Interesting point of the domestic jazz!

• interesting moments of the domestic jazz!

Although historically considered the birthplace of jazz in New Orleans, but it has found worldwide distribution. It is hard to imagine today a country where it had not listened to the music. It is surprisingly interesting way into the hearts and charms them.

Interesting point of the domestic jazz!

For the past 100 years, as the Jazz never ceases to please people. Speaking about his appearance in the USSR in 1922, we note that he was received with joy, just a few years after his birth in America. And it was all a credit to the human, comprehensive and multi-faceted activity which deserves respect and admiration.

Valentin Male, progressive at the time, incredible dancer, translator, theater-poet. Visiting Europe in those years, he discovered the music, and hastened to share with her compatriots. This versatile gifted man has created the very first in the Soviet Tsoyuze jazz orchestra, whose name was peculiar and unique "first in the RSFSR Eccentric Orchestra Jazz Band Valentine Parnaha". In October 1922, an event occurred which can be regarded as the birthday of Soviet jazz.

Interesting point of the domestic jazz!

It was the first concert of the orchestra of the above. As time went on, and jazz is becoming increasingly popular in virtually all segments of the population. Here we must pay tribute to the talented singing actor Leonid Utesov who bykvalno lived this music. In 1934, on the screens out the Union playful comedy "Jolly Fellows", in which the actor plays the role of a wonderful musician, passionately in love with jazz music. It is thanks to this tape and there was a theatrical jazz - a new and exciting style, which is very well intertwined music, operetta, theater and all the audience was presented as an idea. A special place in the development of the domestic jazz in the 40s takes a talented person Eddie Rosner, who is also the director of the orchestra and a composer and musician. His career started in this direction in the European countries, but then moved to the Soviet Union, he has revealed the light of such an interesting area of ​​music and dance as a swing, and at the same time was the ancestor of jazz in Belarus.

Interesting point of the domestic jazz! Interesting point of the domestic jazz!

It should be noted that naryady with such popularity and love of the people, the attitude of the USSR leaders to this vidymuzyki was twofold. On the one hand, the Soviet jazz artists like and do not forbid, but on the other - there was a tendency rejection of all foreign as destroying the moral principles of Soviet man. After all, they say, we must love all his own, domestic, and do not know from where came. In the early 50's, many groups playing jazz music, were not in favor, THEIR and then banned. Then slowly things began to change everywhere, touched it and "persecuted" jazz. And in the late 50's and early 60's began to be heard exhilarating music orchestras Eddie Rosner, Oleg Lundstrem. On the fertile soil there are new groups, among which stands out the Riga variety orchestra, and the orchestra Joseph Weinstein from Leningrad and Moscow Vadim Lyudvikovsky. Musicologist Simon Ginzburg was a good book about the history of jazz, which was published in Leningrad in 1926. Here, in addition to its articles, the author of translation of an article well-known Western critics and composers.

For a long time we did not write about jazz, apparently just wanted to enjoy it. But in the 60s, the beginning of the second book comes out at a very short name "Jazz". It was a co-author Valery Mysovsky and Vladimir Feiertag. It should be noted that it was at that time there were the first attempts to create the first encyclopedia of jazz in Russian. The work continued for many years, and taking into account all the changes and improvements, this exclusive creation could see the light in 2001. Published it already ST Petersburg publishing house "Scythia". It is rich in the history and the publication has more than 1,000 names of persons, who devoted his life to jazz, and already in 2008, which was published the next edition of the encyclopedia containing the latest facts, was supplemented by rare photographs . There was a significantly increased and the list of jazz personalities. On the music can speak endlessly many. But each decides for himself that he is interested in and what is not. Before you have an opinion and give him the correct form, will be extremely useful to hear and understand this enchanting listening to music. In fact, it is no wonder it has such a long and colorful history in the event that weaves a so many countries.