How not to become a mother for her husband

• How not to become a mother for her husband

Many men do not really want to be "ringed", but still they become husbands. First romantic relationship, then a luxury wedding and now you are a married couple and "long live life". Here comes the fun part.

How not to become a mother for her husband

Some of the beautiful half has taken on all the everyday moments and becomes almost the head of the family, the other ladies, on the contrary, are so busy or even a career, which completely forget to prepare a meal or vacuumed room. Variants in this case can be set. The worst thing is when a man looking for a wife, and finds a second mother: overprotection, constant sacrifices for him, and even adult education. Such a relationship will not survive long. Of course, if your spouse has not opposed such an alliance. But to avoid such a situation, the outcome may be.

The age difference

The figures in the passport may not affect your relationships, but constant pressure from others can settle inside the fear of becoming a mother for her husband. Especially if the woman is older than one or even five years. Much worse - psychological age, who speaks of human maturity and the level of its involvement in the society. If you are together, then you together interesting and comfortable. But there are situations where there is doubt as the right thing to do. In this case, fling a few years his handpicked and imagine it is not a 25-year old boy, and, for example, an adult 35-year old man. And you start thinking, "If he was your age, I would have done something or something else?". If the answer is "no" then do not interfere with the stronger sex to solve problems.

How not to become a mother for her husband

Important "not" in the relations

• Do not patronize. By the way, do not confuse the care with care, because if you care - it is a manifestation of tenderness, the guardianship - excessive care, turning into education. No need to take your man like a child. He is an adult and has left from his mother, so he knows when he wants to eat, whether it is cold, and whether you want to go to bed.

• Do not bring up. Even as a child, our parents for some oversight to moralize. Oh, how we did not like to hear it all, but we had to stand there and pretend to understand, and more so we will not. Do you think the husband wants to return to a period of his childhood? Of course not. However, lack of manners can be annoying, but it is necessary to speak correctly. Do not say, for example, "Are not you ashamed that you did not say thank you for dinner," and say that you would have been nice if he'd thank you for cooking dinner.

• Do not defend. The husband with the management of the problem? Do not run to the dismantling - it is an independent and adult. It seems that you have already passed a lot of fights and know how to deal with these issues? You are well done! But the man also has to go all the way and learn to settle such conflicts or affairs. It's no wonder he - a man! • Do not sacrifice. No need to put the needs of the spouse above its perching him on the throne, and sacrifice himself. He will think that you can do and this and that, and even there it will leave you with these problems and step aside. And on stormy gratitude does not even remember. So first take care of their needs, and then to please his handpicked. After all, who will take care of you?

How not to become a mother for her husband

Remember, ladies, when you get married, you become a man spouses, couple, sweethearts. Therefore, we should not act as a mother, as a mother, who, perhaps, still takes care of his son, he already has.