Brilliant film with two actors

Brilliant film with two actors

There are films made without the crowds of celebrities and crowd scenes, but they make the viewer the strongest impression, because nothing does not distract attention from the main thing - the game the key characters that occupy almost all the screen space.

In this selection of the best films of two actors, where the bulk of the plot occupied by the brilliant dialogues between two characters.

The game on the flight / Sleuth (1972)

Brilliant film with two actors

If you take two of the greatest actors of his generation, and to tighten around them fascinating adventure story, then make a bad movie is almost impossible.

An elderly aristocrat writer Andrew Wyke (Laurence Olivier) invites you to its luxurious mansion his wife's lover, Milo Tindla (Michael Caine). Knowing about the adventures of his wife, he decided to make Milo unexpected offer.

"Playing on the flight" - a real masterpiece of a gentleman's cinema. Mostly funny, sometimes scary and extremely exciting. 35 years later came a remake of this film ( "Sleuth"), where the role of Andrew Wyke, this time made by Michael Caine, and Milo Tindla played by Jude Law.

"Conversations with Other Women" / Conversations with Other Women (2005)

Brilliant film with two actors

When a couple breaks up, the two can only guess what would have happened if they had stayed together. The comedic drama "Conversations with Other Women," directed by Hans Canosa just exploring this topic.

Celebrities Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter found after ten years of separation at the wedding of the protagonist's sister. For their witty dialogue revealed a long history and a couple decides to spend the night together. Maybe this is their second chance? Or in the light of a new day of hope to replace the sad irony?

Venus in furs / La Vénus à la fourrure (2013)

Brilliant film with two actors

The Chamber movie on the eponymous play by the contemporary American playwright David Ives, which in turn is based on the famous novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's "Venus in Furs" in 1870.

What begins as an audition for the role of the heroine Wanda turns to the study of gender relations. No eroticism or sex scenes, no naked bodies, no kisses, and even without arms. Everything is built on stunning dialogues, so full of desire and sensuality that just takes your breath away. The role in the movie performed by Mathieu Amalric and director's wife Emmanuelle Seigner.

Jerry / Gerry (2002)

Brilliant film with two actors

This is the first film by Gus Van Sant in the trilogy about loneliness "Gerry" / "Elephant" / "Last Days." The film tells the story of two friends (Matt Damon and Casey Affleck), who go hiking in the desert and soon realize that got lost. Tormented by thirst and hunger, they wander on natural prison in search of civilization, and we can only watch as the characters behave, who do not have any water left, no food, no hope.

Candy / Hard Candy (2005)

Brilliant film with two actors

The director David Slade took a psychological thriller that does not let go from the first minute to the last frame. 14-year-old Haley ties online conversation with an adult photographer (Patrick Wilson), suspecting him of pedophilia, and agrees to meet him. After chatting in a cafe, they come to his home to listen to music. So helpless photographer loses consciousness, and the next moment finds herself bound to a chair, again loses consciousness ... and now he is on the table, and Haley is going to castrate him.

Evening Express "Sunset Limited" / The Sunset Limited (2010)

Brilliant film with two actors

Is it worth living if there is anything good? Samuel L. Jackson in the role of a former prisoner rescues Tommy Lee Jones in the role of a desperate professor who decided to commit suicide.

What follows is a fascinating philosophical discussion about the nature and meaning of life, which is an excellent field for the manifestation of both actors talent. The film is based on the play of the famous writer Cormac McCarthy.

Antichrist / Antichrist (2009)

Brilliant film with two actors

"The Antichrist" - the most controversial film master of shocking Lars von Trier. Starring - brilliant Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe. In the center of the plot - unhappy couple who desperately trying to recover from the tragic death of their child.

This death hurts the psyche of a woman and her husband, the therapist decides to take her to a country house, where they rested during the previous summer, hoping that the unity with nature and the temporary isolation will help her recover. However, everything turns into a completely different way.

Misery / Misery (1990)

Brilliant film with two actors

A film by Rob Reiner is based on the novel by Stephen King. It tells about a writer named Paul Sheldon, who falls into a snowstorm and blows his car off the road. He comes to the aid of Annie Wilkes, a former nurse and a fanatical fan of Sheldon's book series. At first she is happy opportunity before anyone else read the new novel Sheldon, but to learn that her favorite character dies, Annie is furious and demands to rewrite history. She holds Paul with broken legs in his house in the mountains, and no one knows where the writer was gone.

The strong point of the film - it is certainly an outstanding game Kathy Bates. The actress has received for the role of "Oscar" and "Golden Globes".

My Dinner with Andre / My Dinner with Andre (1981 Louis Malle)

Brilliant film with two actors

Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn co-wrote the script for this film, and performed it in the main roles. The plot - simply nowhere: the two men having dinner in a posh restaurant and discuss life. That's all. But their conversations are meaningful to all to heed the film.

Before the Dawn / Before Sunrise (1995)

Brilliant film with two actors

In our list, you can make and the continuation of the story - "Before Sunset" - Richard Linklater filmed in 2004. But remember, it all began. In the movie "Before the Dawn" Ethan Hawke plays the role of a young American traveling through Europe. On the train he meets a beautiful French woman, played by Julie Delpy, and they decide to spend the day together, more and more getting to know each other and understand that in front of them, only one night. The film does not come off due to the chemistry that takes place between the two characters and their sincere conversations.

Gravity / Gravity (2013)

Brilliant film with two actors

Space was the main topic of many exciting films and one of them - "Gravity". Sandra Bullock and George Clooney appeared in the role of astronauts who survived after the disaster in the open space, but in a completely hopeless situation.

The film is directed by Alfonso Cuaron has received 7 awards "Oscar". British Film Academy noted his record eleven nominations and six statues, among them the "Best British Film of the Year."