The history of karate in the USSR

• The history of karate in the USSR

The history of karate in the USSR

In the sixties of the last century in the Soviet Union became popular exotic martial art - karate. These were the times of Khrushchev's "thaw", developed international ties of the USSR, including sports.

Across the country opened section, which taught karate - a Japanese martial art, to conquer the world. The exact number of karate in our country, no one could call, these instructors were few, so a large part of the athletes involved in the semi-underground sections in which both the teachers themselves have a very vague idea of ​​karate.

In November 1978, he was issued an order of the Sports Committee of the USSR "On the development of karate fight in the USSR." A month later it was created Karate Federation of the USSR. She spent the first nationwide certification karate coaches. The most powerful school in the late '70s he worked in Moscow, Leningrad and Tallinn, Chelyabinsk.

The first holder of a black belt in Leningrad became E. Galitsin, who later became a member of the coaching team of the USSR Council of karate. The first championship of the USSR was held February 19, 1980 in Tashkent. But the real boom in karate began after the release of the legendary film "Pirates of the twentieth century."

In this film the actors trained Tadeusz Kasyanov - a legend of the Soviet karate, played the role of the boatswain. And in the role of a pirate Saleh appeared Talgat Nigmatulin, a famous actor, besides - the champion in karate Uzbekistan. That's when the karate section simply could not accept all comers. Perhaps any prestigious university would envy such a competition.

The history of karate in the USSR

According to official figures, in the USSR this kind of martial arts involved several hundred thousand people, according to unofficial - about six million. But it lasted long, already in the early eighties, the authorities began to look at the Karate cautiously, and soon the USSR State Committee has banned this form of martial arts around the country. Moreover, tuition karate could receive a prison sentence plus a substantial fine.

November 10, 1981 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet adopted two decrees: "On administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of karate training" and "On amendments and additions to the Criminal Code of the RSFSR (Article 219." Illegal karate training "). According to the decree, could not even privately to teach karate, say, my friend.

Upon criminal liability for karate training occurred in 1982. There were show trials, in order to show the seriousness of the penalties for karate training. Thus, according to article 219 he had been convicted renowned coach Valery Gusev, who for illegal karate training received 5 years in prison. Another famous coach Alexei Shturmin sentenced to 8 years. He was accused of illegal currency transactions. One year and five months in prison stayed Tadeusz Kasyanov, who played a boatswain in "Pirates of the XX century". What is so delinquent Japanese martial art? There are many versions. For example, one of them, while in Moscow, was beaten in the street nephew of the head of the Moscow city committee of the CPSU Grishina, here he also tried to karate was banned. It was to deny other reasons: the top felt that physically strong young men who own techniques of karate, may join the ranks of criminal organizations.

The history of karate in the USSR

"Outlaw" Karate was to the late eighties. In June 1989, Soviet athletes took part in the European Championship, and the same year the Soviet Association of martial arts was registered in Moscow. Since then, no one in karate did not forbid our country, but also the popularity of what was in the late seventies - early eighties could not be reached anymore.

Andrei Terentyev