Fashionable images for a cold summer

• fashionable image for the cold summer

How to wear the fur of summer collections and cape instead of dresses

Fashionable images for a cold summer

Meteorologists say that the main reason for cold summer - global warming. Because of him, the air from the Arctic is a frequent guest in Russia next ten years. Designers, in anticipation of an unstable climate in the summer season of 2017 included in their collection of fur.

Many brands from New York to Paris, including Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Gucci and Valentino used real and fake fur. This material is found in the summer season not only as a decorative trim on the sleeves of the kimono, skirts or jackets as linings. From it sewed fur coats, boas, scarves and stoles. Except fur popular classic trench coats, cardigans and large knitted jackets in the spirit of the 1980s with the shoulders hypertrophic volumes.

Fashionable images for a cold summer

in the style Jacket 1980

Jacket, Irene

In place of the classic blazers and jackets come in men's style stuff in the style of the 1980s. Jackets with pants shoulders and sleeves tapering toward the wrist, there is at Balenciaga, Jil Sander. Such models of tweed and wool coat replace cold summer.

Fashionable images for a cold summer

Maxi cardigan large knitted

Cardigan, 7KA

Cardigan saturated hue maxi length is suitable for images in the boho style. Dehn and the jacket it is possible to go to work, and flying in a light dress - to a party outside the city.

Fashionable images for a cold summer



Kimono, Rianna + Nina

On change of underwear style came oriental motifs. Kimono silk, velvet can be decorated with fur.

Fashionable images for a cold summer


Park, Mr & Mrs Italy; fur jacket, Gucci

With the current weather conditions phrase "summer coat" it does not sound so strange. If fur jacket seems too extreme idea, then, instead of jackets or bomber, you can throw a fur scarf or tippet.

Cloak of

Raincoat, Artem Krivda

Oversized capes worn over suits, cocktail dresses, or instead of them. The latter option was particularly popular this spring among fashion editors. Cloak worn over his naked body with heels. However, the combination of bright trench with contrasting turtleneck and trousers pipes is no less impressive.