How to start a new life with a clean slate

How to start a new life with a clean slate

Nearly every second person in my life encountered a situation where wanted to quit and start again. But often constrains the fear of repetition in the future on past experience, is unable to cope with their torments, a person simply does not dare to change and continues to go with the flow. But to be happy, sometimes it is enough just one step - do not be afraid to start from scratch.

What does it take to paint life played, he was bright and happy? What needs to change in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past?

How to start a new life with a clean slate

The past should stay in the past!

The main fear - is that the front does not expect anything good. Why should anything change, if there is anything similar? As corny as this phrase has not sounded, but you can not live past relationships, thoughts, decisions and experiences. Every day is unique, and it will never happen again. Learn to appreciate your life - you have it alone. And if you're still mentally assembled and ready to go ahead, take small steps, but let them be confident. Do not look back! You were already there and nothing good it will not avail. Try to live differently, to change themselves, their world and environment.

Ozvuchte problems or difficult for you theme

Make a list of what you would never in my life would not return. Record to everything that makes you unbearable inner pain and negative memories. Recorded? Now burn this sheet. Together with him and burn all these troubles. Let such a never to be repeated.

How to start a new life with a clean slate

Find a new hobby

Someone fully dive headlong into the work that in the hectic working days is not enough time for thoughts and memories. Someone finds a new hobby, and delves into it (eg, painting helps to express in pictures of all the internal emotions and unspoken words, knitting allows you to mentally relax and gather your thoughts). Extreme Sports - great splash out emotions get excellent discharge. Often the adrenaline produced during extreme helps himself "right brain".

The new social circle

That nothing reminiscent of the past, as much as possible, try to change your life. New friends can help you to take another look at what is happening. They have nothing to do with the fact that you had before, they do not know your experiences. They will push you forward towards new goals and dreams.

How to start a new life with a clean slate

Change the appearance of

This item is increasingly relate to the fair sex, which tend to make unexpected decisions. For example, to cut the long hair and do her hair in the style of a bob-bob, or disguise of the burning brunette in a bright, red-haired beauty. However, men can be reversed, in particular changes are possible in the preferred style wardrobe. If previously in your things be traced exclusively sporty, then dilute it with casual or business areas.

"Out of sight ..."

Remove anything that might remind you of past relationships. Some psychologists suggest to solve more fundamentally - throw away or even burn. But do not go to such extremes. Still, it's your past and it has a right to exist, so that if you want to. Just hide somewhere that was not on the mind and tormented memories are still fresh.

How to start a new life with a clean slate

You go around the familiar "rake" side of

Once already burned? It was unbearably painful? No need to live by the expectation that life is sure to repeat everything. Live and enjoy every day of his new life. Just do not forget that experience, which have and try not to repeat the old mistakes.