The child is afraid of the teacher: how to help

• The child is afraid of the teacher: how to help the

There comes a time when the little man has a little of mom's need-to-peer communication guys. Sadiq - the institution is required to present or was present in the life of any person.

The child is afraid of the teacher: how to help

It is extremely rare adaptation period passes with ease. Most often, the baby suffers hard separation from her mother. Therefore, time and patience - the best assistant to help cope with the situation. Gradually, the child will get used to the garden, but it will take time someone enough weeks to get used to a new team, unfamiliar place and unfamiliar rules, and someone and a year can not get used. Every child - a personality with its own special inner world, emotions, feelings, sensations. Often the period of adaptation is accompanied by frequent illnesses, failure to attend kindergarten, and various fears. One of the most common fears - fears toddler educator.

If, going in the morning in kindergarten, your child constantly crying and accompanies all the stories that he is very afraid of the teacher, not to shrug off its problems. Never leave crumbs alone with his fears and worries, all problems are resolved together!

The child is afraid of the teacher: how to help

How to find out what happens in the kindergarten between the teacher and the children?

First talk to the kid and find out whether he has some other fears, and experiences related to the garden. If a child is afraid of something else, it is possible that the problem is not just in the relationship with the teacher, but there is so addictive.

The child is afraid of the teacher: how to help

If the situation is so that the child is loyal to all the changes in his life, and fears associated only with a tutor it is necessary to more thoroughly understand the situation. A few guidelines and tips that can be useful:

- Talk every day with the baby, in a confidential conversation pipsqueak could tell that he was alarmed and worried;

- on the way home from the kindergarten will question, how was your day than a child engaged in what he said and how to behave teacher;

- discuss the problem with the teacher;

- Talk to the parents of other children in your group, find out how to behave in their kids;

- approach the problem creatively (let the child draw a picture, which will transfer their emotions; analyzing the result, first of all pay attention to the selected color pencils / markers / paints);

- home play in kindergarten, the teacher role entrust crumbs, and the pupils will play the parents, brothers, sisters, favorite toys and even pets (this method will allow the child to display the action of the teacher in reality).

The child is afraid of the teacher: how to help

Methods in kindergarten solving a problem situation

It was possible to determine the cause of the fear of the baby - respectively, a problem half solved. Now you need to find options as to save the child from the experience and excitement.

It is necessary to conduct daily conversation, in a gentle manner emphasizing the importance and significance of the teacher in the life and development of the crumbs. You also need to give examples from their own childhood (it is better to do it in the form of exciting and funny stories). If the problem is the teacher, be sure to talk and try to reach a consensus. Too difficult situations when the teacher refuses to go on contact and does not want to change their behavior or attitudes towards children, it is necessary to ask for help to the head of DOP. Do not exclude translation kid to a different group or a different kindergarten. After all, the most important and significant moment - a psycho-emotional condition of the child, his calm, smile and good mood!