Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Now the local government in Moscow is almost absent. Seats in the Council, doctors and teachers, bored at meetings and voting as they are told from above.

After including the lack of local self-government allows the mayor's office to make the absurd urban errors that would never have materialized, either in Moscow adequate deputies, the ability to analyze and inform the public about the problems at the planning stage, to organize a protest.

But the local government in the capital there, so take a look at the 10 largest urban city errors lately:

Moscow City

Initially, the story is not bad - the card of the new Moscow! Skyscrapers at one point, beautiful views, and why not? But with the realization that something had gone wrong. Despite the fact that the project is more than 20 years, has not yet been solved transportation problems. All who have to come back, it knows. In such cases, it would be logical to think first about the transport infrastructure, and only then to sculpt Moscow Manhattan, but we are not looking for easy ways. Initially, we are building a house, then the road.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

In addition the question arises: why all this? That is why Hong Kong is growing up, everyone understands. Why growing New York, and more specifically lower Manhattan, it is also clear. This natural growth that is physically not enough space, and you have to climb higher and higher, so that all could fit. Moscow-City is still standing, surrounded by huge industrial areas and wastelands! It would seem that it would be easier to smear the high-rise on middle-rise houses in any area, or insert skyscrapers dot in the existing building than to drag a bunch of people on the small patch of land.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Another problem - the extinction of the place at night, when all the clerks are leaving, and "Afimall" closed. There are no elementary points of attraction. And residents who have enlivened the streets (of which there is also no). Today Moscow City - the place is extremely unpleasant to be in this area can only be on business.

Modern cheloveinik

While the civilized world realized that there is no happiness in the neighborhoods, we continue to go its own way. Meet the new districts of Moscow! Start with the same Nekrasovka!

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

In almost all new areas of bad everything: a huge house with cells and impaired social relationships, disregard the principle of human-sized building, no yards, transport problems and a hell of commuting, the highway instead of streets, the extinction of the territory during the day due to lack of workers places, shopping malls instead of the street variety, and so on.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Always surprised "competitive" advantage of such houses within walking distance of the subway of advertising brochures - what's the point if in the morning you can wait for the elevator for 10 minutes?

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

So far, all these areas - a ticking time bomb. Very soon people will change representation about a comfortable accommodation, will be a demand for a different quality of the urban environment, and apartments in the ant will depreciate. Then everything as it was in the US and Europe: an educated population will be provided immediately to move, their places will be taken migrants, poor people. Such areas will be demolished more in our lifetime, you'll see.

It is worth noting that in recent years the city did not agree upon a massive construction projects micro-districts, plus new housing complexes often have pedestrian courtyards and shops on the first floor from the street. But this does not remove the question of the relevance of the resuscitation already constructed mistakes.


ABOUT! When you say that the third transport must be demolished, the people turns to his temple and wants to give you in the forehead! Yes, dear readers, the TTC was a mistake! It is good that Luzhkov did not have time to build a fourth ring. There is such a thing as a "second loop road" - is a network of high-speed roads that pass outside the city streets. That is for the people of the street, cyclists, public transport, housing, shops, schools and other things, and the road - only for cars. Such urban roads is conducted through industrial area, in an alignment rail and the other where they intersect and residents outdoor activity. In Russia, such a way is the Western High Speed ​​Diameter in St. Petersburg.

In Moscow, spit on the people and all the others, turning the streets into monsters. Street was full - was burnt place:

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Such laying roads through the streets doing bad to everyone, even motorists:

  • bessvetofornoe streets torn areas and cause hellish reruns;
  • Secondary streets are blocking the main course, because they abut at 90 degrees due to the existing building;
  • bessvetofornoe streets clog the rest of the street, because the traffic is not metered traffic lights - get a huge blind plug instead of heavy traffic from the traffic light to traffic light;
  • The streets are not adapted for safe high-speed driving, even if the scatter of asphalt, so in principle they are dangerous for drivers.
Moscow town-planning mistakes lately Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

the case of the third ring the entire northern part of the line must either bury or divert for other trace where the road will not break areas and disturb the residents, and the machine will be able to drive safely. And, of course, the ring must be paid during the day, or to get rid of traffic jams do not.

vyletnyh line

The list of problems from bessvetofornoe vyletnyh highways similar to TTC. Only the effect is even worse, and the last renovation aggravated the situation in the entire city.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

It was

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately


It's simple: we have a city with streets that does not digest right now n cars per hour. Widening of streets and other favorite techniques cushion transporters do not work and do not solve the problem. What to do? Zavedom in the city even more cars! Local network could not cope with the 5000 machine? But now it is 5600 cars!

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

The projects of reconstruction of highways so senseless and harmful to transport, which in some cases after the date of the next overpass had to immediately put traffic lights (hello Yaroslavl and Mozhayke), otherwise appear bottleneck, and all rising stake. But in Moscow, the longest and pointless flyover in Europe.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Every time you are standing in a traffic jam somewhere on the Garden Ring, remember the building complex of the city, which is due to the elimination of streets, traffic lights and intersections in the city started the cars even more from the suburbs.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

I am sure that in 10 years of transport in Moscow still will engage transporters, not the builders, and all the new-fangled flyovers and tunnels on highways vyletnyh be blown or turned into parks. You'd be surprised, but the city from this will go better.

Current projects on the streets and junctions of chords

Why so much emphasis on different roads? Because each of these projects - a single scar on the face of the city and pouring money into the concrete. In the case of chords Halabyan-Baltic tunnels and other kilometers of new roads comes the rescue of drowning with the help of arson of a life buoy in the sea of ​​gasoline.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

How to justify the construction of some interchanges or chord? Usually say something in the style of "you immediately plug of 500 vehicles per hour, so we will do a flyover, and 500 will go to the car immediately." But everyone forgets to specify that after the construction of interchanges, worsening conditions for residents, pedestrians, cyclists and public transport passengers on this site will not be 500 cars per hour, and 600 or 700. These new machines together join the ranks of Moscow's traffic jams in the multi-billion dollar interchanges. This is called "triggered by the demand", or if it simply, the more roads and parking lots you do - the more cars there. Therefore, the extension of streets, digging underground passages and other bessvetofornoe pieces rescued from street congestion only temporarily, for a year or two.

Shopping Centers

I enjoy going to the shopping malls? It's so handy when all stores in one place and can be purchased once a month, huh?

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Moscow strongly got ... Remember all the free areas built up shopping centers? We started with the Manege, where there was a terrible TC "Okhotny Ryad", then got down to the forecourt, "European", "Atrium". And the story goes on, only have time to fight back!

From shopping malls to be very careful. Unleash merchants - and the next shopping center built on the Red Square.

With shopping centers, especially in the center, can be a problem. Let's start with the fact that they kill street trading around him and encourage people to travel by private car for every little thing. The second problem - the large shopping centers require infrastructure. Huge parking, entrances and so on. D. The whole area can drastically change after construction. The larger shopping center, the greater the traffic problems it causes and the less effective use urban land. In addition, there is a risk of substitution of urban public spaces, shopping centers.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

The first ever indoor mall - Southdale Mall in Minnesota, 1958

There is a great mystery why the Dutch home everyday fresh bread. The answer is simple: in this country, every day people buy food in the shops on the street on his way to work at home and have fresh food, in contrast to, for example, by the average American.

If we want to complete the lively streets with various shops and cafes within walking distance, not to depend on the car and other valuables comfortable city, we need to develop street vendors rather than concentrating it in a single point on the entire area. Shopping malls in the suburbs, where it is easier with the roads and a lot of land.

Cutters parking

Yes, people still need more parking. And this is a mistake! It would seem that bad to happen if every yard cut of the lawn and sidewalks 10-20 of cars? And then "optimize" in a similar way street?

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

For 17 years, this change resulted in a citywide problem. Seaming in asphalt parking any vacant plot gives a decrease quality of urban environment on the scale of the city.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

First of all, under the distribution fell lawns, and that means less greenery, destruction of the ecological balance, problems with drainage (water is not able to go into the ground through the pavement), inefficient use of land.

There is also a hidden problem. When the mayor's office start to cut a new parking in the yard, it's legalized misled many car owners about some road rights and free parking for everyone. Because of this, today it is difficult to explain to people that their car - it is their responsibility, not the city.


Long, expensive, stupid - something like this can be characterized by the Moscow monorail. Built with Luzhkov, is a miracle on trestles annually slowly vozilo very few people very much in demand corridor.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

In the world of the monorail often built as an attraction or trucks for a small number of passengers, such as airports. In Moscow, everyone thought that this would be an easy subway type Butovskaya line. As a result, the monorail carrying fewer passengers than the tram, and ate each year more than a billion rubles of subsidies from the budget.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Today 10 compositions on the fly only 2, because of which the trains run with a huge interval. Establish a system is meaningless: it means to build from scratch a second monorail with the same design mistakes. Most likely, in the future on the overpass will start up the trams, which are not as "innovative", but know how to drive fast, and carry a lot of people do not stand as a flight to Mars.

A tap tram

The main tram massacre came in the second half of the last century. It's amazing how history is cyclical: if transport did not like the individual, and it was removed from the main streets of Moscow. Today, the trolley does not like a particular ... although it was a little further.

After the collapse of the USSR in Moscow tram already represents not a complete system, and its scraps. In the early 2000's, the good old memory, a Moscow tram decided to more torment: the rails were removed from the treadmill Dvintsev, Leningradsky Prospekt and the metro station "Ulitsa 1905 Goda".

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Running a healthy person Street, 1998

It is in this millennium in Moscow was as much as two independent tram system, because of which broke off routes and had to create just two economic base. Restore a single tram network, it may be possible due to the monorail: we just have to finish the overpass across the Dmitrov highway to the street and let cars Kostina upstairs.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

If you look at the most popular transport corridors of Moscow, especially in the center, once on them certainly went to the tram. I'm sure in 15 years in the city will start the tram renaissance that has been going on for 20 years all over the world - still carrying capacity of buses and trolleybuses is significantly less than that of the trams. So in 2037, Peter Pavlovich annually overlap of 50 streets for laying rails and replacement of electric buses to trams, remember the tweet.

Murder trolley

This story should be familiar to you. Change the electric transport on gasoline in the XXI century was a strange and wrong. Even with the potential electric buses would be more logical to let them on the line instead of buses, not horny.

Moscow town-planning mistakes lately Moscow town-planning mistakes lately

Perhaps someday the battery will be so effective that will weigh 600 kilograms, and electric buses will not be so expensive and difficult to operate. But this is the prospect of 15-25 years. A live and breathe the air we are today, and the town also is deteriorating today.

Potential error

One can only wonder what will come in the head officials of high-flying, but today many fear renovation program five-story building and transport plans Moscomarchitecture: too often have good intentions translate into urban planning mistake.