Maternity Lessons from the Russian women

Maternity Lessons from the Russian women

Borsch, grandmother, hat and other know-how of motherhood, we can be proud

Russian women often look with admiration to the West, where the French children do not spit eating, British with four years in school, and Japanese almost from birth versed in music and literature. However, European and American mothers, too, have much to learn from us.

To such conclusion the American Tanya Meyer - author of "Shapka. Babushka. Kefir. How to raise children in Russia. " A graduate of American University and an investment banker Tanya Meyer once left New York for Moscow and for several years lived in Russia. His first son she bore in Moscow, and all the knowledge about motherhood received from Russian friends. And when later on Tania moved to London and then to Vienna, then suddenly I realized that women in Europe in the first place, doing a great deal quite differently, and secondly, they have much to learn from Russian mothers. Two younger children Tanya Maier deliberately brought up in Russian and at the request of Forbes Woman has formulated 10 key lessons Russian mothers who may, and will not be for us to be honest with you, but just give a reason for pride.

Before you 10 rules Tanya Meyer that she learned in Moscow:

1. Enjoying pregnancy

Russian mom can not afford to strongly grow fat during pregnancy. In London, I, pregnant never weighed, and in Moscow for me is strictly monitored at the antenatal clinic and was not allowed to gain extra weight. For my Russian friends pregnancy - this is not an excuse to eat everything in sight. If you look at some of the stars of Russian Instagram motherhood, they are difficult to distinguish from supermodels. It delights! Modern Russian mothers prepare for childbirth as a test, and there is a feeling that all they learn from one five. They read a lot, go for the courses, and to the choice of the hospital fit with the seriousness with which we in the United States choose a house. Few people in Russia choose cesarean delivery. Natural childbirth for Russian women is not a feat, but the norm.

2. Correct the first year of life

Among the Russian mothers, whether living in Russia or abroad, there is a common understanding of how to look the first year of a child's life. A child needs a lot of "walk" and all his naps spend outdoors, regardless of weather. 3-4 hours per day of fresh air - it's not heroism is the norm. And walk not only mother, other family members may also come up with a sidecar. No one in the West does not give their kids an amount of fresh air, you - well done!

Many teach a child to the pot very early among my friends the Russians. With the second child, I tried to do otherwise - and I know whereof I speak. You have no idea how to make our life the life of the early planting.

The first baby products - high-quality cereals, vegetable purees, fruit puree, then cheese. The child should eat the best, "he's a child!". Russian mom understand that healthy eating begins with the family. Therefore, they even make homemade yogurt, and some do not give children chocolate.

= 3. Happy mother happy family

In the west, mothers are divided into two categories - SAHM (Housewives) and WOHM (working mothers). Both categories of victims feel motherhood. Russian mom somehow and stay at home with children and work, and still find time for hobbies or hiking with friends in a cafe or a manicure. Society in Russia does not think that becoming a mother is to forget about his "I". And this is very important! Everyone is thinking about how to combine a number of cases, and do not go crazy. And come to that, if the mother will take care first of all about himself and quietly accept help, it will succeed.

4. - We are what we eat

Russian food is invented so as to help to survive the winter. Food made from natural products, home cooked with love, helps to create the habit of healthy nutritious food for life. Therefore, one of the basic rules of Russian mothers - the child should eat homemade food from good ingredients. Semi-finished products or food from a restaurant may from time to time, but not every day.

For Americans, it is a revolutionary idea. Especially the culture soups, and so many of them: chicken, soup, pea, vegetable. Soup - a unique food for superheroes, it has everything! My American-Austrian children up to the soups, they even learned to eat soup, but simply call it "pink soup."

In the west, "baby foods" - is mostly chicken nuggets and fries. Nothing healthy.

5. There is nothing better than a summer cottage grandmother

The tradition of sending their children to the grandmother to the country for the summer, or at least a portion of the summer - in this for us Americans, there is something fabulous. Russian mom told me that their best memories of childhood were just about the time spent at the cottage with my grandmother. grandmothers help in raising their grandchildren, not only creates a close relationship with their grandchildren, but also gives mothers the opportunity to work and to free themselves from the children, at least temporarily. To play with friends, spend whole days on the street with minimal adult watching - it's what every child dreams of. Earlier in Russia believed that the summer - time to accumulate the strength to survive the winter, and I think that's true.

6. Travel

Hibernate. This word I first heard when one mother asked how to explain to her daughter that next year it will not be able to spend the winter in Thailand on the beach, because she would have to go to the first class.

Moscow mothers of the middle class is not afraid to take the children and fly to the edge of the world. They are not afraid of adventure. Each Russian mom has an encyclopedic knowledge of medicines and traveling with children and a first aid kit the size of a suitcase anywhere.

Not a single American would never have occurred to rent an apartment for rent and fly to winter in warmer climes. And in vain!

7. Only the mother knows what is good for her child

Do not want to give a child in kindergarten, do not give. Do not like the public schools - can be given to a private or switch to home schooling. There are no rules for how it should look. Every mom finally do so, as it sees fit.

In Europe, the state plays too large a role in the child's life, so parents gently freed himself from the responsibilities towards children. They send their children to public gardens from an early age without even asking, someone from this well - the child or the state?

Russian mothers are different, great country and millions of situations. Russian mom think ask, discuss, read and think again before you make a decision about the fate of the child. But in the end every Russian mother firmly believes that it is her way - the right. And that is great.

8. Try everything until the child will find something to their liking

Russian mothers differ in that they are willing to try anything that is interesting to the child - and not to the child and then went to Harvard, and that he has found something of their own, that he will love and that he good at it.

If Russian mom gets down to business, it's not just so, and seriously. Russian people in general are very, very much read. Children you are playing chess (voluntarily!). Many are engaged in several languages, just 'for fun'. There are architectural studies and various clubs for pre-school children. Moms drive even the youngest children to the theater, museums, familiar with the culture and with the world around.

In the west, we are always busy. We want to see more children have grown up. We drive them to school from 4 years old. And Russian children have the opportunity to stay longer children.

9. Being a mom - does not mean not to be attractive.

Beauty - a terrible struggle. You are fighting for your figure after childbirth, after the sleepless nights after the wrinkles and slow the metabolism. But Russian mother did not give up. They are fighting for their beauty, because being a mother in Russia - it does not mean to stop to dress up and look after themselves. It seems to me, on the contrary - when children are born, Russian Mom even more trying to prove to everyone that they can all: children and educate and look after yourself.

In Austria, the mother puts on the playground as if was going to hike to the Everest. Clothing, which is less noticeable dirt, big shoes, all wide, large (as if made for men). It feels that becoming a mother, this woman is no longer a woman. Russian women, on the contrary, with the advent of the baby bloom, try to look even better and highlight your sexy, attractive. The most common Russian mothers day look better than an American Friday night, going to a party.

For such a phenomenon, there are, of course, a number of factors. As I explained a Moscow mother: "In Russia, for every man has to at least three women. Why give him a reason to look around? ".

10. Love is not a lot of

Love, love, love. Russian mothers love their children. And consider this the most important thing in education. This is the main lesson of Russian mothers - to be able to love with an open heart, the love that warms not only the children but the whole family. Children need to feel that they are loved and are not afraid to say it once again. Extra "I love you" Mom does not happen!