How to choose the right wife

How to choose the right wife

You can get married, but can not marry. If you're going to get married, read on. Discuss whether to marry at all necessary, we will not. Let's talk about how to choose a proper wife.

Choosing the right wife - the question is extremely important. Marriage is a lifelong implications, to think all you need to carefully and in advance. Otherwise - it will be bad.

Marriage - the agreement between the two entities. The decision to marry should be regarded as an impartial business decision.

You need to choose a wife as well as a company for investment. It is not a matter of chance ( "love"), you must clearly understand what is required and how to achieve it.

Marriage has nothing to do with love, or a compound of kindred spirits. All this - imposed teleyaschika and movies. Marriage - a sharing of resources. Wife offers "A", as you suggest, "B". If the wife does not want or can not, then it is deprived of the privilege of being married.

Marriage - is an agreement, it must be executed, the control is yours. You are not able to make the right decision when you, as a sixteen year old schoolgirl in a state of emotional illness love. No matter how one businessman is not going to go around the world with the wallet, will not sign an agreement on emotions, because no man who does not want the collapse of marriage, will not unsubscribe all their resources to it, simply because he is in love.

There are only two reasons why a man should even think about getting married:

1. He wants to start a family.

2. His career and political ambitions require a married status. Discuss this option does not make sense, since in this case the wife, the family - just a decoration.

Consider the first and the only reason to get married. Love - not a cause. Marrying you unsubscribe all your wife resources. For what? To grow old in the family circle.

Objectives and conditions for marriage:

1. Minimize the chance of robbery by divorce.

2. Maximize the feeling of happiness in his wife, giving her the opportunity to realize himself and his mother and his wife (the absolute opposite of everything that you see and hear). This is not about women's emancipation or full rights (or any such false notion that destroys the institution of the family), the wife should devote herself to family. True happiness woman - the family. Not a career, not "independence" and gender freedom of judgment.

Be honest:

Most men do not want to "independent, emancipation" of women. This is a euphemism for scandalous bitch who thinks that all it should.

Fools foaming at the mouth will prove otherwise, then, they are fools not to understand the essence of the phenomena. Men! Women love those who achieve the desired; those who are not serious about a woman's kooky, but a woman sees a woman, not a man in a skirt.

By zadrotam women are treated like dog shit stuck to the sole. For women zadrot - not a man at all.


It is clear that the marriage itself - a very bad deal. Marrying, you give his wife control over resources and children. "Divorce by mutual consent" actually stands for "divorce his fault." If the wife decides that he wants a divorce, she actually retains all the advantages of a married woman, at the same time getting rid of all the responsibilities. Divorce has a robbery of men. This reallocation of resources from men to women. It can live on alimony with her children alone or with her new husband. With the full support of the state. From a legal point of view, it is always right, and you're not. To do this you can not do anything. Therefore, it is important to immediately choose a normal wife, to significantly reduce the risks. It is necessary to very carefully, with all the precautions to approach this choice. The only way to try to avoid bankruptcy and divorce.

When the marriage:

It is best to marry after 30. By this age a man to have time to live, to look around, to earn something, to think about their goals in life, a little bit to settle. Twenties for many - a turbulent time, after thirty comes more quiet period. Most of the men and 30 mature enough to make informed decisions about marriage.

At the same time, 30 it is only necessary to start thinking about marriage. Not it is necessary to marry to 30 years. 30-45 years old, that's the best time for marriage. The value of a man is maximum in those years.

12, the main rules of choosing the right wife:

1. Youth

A woman should have a maximum of thirty years. 25 years old - is better. 20 - the best. A woman's body does not tolerate years. It is natural to want your wife's body was young and resilient as long as possible. After thirty youth and beauty to quickly come to an end.

This kind of deal: it gives you their years of beauty, and you support it further in life. Never mess with a woman who gave up her youth to someone else.

Once again: the woman is ugly age. "Panther", a woman aged, which allegedly involve young males - is a fiction of the films. Single women over thirty years of squandered their best fucking with a bunch of different guys, and now they want to find zadrotov that will take care of them. Do not be so zadrotom.

Young body is especially important for bearing offspring. Middle-aged women can not and will not have healthy children. Thirty woman is late for fifteen years on this issue. -But I did want to talk to an intelligent woman. Foolish girl of twenty!

Her intelligence is not really depends on the age. Silly twenty - thirty years is stupid. The difference is that thirty years is much more sad, and a little that can give a man.

2. Her family must be complete, with his mother and father

No stepfathers and machih. Children who grow up without a father, can not be normal. One mother can not raise healthy children. You need a healthy wife emotionally. Girls who grew up against the backdrop of a divorce, have a bunch of cockroaches, often accustomed to dubious ways to attract attention, and have no idea how to behave in a normal family.

3. For her, there should be no "divorce" the concept of

If she knows the word "divorce", knows what to do in case of divorce, refers to a divorced friend or considering divorce as a possible scenario, you do not need it. Throw it back into the water and safely keep fishing.

4. It should be the nature of the piece that you like

Any woman a little plumper after marriage. It's unavoidable. It is unacceptable when it inflates to the size of killer whales. If it was once full, then lose weight by dieting and fitness, all the weight (plus a little over the top) will be back as soon as she finds a husband.

If she is constantly on diets and afraid of getting fat, grow fat then immediately after the wedding.

Its weight should be approximately the same throughout life.

It should be a pretty face. Over the years, from the beauty of the body a little that remains, and the person is not going anywhere, besides you see him every day.

5. It should take care of yourself

A woman who turns into a pig after the wedding - it's a shame for the family. It should take care of yourself and keep yourself in shape. Women slightly fattening after the wedding, however, 5 kg and 50 - are two different things. Look to the women in her family, if they are fat, it is best to quickly retreat. His wife, you will see every day. Bad if looking at it, you will think of bacon for breakfast.

6. It must think about the family, rather than a career

You choose a mother to her children and homemaker. Guys do not need a second salary, he earns himself. He needed rear house and heart.

In families where both work, children are educated nurses and fee-based institutions, and the mother goes to work to pay for all this.

I do not want children.

Then do not marry. The only reason to get married - to create a family.

But I want a successful woman.

It does not matter. Even if she is concerned about the career, when you met, then it will not give a damn for a career. Women do not want to work, but to many of them, it comes too late. They waste their youth playing career, later realize a mistake and leave the workforce to care for children (which is quite possible with developmental disabilities - it is typical for pozdnorodyaschih). Much do you know 45-year-old married professional women?

Working women are doing it only because of the need, they whine about it every day. They would all be given to leave the job and do the family only.

In fact, no woman wants to work. Jobs - a man's world and always will. Women's work - a house and children.

7. It has to be "good"

She should not have problems with alcohol, smoking and tattoos. It should not be a club of the past and the regular pyanok. Whore can not be turned into a wife. The more sexual partners she had, the more likely that all will end in divorce.

-So you're saying that all the girls club, smokers and drinkers - a whore?


The less she had partners, the better. Ideally - a virgin. Remember: The more partners were, the higher the probability that the next 6 years you divorce, and you will lose your money, resources and children. If you think she needs help, or that you helped her, and she will change, then you are a fool and manipulate you. With such a woman will all end in tears for you.

Choose a good girl. Virgin (or a small number of partners), family-oriented, pleasant in communication assistant, and the smiling patient.

8. It should be against the marriage contract

Although this particular will not help you save resources, it is a good indicator that the country is serious about preserving marriage.

9. It should adjust to you

Loving woman will change and adjust to you. Her new favorite dish is steak and eggs, she would be happy to see you all 6 pieces of the "Rocky", and do things that have never liked or did not do before.

-But I do not want a wife who bends!

A woman who does not "flex" is a woman who does not respect you.

Women - not men, and do not need to adjust them under men's standards. A man who changes his looks for a woman - slug. Woman change their views for the sake of man - a loving woman. It can not be for it to belittle, as it is proper behavior.

10. It should admire you and respect you

A man looks at a woman from the top down. So it was from time immemorial. If on the contrary - it leaves you with your money and children. You have to be the man she will love, honor, which will admire.

11. It should be no children

You know what makes the main lion in the pride? Killing other young lions.

Raise other people's children - a lot cuckold, all knowledgeable and willing to do anything.

If you Grow someone else's offspring, always somewhere close to another man. Think about yourself, your wife and children should be yours and nobody's more. No need to take responsibility for what is left of another man.

Women with children are obtained as follows:

Pregnant by strong male and find zadrota to raise a bastard.


Living married with children, then divorced and go.

In any case, such a woman is not suitable for a family.

12. It should be smiling

She smiles when she sees you. Her eyes light up. She is pleased to see you and bestows his beautiful smile.

Radiant smile of a beautiful woman is worth more than a degree or a post which she could have such a smile is worth more than any other nonsense, which, according to modern women, making it attractive to men.

You need a happy woman. You do not want dull and aching pessimist.

Choose a cheerful, smiling, lively girl.


American women are nurtured from birth in a system that welcomes divorce. They believe that their femininity - it is bad. At the head of them from this mess, many of them are not suitable for a family. Especially beware of women who are taking psychiatric drugs or go to the experts. From this, they only get stronger going crazy and blame men for all the problems.

Club girls for clubs, a good girl for the family.

If a woman can not or do not want to cook every day, it will take care of the children? To grow healthy children, it is necessary to marry a woman who is able and ready.

Opportunities for men over the years only increased. Opportunities for women - on the contrary. Men age like wine, while women like milk. Therefore, choose a beautiful and young. Men are not very desirable to marry at a young age. Do not listen to women tips on how to please them. You'll be nice and polite customer gifts, you will get in friend-zone. And rightly so, with such a pathetic behavior.

Avoid women lazy, selfish, considering all due.

Do not let his wife to fully control the look of the home. A man should not live in the boudoir, with padded-thingies, napkins and flowers around.

Men - not women, and women - not men. Double standards exist. That's life.

You lead. She led. Bring it.

When she loves and respects, it is like everything that is connected with you. She will not nag and whine, trying to change you. If you smoke a cigar, and you smell like tobacco, it would be like flavor. She will sleep in your shirt, because they are your scent. You should have this power over her, for her own happiness and tranquility.

If she whines before the wedding, prescribing her a wolf ticket.

Nothing has improved after the wedding, everything is only strengthened.

Marriage should be conservative. Will choose the "modern woman" and get stromnuyu modern "family", with modern results: alimony, Sunday Pope.

Do not marry simply because all married. All actions must be attributed to causes and have an impact.

Marriage is a dangerous undertaking. First, learn to swim, and then dive.

How to deal with the one that went:

More than 3 billion women on the planet. Average age - 29 years. Millions of women may be your wife. "She" - not a soul mate, are not "only" and other nonsense. Such as it is - millions. And if it was the same one you would be together. Forget it and move forward. Where you found it, much more.

Personal recommendation:

Choose a woman from their country and culture - the best solution. Unfortunately, in view of the systematic destruction of family values ​​and the institution of the family in the West, especially in America and England, the ability to choose is very limited. Probably, you can search for a wife in the other countries, where family values ​​are still highly sought after. But, for a long time and think well before taking the wife of another race, and be the father of half-breed children.


Aging alone and without children may seem a worse prospect than thoughtful approach to the choice of future wife, in view voiced criteria.

If you are going to get married - get married in mind.

If you're not going to get married, go for the beer.

Good luck!