, we do not need to meet the sociopath reciprocate. It is important to remember that a man always does everything only for their own benefit, in fact, you do not need it. Seriously, do not sit with your mouth open and watch as your partner poisons stories (which often comes up on the go), talks about how difficult it was childhood or just sprinkle you from head to toe compliments. The catch is always there, it's not only people with this personality disorder are lying, but everyone else, too.

The final episode of

Undoubtedly, a person can not be guilty that he dissocial disorder. But you will from this easier? Noodles on the ears will hang abound, but will have to take it off, perhaps, together with the skin.

Of course, twice going to hurt if you become a person more than anything else, but in these times, you must first take care of yourself. Because apart from the pain and disappointment, such a relationship to nothing lead.