Post-apocalyptic space travel

• Apocalyptic space travel

Most people already in my life to make a lot of travel: each holiday spent on the shores of the new sea, or in the study of another European country, filleth experienced and seasoned travelers.

Post-apocalyptic space travel

At the forefront of beginning to enter a whole new direction, and even the laziest tourists want to see and try something new.

Lately, especially popular start to use all the gods forgotten places entourage which resembles a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie. Perhaps the matter is that the DC voltage in the foreign environment - whether people are getting ready for a new, full of dangers and inconveniences of life? We did some research and put together five of the most popular post-apocalyptic and unusually beautiful places for tourism, which are able to impress the most seasoned traveler - and certainly will remain forever in the memory of any traveler.

Emerald Island Montserrat


Local Soufriere volcano woke up in 1995 - and buried their eruption two thirds of this tiny island. Advance warning people managed to escape, and then began to organize tours of the affected area. Gingerbread Hill, located on the northern coast, is the main attraction of the island: there are good views and the capital, and the local airport is destroyed.

Post-apocalyptic space travel

White Sands

New Mexico

White Sands is the world's largest gypsum desert. These five hundred square kilometers of dazzling white space look as if you were in Antarctica - only a hot merciless sun. It is here carried out the first tests of US nuclear bombs, but now the area is already fully reactivated. However, here there will be quite difficult: the park is open only twice a year - on the first Saturday of April and in the first - in October.

Post-apocalyptic space travel



In this small, forgotten by all the gods place, fell, according to some scientists, the same meteorite that put an end to the era of dinosaurs. Half of the remainder after the crater is at the moment under the water, the other readily available to researchers. Locals offer fascinating excursions on both sides of the crater - what could be more epic than a touch of the history of our planet!

Post-apocalyptic space travel

Wrangel Island


Wrangel Island has an interesting history. This is one of the few areas of land that escaped glaciation in the last Ice Age. Scientists believe that it is here in the Arctic tundra, wandered through the world last mammoths. Today tourists go here for an unforgettable experience. Here there are still animals, which can be called a true relic of a bygone era - the musk ox, the Pacific walrus, polar owl and a fairly large population of polar bears.

Post-apocalyptic space travel

Erta Ale


This is the worst possible place for human existence on this planet. When the sun goes down, the smoke is beginning to emerge from cracks under your feet, and an eerie, blood-red glow emanates from the lava lakes, of which there are as many as five pieces. The air temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius: go here can venture to only the most courageous traveler.

Post-apocalyptic space travel

Namib Desert


Here, starring the main scene of the recent hit "Mad Max: Road Fury". Ocean once covered the now arid, unforgiving landscape of the desert in the south-west Africa. Sand, dunes and cliffs - the perfect setting for any movie postapokaliptichnogo. Therefore, here, and drains a lot of tourists who want to personally touch the history. Despite the gloomy atmosphere, here prefer to train sendbordery for which the highest dunes - sweet home.