Bomb or harm of carbonated beverages

• Bomb or harm of carbonated drinks

Bomb or harm of carbonated beverages

The human body contains about 50-70% water. It is necessary to maintain the water balance to be in good shape. It is best to drink plain water. However, not everyone loves the water, there are tea drinkers, juice, mineral water, and someone with a great pleasure to drink soda. And if you thought so dangerous to humans soda? For example, if we take into account the majority of his contemporaries favorite Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi, whether there is a component part of anything useful? Or consuming such carbonated drinks, the person consumes virtually all elements of the periodic table of chemical?

Bomb or harm of carbonated beverages

Unfortunately, advertising is doing its job, and a lot of people, leaning on various advertising slogans that are literally being pushed immediately to go to the store and buy a "soda incredibly tasty", daily drink these beverages. Did someone thought about how it is unsafe not only for health, but sometimes for life. After all, the composition of such beverage is able to provoke the risk of various serious diseases, cope with which will not be under the power of any medical luminary.

Bomb or harm of carbonated beverages

The tendency to obesity

It is scientifically proven that one can of Coca-Cola adds a pound of weight per month. Daily consumption of fizzy drinks and lack of will power to give them up, leading to obesity.

Bomb or harm of carbonated beverages

Problems with teeth

For gazirovok characterized by a high percentage of sugar and acid, which have an adverse effect on tooth enamel. As a result of the excessive consumption of soda breaks down tooth enamel. Further problems may arise from nerve endings and even the root, which leads to the complete destruction of the tooth.

Dentists also recommend not immediately after a glass Cola or Fanta brushing teeth, as the presence of acid on the enamel can provoke additional erosion.

Kidney problems

Phosphoric acid, which is present in high doses in carbonated soft drinks, leads to the formation of kidney stones. As a result, the three-year experiment conducted on 1,000 participants who have kidney stones, it was found that most people suffering from renal colic, daily intake of soda.

Problems with the cardiovascular system

Soda contains a lot of sugar. If every day to drink at least one tin jar Coca-Cola, the likelihood of a heart attack increases by 20%. In addition, the drink has a negative effect on the heart and blood pressure.

Bomb or harm of carbonated beverages

The problems with the musculoskeletal system

As we mentioned above, soda contains a high percentage of phosphoric acid, which leaches the body of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. As a result, there may be problems with the bones, they become more fragile, there is a high likelihood of fractures. Excessive intake of drinks with a high sugar content and acid causes diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Children who are overly abused sodas may malformation of bones. Everything is complicated by the fact that this phenomenon is dangerous for a growing organism.

Problems with reproductive function

Some sweet soda contain a component such as bisphenol-A. If you have not heard about this matter, then be sure to check to have an idea of ​​what goes into your body even with a bottle of drink. Bisphenol-A provokes the risk of cancer, as well as leads to impaired reproductive function.