How does the heat on our health

How does the heat on our health

In summer the temperature in the northern hemisphere can grow to very high levels. The intense heat can cause serious damage to our body. Moreover, if you do not follow a few simple rules, the summer scorching heat can even be fatal.

The most important thing:

- drink plenty of fluids

- do not leave the house at lunchtime

- not to drink alcohol in the heat

- restrict the exercise (this is especially true for the elderly and hypertensive patients).

Here are a few examples of the horrific effects of the heat on our body:

5. The strange behavior of our body

How does the heat on our health

The normal temperature of the human body is 37, and he did not really like it when the temperature varies.

You have ever had cramps on a hot day, especially after exercise is likely to be to blame for the high temperature. The person starts to sweat profusely, lose a lot of fluids, and even its replenishment does not help, because you are not getting enough electrolytes. As a result of violations of water-electrolyte balance, a person goes into convulsions.

How does the heat on our health

There is a risk of heat edema. To avoid overheating, our body dilates blood vessels, which leads to accumulation of blood in the ankle.

Even perspiration is sometimes not able to help. If you have a body piercing appeared red spots, you know, it's heat rash, which occurs when the clogged sweat pores. Due to the high temperatures, and a person can do to stop sweating and it may lead to heat stroke.

4. The brain ceases to function normally

How does the heat on our health

In 2014, a Canadian tennis player, speaking at the Australian Open, was too tense while playing in the hot sun. As a result, he lost his balance, he started having hallucinations (he "saw" to a comic book characters), and he fell unconscious.

What happened to him, called heat syncope - a temporary reduction in blood flow to the brain, which occurs when a person loses a lot of fluid (due to sweating), and low blood pressure.

How does the heat on our health

Confusion and dizziness - a natural effect of excessive exposure to high temperatures. This is very dangerous for those who need to be extremely focused during operation. Typically, in such circumstances, a person is more difficult to perform tasks on the mental activity.

3. Comes heat exhaustion

How does the heat on our health

This happens when you lose so much fluid and salt, that it becomes difficult to do anything. body temperature rises, you sweat even more, you are overcome by thirst, my head starts to spin, and you begin to feel very tired.

Your nausea may reach a point when you just start to tear. In addition, there may be diarrhea. Muscle cramps worse, you feel palpitations, tingling or numbness of the hands or feet.

Perhaps you do not feel all these symptoms at once, but the emergence of even a couple of them have a reason to call an ambulance.

How does the heat on our health

How to help a person in the heat:

* Call a doctor.

While on the road you need help fast:

* Move the person to a cool place away from sunlight.

* Remove as much clothing as possible (including shoes and socks).

* Wipe the head, face and neck with cool wet cloth. Sprinkle cool water.

* Make the person drink plenty of water, fresh juice or a sports drink.

2. Heat stroke can kill

How does the heat on our health

When the thermal shock of the body temperature exceeds 40C, the body and the mechanisms that are responsible for the cooling of the body, stop working.

Symptoms of heat stroke are similar to the symptoms of heat exhaustion, but it should closely monitor the following symptoms:

- extremely high body temperature

- Hot, dry skin or profuse sweating

- dizziness

- headache

- weakness

- vomiting

- muscle spasms

- loss of consciousness.

How does the heat on our health

First aid for heat stroke:

* Call an ambulance.

While roadside assistance is needed:

- to move the person to a cool, sheltered from the sun's place;

- Remove as much clothing as possible;

- cool cool human wet cloth or towel;

* Do not make the person drink plenty of fluids if he does not want.

* All of this should be done quickly.

1. Heat waves kill thousands of people every year

How does the heat on our health

The reason for the heat began to heavy rains that took place in West Africa. Because of them, there was a powerful anticyclone, which began its movement towards Western Europe. Reaching the central European countries, he stopped, and the whole area turned into a large area of ​​high pressure. In France alone 14,802 people died due to heat waves, and the total number of victims of the heat in that year reached 35,000 people.

In this heat, the young people should look after the elderly, as they are the most vulnerable during this period. The scientists reported that in August 2003 the majority of elderly people, were killed because they lived in a poorly ventilated area. The heat flows into the heat transfer through (when the thermal energy is transferred from a hot body to a less hot) and the room temperature continued to rise.

It is worth noting that quite hard to understand whether human death occurred due to the heat or not, because many bodies are commonly found after the fall of temperatures. This means that the summer scorching heat can be applied even more damage than we think.