Rating the most dangerous food world

The following list includes the most dangerous food in the world. However, the correct advice for its preparation can help avoid tragedy and turn the food out of a potential killer in the delicacies that will amaze you with its unusual taste.

1. puffer fish (Japan)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Fish puffer rightly bears the title of one of the most dangerous delights of the world, although it is considered the national dish of Japanese cuisine.

Nobody will give 100 percent guarantee that you can survive after such a dinner. It is very important to a chef who prepares fugu, was a true proven professional.

puffer fish can be eaten:

The fried, boiled, cheese (sashimi). Also spread the use of fugue with rice vodka, as well as miso, a product of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Rating the most dangerous food world

It is forbidden to:

Eat liver and other internal organs of the puffer fish, as they contain a lethal dose of tetrodotoxin. This poison paralyzes the human muscles and leads to respiratory arrest.


In the period between 1996 and 2006. 44 deaths after eating puffer fish were recorded.

2. The African burrowing frog or bullfrog (Namibia)

Rating the most dangerous food world

In a number of African countries, including Namibia, burrowing frog is eaten whole, not just its paws. In this lies the main danger.

Eat a frog before the start of the breeding season is to risk their health.


There is a frog in its entirety. It contains a number of dangerous toxins that can kill humans.


Juveniles who have not yet begun to multiply, the most deadly. Their use in food may cause human death from renal failure.

3. Aki (Jamaica)

Rating the most dangerous food world

or Aki Bligh tasty -tree, widespread in the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica.

Hazards include unripe fruits Aki and black seeds contained inside.

It can be eaten:

Only ripe fruit without seeds.


Eat unripe fruit. They contain gipoglitsin toxin A and B. Once in the human body, this substance turns into a deadly poison that causes so-called Jamaican emetic disease.

Rating the most dangerous food world

There are cases when the disease leads to severe dehydration and even death.


In 2011, 35 cases of poisoning with this exotic fruit has been fixed.

About 1 in 1,000 people trying aki, putting your body in danger of being poisoned.

4. sannakji (Korea)

Rating the most dangerous food world

sannakji is a traditional Korean dish. A live octopus splash of sesame oil and then sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Since the octopus is served on the table alive, he's still squirming on the plate and stir the tentacles. The small suction cups on the tentacles of clinging to the person's mouth for all that they can, and so can lead to death by asphyxiation.

The most important rule when eating this dish is its thorough chewing.

Statistics: annually about 6 people dying from asphyxiation as a result of this unfortunate dinner.

5. Blood clams (China)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Bloody shellfish are very popular dish in Asia, particularly China. The name they received because of the bright red color.

This color is due to presence of a large amount of hemoglobin inside. Shellfish boiled or steamed.

The danger of their use lies in the fact that these shellfish contain a variety of viruses and bacteria.

Hepatitis A and E, typhoid fever, dysentery-here is only a partial list of diseases, which is fraught with eating contaminated shellfish.

Rating the most dangerous food world

It is because of the risk of a number of diseases in many countries banned the import of such product.


In 1988 contaminated shellfish have been infected about 300 thousand people. In Shanghai, began a real epidemic of hepatitis A.

As a result of the outbreak 31 people died.

About 15 percent of those who use blood shellfish for food, infect themselves with one of the above diseases.

6. hákarl (Iceland)

Rating the most dangerous food world

hákarl - the national dish, very popular in Iceland. This jerky Greenland Shark in demand both among themselves Icelanders, and among the many tourists.

In its raw form it is very dangerous. The thing is that the meat of polar shark contains a large amount of urea, which makes it toxic.

There are no sharks kidney and urethra, it is for this reason that toxic substances are released into the skin.

To avoid poisoning, the shark carcass is cut into pieces and vyalyat for 6 months. Pre carcasses are placed in special containers with holes, in which flow poisonous juices.

7. Kasu Marci (Italy)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Kasu Marci -type produced cheese in Italy (Sardinia Region).

Known fact that it contained live larvae of the cheese fly, causing fermentation product. This rotten cheese is not in vain considered to be "the most dangerous" in the world. Larvae can pass through the intestinal wall, thereby causing a number of serious diseases.

8. Medusa Nomura (Japan)

Rating the most dangerous food world

All toxic substances must be removed. The glands of the jellyfish contains a real poison that can kill a person.

However, properly processed and cooked jellyfish does not pose any danger.

Japanese serves jellyfish as a valuable delicacy.

9. Pangium edible (Southeast Asia)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Pangium edible fruit is also known as "sickening".

It contains high amounts of cyanide, due to what is deadly dangerous to humans.

The fruit can be consumed only after thoroughly cleaned from the skin and treated.

10. Fesikh (Egypt)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Fesikh can be enjoyed at the spring festival in Egypt (Sham el Nessin).

Fish dried in the sun and kept in salt for a year, after which it is ready for use.

But this does not guarantee that you will stay alive after its taste.

Every year, dozens of Egyptians come to the hospital with severe poisoning. For example, in 2015, 6 people were hospitalized with severe poisoning after eating this fish.

Statistics for 2009-2010 even more sad: it is known at least four cases of poisoning have been fatal.

11. Cassava or cassava (South America)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Cassava is eaten boiled, fried, steamed or grilled form.

The uncooked cassava contains high concentrations of linamarin, which turns into cyanide, can kill. Regularly recorded deaths after eating this plant.

So, in 2005, 27 Filipino schoolchildren died after a snack, which includes this product.

12. Monkey brains (Asia)

Rating the most dangerous food world

Monkey brains eaten, mainly in Asia. Such delicacy is very popular among tourists.

They may be used in cheese, baked and boiled.

However, it should be wary of this dish. After all, it can cause serious illness, so-called Creutzfeldt-Jacobi, strikes the cerebral cortex.

This disease can lead to death of the infected person.

13. Absinthe (Europe)

Rating the most dangerous food world

As a rule, liquid dangerous food.

Absinthe, which is prepared from the juice of sweet fennel and anise contain toxic thujone.

By and large, thujone is a natural hallucinogenic and psychoactive drugs. In the case of addiction, it leads to mental disorders, tuberculosis and even epilepsy.

We are dependent on this substance and suicidal tendencies can be observed.

14. Sambucus (worldwide)

Rating the most dangerous food world

The berries should be eaten matured, carefully prepared, stoned, twigs and leaves.

It is in these parts of the berry contains a dangerous substance for human -tsianid.

Surely, everyone knows that this substance can be considered severe poison to the human body.

Failure berries processing rules may lead to attacks of diarrhea, as well as the appearance of other more serious diseases.

15. The raw cashew nuts

Rating the most dangerous food world

Remember: never eat cashew nuts in raw form! There can only be roasted. As a rule, the "raw" nuts, which we see in the supermarket has already passed a steam treatment to rid the product of chemical pollutants.

The raw cashews contain urushiol, a toxic substance that can kill a person. There are cases when this substance caused the poisoning death of a person.

16. The leaves of rhubarb (worldwide)

Rating the most dangerous food world

At the root of rhubarb contain oxalic acid, which negatively affects our kidneys.

Symptoms of poisoning include:

nausea, respiratory problems, diarrhea, pain in the eyes, burning sensation in the mouth and throat, red urine.

There are several cases where the poisoning rhubarb led to death.

17. The carambola (worldwide)

Rating the most dangerous food world

If you have problems with kidney function, it is only 100 grams juice of this fruit can be a real poison.

The toxins contained in the fruit, can adversely affect the brain and the entire nervous system.

For those who have kidneys are working normally and filter harmful substances (neurotoxins), this fruit is not dangerous, it can be safely eaten.