Popular trends in plastic surgery

• Popular trends plastic surgery

Popular trends in plastic surgery

The strangest plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is not in place - the beauty industry adapts to consumer preferences, which, in turn, vary depending on the mode. More recently, to seek help from plastic surgeons only wealthy people could with the request to improve the figure. Today, more and more insane resorted to such services.

And, if earlier requests to correct the figure was well founded, the world today is the beauty industry increasingly is striking its abnormality. In our review of the 6 most bizarre plastic surgery, who have acquired incredible popularity in recent years.

Ever-growing eyelashes

Popular trends in plastic surgery

The implantation of the eyelashes - a new fashion in the field of plastic surgery

Before surgery transplanting hair follicles for ever did only those people who really needed it. For example, if a person received a serious burn. But today, such a procedure has been made available for anyone who wants to become the owner of doll eyelashes. Although surgery to transplant hair follicles - is very complicated and requires painstaking work, wanting to build yourself a lot of long lashes. The effect is amazing! Eyelashes grow so long that they even have to trim.

Elven ears

Popular trends in plastic surgery

Elven ears - popular operation among fans

Elven ears - one of the most popular operations among fans of non-standard body modifications. To achieve the desired effect, the cartilage in the top of the ear to grind sharp shape. However, for such a procedure experienced surgeons are taken very rarely. But here's the "underground" specialists are happy to help everyone to become a beautiful elf from a fairy tale. But, unfortunately, these operations often lead to disastrous consequences: it is likely to carry infection.

in the eye Implants

Popular trends in plastic surgery

With the help of eye implants can change eye color

Initially, ophthalmic implants are placed in patients with partial or complete lack of iris or other problems in the field of ophthalmology. But this procedure has gained extraordinary popularity among otherwise healthy people. In order to obtain more vivid color of eyes, surgeons set patients silicone implants iris. The whole procedure takes no more than 15 minutes, and the result is simply stunning. In addition, if desired, the patient, the implants can be easily replaced with new ones.

Implantation of muscle

Popular trends in plastic surgery

In order to create a beautiful body, can be implanted muscles

Beautiful and healthy body - the dream of every one of us, and muscular body - the dream of many men. But not everyone is ready for a long time to sweat in the gym to build myself a beautiful muscle. Laziest this problem treated by a specialist in the implantation of artificial muscles. These implants are made of a rigid silicone which holds its shape well. They can be installed under the calf, chest, deltoids. There is also the practice of increasing the biceps and triceps. Although due to such operations man does not get stronger, but the attention of the opposite sex, though, you can attract.

"patch" into the language of

Popular trends in plastic surgery

"patch" on the tongue will help throw off the extra kilos

"Patch" to the language - an ideal treatment for those who want to lose weight, but can not resist the delicious cakes and fried potatoes. This is quite a painful procedure in which in the language sew small rectangular metal mesh that while eating will cause terrible pain to its owner. Such an operation is inexpensive, but the owner of "patch" will have to buy special vitamins and nutrients needed by the body. As the author of such a terrible way to lose weight, a month patient can throw off 7-13 kg. I wonder who agree to such a flogging?

Hair Implantation in the body

Popular trends in plastic surgery

Hair Implantation in the body - a very popular procedure

Women lifelong struggle with excessive body hair, and men are experiencing, when it is not. can be transplanted hair follicles on the body to solve this problem. Most often, such a procedure should be followed young people dissatisfied with the lack of hair on his chest and abdomen. But recently in South Korea appeared even more strange trend: women are turning to the experts with a request to increase the amount of pubic hair. Such a strange desire can be explained by the fact that, according to the Eastern tradition, pronounced secondary sexual characteristics indicate an increased ability to bear children.