As a beach holiday effect on the child's body

• As a beach holiday effect on the child's body

It is summer - the period of warm holidays when everyone wants to spend at least a week by the sea. Why people are so fond of the sea? The sea can soothe and heal, it heals wounds, gives strength for new victories and achievements, helps to cope with any problems and make important decisions.

As a beach holiday effect on the child's body

But you - a couple with a small child. When children go to kindergarten or school, that is somehow easier to dare and go on a trip with your child. But when you're holding the baby, then hundreds of doubt appears in the necessity and importance of such a holiday.

As a beach holiday effect on the child's body

Let us see whether it is necessary to go to the sea with a small child and what is the effectiveness of such a holiday?

Holidays at the seaside - a rather important step that requires deliberation. While there may be easier to think less, but simply collect the bag and go to the sea? Attune themselves to positive, on a great vacation on an unforgettable experience at the unique children's emotions and get pleasure from life. It is no wonder they say that all thoughts are material and if you think about the good, then all must and will happen. Therefore, a seaside holiday with small children should always be in your life.

The impact of the sea on the physical health and psycho-emotional state of the baby

Why do we seek to sea? Because there are many warm sun and incredibly beautiful sea.

As a beach holiday effect on the child's body

The Kid and the warm rays of the sun

Solar or better said ultraviolet rays have a beneficial effect on the human body. Due to their increased production of vitamin D, which in turn contributes to a better perception of calcium and phosphorus. In the case of a lack of trace elements data can deform the skeleton, leading to rickets children. Also, according to medical reports, vitamin D inhibits the possibility of the emergence and growth of cancer cells.

As a beach holiday effect on the child's body


Seawater and child

There is a separate branch of science, which is called thalassotherapy. The main function - identification of medicinal properties of sea water. Scientific evidence shows that beach vacation, a beneficial effect on the human body. And if the body is not yet fully formed, then it is doubly need such therapy.

Sea water promotes rapid healing of wounds, and any damage of the skin, prevents the occurrence of diseases of the respiratory system, normalizes the endocrine and nervous systems, stabilize hormones in the child, is considered excellent preventive method in the fight against allergies and seasonal colds diseases. We should not underestimate the importance of the sea air. For example, if there is no opportunity to go on vacation in the summer, the sea is waiting for you at any time of the year. Regardless of the weather and the season, the sea air can do wonders, beneficial effect on the nervous, endocrine, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems. Especially important in this air breathing baby, who often suffer from SARS, bronchitis, asthma, and so on. d.

As a beach holiday effect on the child's body

Life in the metropolis does not bring any benefit to man. Children breathe polluted air and walk on platforms including exhaust gas, of course, it is vital to the fresh and clean sea breeze. Even the youngest children need to take out to the sea and to dip into the cool waters.

Of course, it is important to know when to stop around, and do not overdo it. The sun's rays are helpful, but be careful that the baby does not overheat. Rest should be in the shade, on the head of the baby is required to present a headdress made of fine natural materials. Dipping in water should be gradually and briefly, since the temperature of water is lower by several times than the human body temperature.