The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

, summed up the results of the 70th Cannes International Film Festival, and we have a selection of brilliant new film.

For the main competition program of selected paintings of directors, on which we always look forward to something special, among them Todd Haynes, Michael Haneke, Andrey Zvyagintsev and Sofia Coppola. And expectations were met. Among the many decent job offer to stop his attention to this multi-genre collection.

You have never been here / You Were Never Really Here

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

This year, Lynne Ramsey conceded Palme Ruben Östlund, who won at the festival with the film "Square" (The Square). But she got the prize for best screenplay (also the prize for Best Screenplay Yorgos Lanthimos has received the painting "The killing of the sacred deer").

Joaquin Phoenix won best actor for his role as a former military man who was hired to rescue from the sex trade in the daughter of an influential politician. The hero, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, is trying to save the girl, but his plan does not work. In this film the best aesthetics converged arthouse cinema and genre narrative.

Family History Mayrovits / The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

Harold Mayrovits (Dustin Hoffman) was not a better father. His children - among them Danny (Adam Sandler) and Matthew (Ben Stiller) - plenty of complaints about grumpy old man. Harold - not famed sculptor, which is always more concerned with his creative legacy than the life of his children. But on the occasion of his exhibition brings together all the numerous relatives together with their problems. The film is competing for the Palme d'Or and was left without attention of the jury, but this funny comedy-drama is definitely worth a look. Hoffman played here his best role in the last decade.

Ava / Ava

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

Thirteen Ava enjoying summer and relaxing by the sea. Having learned from the doctor that lose sight sooner than expected (and very soon), it uniquely responds to the problem. Her rebellious antics are becoming more daring and Ava even steals a black dog, which turned out to belong to a troubled guy.

Lea Misius for his directorial debut, as shown in "Week of criticism", awarded drama Authors and Composers Society (SACD).

A young woman / Jeune femme

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

The debut film Leonor Serai about a girl named Paula (Laetitia Dosch), who returns to Paris after ten years spent in Mexico. With the cat in her arms, a broken heart and empty pockets she has to start life anew.

The film is shown in the "Un Certain Regard" and was awarded the prize "Golden Camera" for the best debut.

Daughters Abril / Las hijas de Abril

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

The film of the Mexican director Michel Franco screwed on the story of a mother and her two daughters. 17-year-old Valeria pregnant and hiding it from Abril mother. But her sister Clara and give the game away Abril by Emma Suárez decides to intervene. Her actions are less and less understandable, and threaten to divide the family completely. This psychological drama won the jury prize in the "Un Certain Regard".

Okcha / Okja

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

Mon Jun-ho took a spectacular film, to be among the contenders for the main prize. From Cannes, South Korean director had gone without a premium, but critics embraced painting favorably.

The film tells about a girl who left the native mountains and embarks on a journey across continents to rescue his missing monster. Big world is very absurd, obsessive advertising and genetic food.

The film starring Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano.

Good times / Good Time

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

Robert Pattinson starred in a new movie Safdie brothers "good time." The picture was nominated for the main award at the Cannes Film Festival, but the prize is not awarded. However, it is extremely powerful crime drama. Pattinson plays a bank robber, striving to help his brother is not quite healthy, which is arrested by the police; money from the bank defaced with paint, and the pursuit follows on the heels.

The killing of the sacred deer / The Killing of a Sacred Deer

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

The film Yorgos Lanthimos cruel, his characters often act strangely, and the story may seem wild. In "Murder sacred deer" Dr. Stephen Murphy (Colin Farrell) is forced to admit past errors and make amends. Nicole Kidman, who played the role of the doctor's wife, received a special prize this year for the 70th anniversary of the festival. Her performance is unforgettable.


The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

The film directed by Andrei Zvyagintsev this year awarded the prize jury. Recall that in 2014 he, together with Oleg Negin he received the Cannes award for best screenplay for the film "Leviathan".

"Dislike" - the story of a married couple, who have long been each other can not stand, both brought the relationship on the side and had completely forgotten about his 12-year-old son. After another family quarrel boy leaves home. But his parents are so narcissistic and self-centered, that the boy even look for no one. Wild, devastatingly beautiful, sad, amazing and horrifying tape.

Fatal Temptation / The Beguiled

The results of the Cannes Film Festival 2017

Sofia Coppola took off this dramatic western based on the novel by Thomas Cullinan "Painted Devil" ( "A Painted Devil") and has won the best director award.