Internet addiction in children and adolescents

• Internet addiction in children and adolescents

Internet addiction in children and adolescents

Internet - a source of obtaining various kinds of information, fount of different tips, reviews, recommendations. World Network has become an everyday part of modern life. However, every year growing number of children and adolescents who enthusiastically spend all their free time in the virtual world. According to psychologists, today among adolescent children can be traced unhealthy attraction of the World Wide Web.

In some countries (particularly in China and the USA), scientists are calling to recognize Internet addiction is a serious disease. For example, in the United States have a special health care facility where children are helping teenagers cope with a variety of mental disorders, which have arisen as a result of a long "stay" in the virtual space.

Internet addiction in children and adolescents

Of course, there must be total control of every child who has access to the Internet space. Enter certain rules (strict time limit Internet use, prohibitions on the use of a number of resources, the purpose of stay in the virtual space, etc.). Today's children grow and develop in the world of information technology, respectively, they devote a lot of time the World Wide Web.

Internet addiction in children and adolescents

From an early age children should be taught the rules and culture of the use of Internet resources and mobile devices. If timely and properly train the child the finer points of the "dialogue", you can prevent a number of problems in the future.

How to determine that the child is too carried away by the virtual world?

It is not necessary to establish total control over your child, keep track of all the pages that it searches the Internet to determine the level of dependence of a teenager from the World Wide Web. There are a number of features that are common to all Internet-dependent individuals (can be used not only for children but also for adults):

- lack of interest in dialogue with peers in real life;

- Low performance in school;

- permanent residence in the World Wide Web;

- mood swings, aggression, resentment, tantrums and scandals are possible, if for some reason there is no connection to the Internet;

Internet addiction in children and adolescents

- moving from one devaysa to another (for example, home every time a child spends at the computer / laptop, if you want to go somewhere, then in the hands of the mandatory inclusion of a tablet or phone with open access to the World Wide Web);

- irritability, and inadequate response to the requirement to withdraw from the network or to postpone the technique; - traced sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, dramatically changed the rhythm and routine of life.

Among adolescent children traced three main forms depending on the Internet space:

Compulsive gambling

The abundance of different games, the effect of which in most cases takes place online, affects the psycho-emotional state of the child. He just can not break away from the game, as the action takes place at the moment. The child loses touch with reality, does not notice how time flies, does not pay any attention to what is happening around him.

Internet addiction in children and adolescents

Virtual communication

Ease of communication in the virtual world, easy access to social networks and a variety of forums allows the child to find a "new" friends. Gradually, this communication becomes the norm, the teenager is no longer interested in life, success and achievements of these friends (classmates, his best friend from a neighboring house, and so on. D.).

Web surfing

The transition from one gadget to another, aimless and chaotic transitions from one site to another.

Internet addiction in children and adolescents