What is the spinners and who invented them

Spinner - this toy anti-stress, which in the spring of this year filled the streets, social networks and online stores. When the author of this text was in a taxi with a driver who held in one hand and steering wheel, and the other - the spinner, we decided to find out, when there was this toy, who invented it really is and what they are.

What is the spinners and who invented them

Classic spinner - a unit of three rings and a bearing that allows the device to easily rotate around its axis. The user holds the finger inside of the toys and spins the outer. Spinners are made from brass, stainless steel, titanium, copper or plastic. Most of them can rotate without stopping a minute or two.

When there was a modern spinner

What is the spinners and who invented them

Many media have named the author of the spinner 65-year-old graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, engineer-programmer Catherine Hettinger. Daughter Hettinger suffering from myasthenia Erb-Goldflama - autooimmunnogo disease that causes pathological muscular fatigue syndrome. Katherine could not play with my daughter, so she has collected for toys from scrap materials: paper and sticky tape. This happened in the 1990s.

What is the spinners and who invented them

May 28, 1993 Hettinger has filed a patent for a circular device from a single piece of plastic, which can be rotated on the tip of the finger, and sent the prototype toy manufacturers, but they refused. In 1997 the inventor received a patent and began manufacturing toys on their own, and then sell them at craft fairs. In 2005, the term of the patent expired and renew it Hettinger did not: a woman did not have the extra $ 400. She has no opinion on whether the patent in 1993 spread to the modern spinners, and the question she answers: "You'd better talk to a patent attorney. I'm too far from it. " At the same time Hettinger launched on Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of classic toys, as it was conceived more than 20 years ago.

What is the spinners and who invented them

In the late 2016 - early 2017 spinners found insane popularity - first in the West and later in Russia. In the US, it is now the most popular toy and an application that simulates the rotation of the spinner, took first place in the US App Store top.

What is the spinners and who invented them

may spinners trend associated with the popularity of the production of anti-stress campaign dice Fidget Cube, which last year launched on Kickstarter. This is another simple gadget, which can take a restless hands pushing a button on it, turn the handle and wheels.

What is the spinners and who invented them

spinner advertise now as a means of helping people who are experiencing anxiety or trouble concentrating. It is said that he develops fine motor skills and relieves nervousness or stress. Some experts believe that it really help in these cases, while others believe that the toy is more distracting than helpful to concentrate. Because of this, several US states banned the use of spinners, even in schools.


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In any case, even skeptics admit that once picking up a spinner, it is hard to tear myself away from it.

What is the spinners and who invented them

12 June with spinner appeared in public 11-year-old son of the president of the United States Barron Trump.

What is the spinners and who invented them

June 16 released his version of the spinner reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Golden toy depicts a dollar sign, and it says "Daddy": June 18 in the United States celebrated Father's Day. The toy costs $ 15 (about 875 rubles).

Tricks with spinner


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In the spinner only one function - so to diversify its use, some cool toy in the nose or other body parts.

While advanced users learn more difficult tricks with the spinner.

Strange spinners

What is the spinners and who invented them

Classic spinners may consist of different materials, but they look more or less the same. On Kickstarter kraudfandingovom web site has a lot of ideas how to diversify the toy: there are spinners with flashlights, key holders, LED, spinner type "Swiss army knife", and even spinner, combined with a cover from a smartphone.

In Novosibirsk region the authors of the blog "Garage 54" made "spinner" of the three front-VAZ-2109, Brew front of the machine. "Crazy rotation" as to the spinner, bloggers have failed, but go directly to the three cars they had.

The creator of the video blog manicure Natasha Lee recorded a video with a tiny homemade fidzhet-spinner attached to the nail.

Do-spinners of cookies (if everything is prepared properly, it's really cool!) Pic.twitter.com/NwLvsrqbxm

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Spinner can be baked, and it will even spin (though there is such a device then sorry).

Perhaps the most original way to use a spinner - make him a target for a rotating stand. The author of this video card installed on the toy and shot at it from the side, with the narrow side.

If you do not have a spinner, twist it can Ffffidget on the site in the browser. A smartphone has a free app Fidget Spinner.