What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)

• What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)

What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)

Canada as a tourist object began to enjoy high popularity among travelers recently. What is the reason such a pronounced interest of tourists to this country?

All easily explained: people are tired of the monotony. Someone tired pomp of antiquity, while others, conversely, fed up with eccentricity modern style. Of interest is the combination of diversity. Therefore, tourists are increasingly began to broaden their horizons and discover the country where you can visit castles, modern art galleries, interesting architectural buildings of different eras.

Also high interest is the natural "monuments", and it is desirable that they were in the most pristine and intact. All it can offer Canada, therefore, going to travel in this country, be prepared to spare no effort to visit a lot of interest and gain positive experiences and incredible emotions.

What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)


The city, which introduces the history of Canada, there are still immigrants settlements that were built in the 19th century. That Vancouver has the largest port in the country. So if you want to see an incredibly beautiful and majestic ships and barges, and see firsthand the real fishing boats - you will definitely need to visit the province. Let us remember how closely the history and development of Canada associated with the Indian tribes. After visiting the Museum of Anthropology or visit the "Stanley Park", you have absorbed the spirit of the era.

What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Even if you knew practically nothing before or heard about Canada, the Niagara Falls stranger only, so to say, lazy. It's time to see first hand this incredible ethereal beauty and a natural phenomenon. Niagara Falls annually attracts crowds of tourists and is deservedly considered the hallmark of the original edge.

It is located at the intersection of Canada and the United States. Huge flows of water, which are rapidly coming down over the rocks, creating a delightful "music", will forever remain not only in your mind, but in your hearts. Also, do not deny yourself to visit the Falls again in the evening hours, when he painted a variety of colors. With special spotlights aimed at water flows, create different light shows, which are accompanied by a musical accompaniment.

What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)


Botanical Garden Van Dusen

Canada - an amazing country, it is here with trepidation and significance belong to nature. Thousands of unique natural parks, mountain ranges and lakes are protected in law. That only is VanDusen Botanical Garden? This is where you can stroll along the famous all over the world green maze. Alley rhododendrons, totem poles, Korean Pavilion, rock garden, rose garden - all this is available to the judges of the local fauna.

What are the attractions to visit in Canada? (Part 2)

Masonic Temple in Toronto

Today is the largest Canadian media center. Here spent their concerts and tore applause of the public world legends such as the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

The object is officially a Canadian heritage and protected accordingly. It is in the Masonic Temple many years ago were the famous jousting tournaments. The current owners are planning to in the near future to do the restoration of this historic monument, and later use it as a platform for the presentation of rock musicians.