How consciously watch and remember dreams

Dreams are often reminiscent of a walk in the amusement park, where you have led, without asking your permission. Everything happening around you seems to be real, and you willy-nilly have to take direct part in this. However you like it or not, you are unable to "get out of the game", even if you are able to somehow react to the situation.

How consciously watch and remember dreams

Lucid dreaming reminiscent stroll through the amusement park that you have built for yourself. Not only can you go where you want, but do whatever you want. In fact, lucid dreams are dreams completely controlled. Do you like high parѝt over the city like a superhero? You are welcome. Do you want an equal fight with a formidable villain? No problems. You dream to meet and fall in love with a handsome prince or a fairy princess? Easily. Imagine that every night in my dreams you realize the most extravagant fantasies, the morning wake up refreshed, rested and feel in great shape.

Perhaps you can not wait to experience the technique of lucid dreaming, but it will require you patience and some effort. Over time you will learn to distinguish between REM and non-REM sleep and REM sleep phase control (REM-phase) to your liking.

How to call a lucid dream

In order to increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming, you must be prepared, that is, to pay special attention to foods and beverages that you eat every day, as well as medicines that you take. And do not forget about sleep. So, first you should make sure that you spend enough time to sleep. REM sleep (REM-phase) usually occurs in the second half of the night. The greater the total duration of REM-phase during the night, the greater the likelihood of lucid dreaming. Let's say the average do you sleep the recommended eight hours means that your cycle of fast and slow sleep will include about six REM-phase, with the last three-REM phase will fall to the last quarter of the night, that is, two hours prior to awakening. Accordingly, if you spend a dream no more than six hours, your chance of lucid dreaming to see cut exactly in half. In that case, if you have the possibility to extend the dream at least on weekends, do it.

Alcohol and drugs have a negative impact on the REM-phase, so avoid drinking alcohol before going to sleep as much as possible. Although sleeping pills, in particular melatonin, facilitate falling asleep, adjust the "internal clock" on long journeys, they also violate the natural cycle of fast and slow-wave sleep. food and non-alcoholic drinks are also very important in turn. Depending on what kind of products people are included in the evening's diet, they complained of nightmares, or vice versa watching the colorful and expressive dreams. In some cases, increase the likelihood of lucid dreaming helping dishes, which include herbs and spices. Before going to bed it is also useful to give up watching TV and using the computer.

Finally, you have to fall asleep with a plan to see lucid dreaming. This will help you a method known as a mnemonic entry into lucid dreaming (MILD Technique). He was described by a doctor of philosophy and psychophysiology Stephen LaBerge and American sociologist and writer Howard Rheingold in his book "Exploring the world of lucid dreaming." Learn how to retrieve what he saw in a dream. Before going to bed set itself the task to wake up and remember the dreams relating to any period, for example, dreams, seen before dawn or after six o'clock in the morning or all night. As you will be more convenient.

Remember your dream. After waking up, regardless of the time when it happened, try to remember as many details of your sleep. If you are overcome by an unbearable desire to once again plunge into a sleep, try to do something to wake up.

Focus on your intention. Tell yourself: "Next time I'm going to sleep, I want to understand, I'm dreaming." In this case, try to feel your intention and mentally to concentrate solely on this idea. If you both think about something else, let go of other thoughts and then go back to your intention.

Repeat. Repeat the third and fourth steps as long as your intention is finally fixed in your mind, then let himself fall asleep. Falling asleep, you do not think about anything extraneous, continue to focus on your intent the next time feel in a dream that you are dreaming.

Without the preparatory work and exercises lucid dreams in the best case will occur very irregularly. If you want to increase the likelihood of their occurrence, you can resort to the method known as "planning lucid dreaming", where you use the Service to determine the most appropriate period. In that case, if you can afford to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, set your alarm clock so that it rang out in six hours. Waking up, follow given above MILD exercise, and when will once again zasypàt, do not forget about your intention to realize a dream that you really sleep.

How do you know that you actually sleep

So, you had a dream. How do you know that it is really a dream, so you can "wake up" inside him? Get the answer to this question is not always easy, but possible. There are two most common ways: creation of a catalog of sleep characteristics and critical status check.

Signs of sleep have no relation to the interpretation of dreams. We are talking about the contradictions and discrepancies that are commonly found in a dream. Stephen LaBerge offers, for example, look at the appearance of well-known people. In the dream, their appearance can be greatly distorted, but you will be sure that the way it should be.

You can try to find the differences in the familiar surroundings, or you see a few times on the clock dial. You will realize that sleep, if the time change. Whatever signs you choose, start writing them in his diary. The more often you will fix these inconsistencies, the more likely that you will see them in their dreams.

Critical health check should be regularly practiced in the waking state, so that later you can perform the same exercise in a dream and realize that you are dreaming. In that case, if you did everything correctly, you will be able to achieve significant results. This is how his own critical inspection of the one of the followers of Stephen LaBerge:

"I stare at his hands, turning them wonder aloud if possible, whether I sleep. Next, I look around and try to make sure I really know all the people who surround me (catalog sleep features). If something seems to me a little strange or wrong, I command myself to fly. " Create your own set of rules and follow them. For example, you can ask to do this exercise every time you drink a glass of water, get up from the table, go to the bathroom, look at a specific person, and so on. D. If you succeed, try to turn the dream into a set of your rules . For example, if you are afraid of heights and are often faced with this problem in his sleep, perform a critical status check each time when you feel fear.

No matter how individual critical condition check, it does not make sense if you do not make it a regular basis. At first, better to do this check on a daily basis, at least ten times per day. Over time, five times a day may be enough. Imagine the excitement and thrill will cover you when you are able to control their dreams for the first time by the technique of lucid dreaming.

Have a nice sleep!