The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

In order to get to where they are now, these people really had to succeed against all odds.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

These people were not just poor - they were homeless.

Over time, they have turned their lives 360 degrees and became an example for everyone who dreams of a professional career, despite the fact that you should start from scratch.

Here you will find 15 inspiring stories of people who at some point in their lives had to sleep on the street.

The owner of "Oscar" Halle Berry was left without a roof over their heads, when she was little more than twenty

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

first went to Chicago to become an actress, Berry was left without money. Her mother decided not to send money to her daughter.

At this difficult time for her, the actress was left without a roof over their heads.

In an interview for "Star Pulse" the actress said:

"This experience has taught me to stand up for themselves. I can handle any situation, even if it is necessary to live in cheap shelters and live on the meager resources available. I became a person who knows that he always gets his way. "

Chris Gardner became the prototype for the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" and was homeless with his son, while he studied finance

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

In addition to the movie with Will Smith in the title role, based on his life, Gardner behind the two best-selling book in the rating of "New York Times": the autobiography "The Pursuit of Happyness" and "Start right now: life lessons, how to reach desirable. "

But before he learned the history of the world, Gardner was living on the streets with his young son. While he was trying to build a financial career, despite the lack of any experience or even higher education. He won a seat in financial courses Vitter Dean Reynolds, but his salary was too low to live in dignity and to learn, and, in the end, his wife left him. Today he is also a motivational speaker and executive director of "Gardner Rich LLC", with offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

On its Web site says that his childhood was filled with Gardner's "poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse and illiteracy."

Hilary Swank grew up in a trailer park and a teenager living with her mother in the car.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Before becoming the owner of "Oscar", Swank had time to drop out of school and live life unclaimed distressed actress.

Rebecca Long said in an interview with, that when Hilary was fifteen, she and her mother left home in Bellingham, Washington, and moved to California with 75 dollars and a card for a mobile phone.

Upon arrival, they lived for several weeks in the car.

Fortunately, soon Swank was offered the role of Tina Brandon in the movie "Boys Do not Cry" - a role for which she received 3000 dollars. She subsequently earned Hilary Academy Award for Best Actress.

Co-founder of the largest specialized network of coffee shops of Canada once homeless because of the love of drinking.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

According to John Damon in "The Chronicle Herald", when Frank O'Dia was in my twenties, it is begging and living on the streets.

It was not until as long as he and his partner have not opened "second cup", which today is the largest specialized coffee chain in Canada and has 360 branches.

Now the personal financial adviser Suze Orman about $ 25 million, and in 1973 she was 4 months living in a van.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

According to, when Susan first went to Berkeley, California, Orman could not afford anything more of his van, now it owns real estate in the amount of approximately $ 7 million.

A well-known financial consultant and winner of the "Emmy" award has also published several bestsellers.

The director John Woo militants as a child lived with his family on the street in Hong Kong.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Before Wu came to success as the director of the acclaimed film "Mission Impossible - 2," "Broken Arrow" and "Windtalkers", he along with his family was homeless in Hong Kong.

In 1953, a terrible fire destroyed their house, as well as the house another 50 thousand inhabitants of the neighborhood. Over the next year Wu spent outdoors.

Jim Carrey once lived in a "house on wheels" mark "Volkswagen", and in a tent on the lawn in front of the house of the sisters.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Kerry said that it was during this financially difficult time, he found a sense of humor.

According to Yahoo! comedian dropped out of school and lived in a van brand "Volkswagen" with his family. So they visited many places in Canada. In the end, the family moved to Kerry in a tent on the lawn of his older sister, and a van parked in the driveway at home.

After Jewel was fired, she was homeless for nearly a month and almost died in the parking lot.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Before becoming a multi-platinum singer Jewel, she was on the street, lost his job. In an interview with Adam on Showbizspy the singer said: "I was left without a roof over your head, because my boss refused to pay me if I'll sleep with him.

I was kicked out of the apartment will be billed.

I thought, well, wait a little in the car until they get up on their feet. But I have a bad kidney, and I could not hold on any new work, because I was often ill. I did not have insurance, and I almost died in the parking lot, ambulances, because they did not want to accept me due to lack of insurance.

Almost a month, I was homeless and went back to singing. "

Daniel Craig or "James Bond" one had to sleep on a park bench.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Now his resume a few films that have caused a wide resonance among film critics, but Hollyscoop claims that "007" was sleeping on park benches, being useless actor.

Before becoming "Queen of Jazz" Ella Fitzgerald was related to the crime and was living on the street

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Before Fitzgerald became "perhaps the best jazz singer of all time," she has suffered, first lost her mother and then raped her stepfather - said

For a time she worked for the mafia, until the police sent her to a school for girls.

Fitzgerald ran away from there and was homeless until its debut at the theater "Apollo" in 1934. The voice quickly brought the singer to fame during her career, she won 13 "Grammy" and medals of both presidents - Ronolda Reagan and George Bush.

She died in 1996, and in 2007 its face appeared on US postage stamp

History Michael Oera about homelessness and misery to "The Blind Side" was a revelation to the world.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

In the childhood and early adolescence IER lived on the street, while his mother tronuvshis reason spending time in pubs.

Then he took care of a wealthy family, he played on the football team at the University of Mississippi, and signed a contract with "Baltimore Ravens" team in 2009.

His moving story is reflected in the book by Michael Lewis, "The Blind Side: Evolution of the game", published in 2006, and in the movie "The Blind Side."

Kelly Clarkson lived in the car and in a homeless shelter when her apartment burned down.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

Before win "American Idol" in the TV show, Clarkson had to stay in the car and in a homeless shelter when her Hollywood apartment burned to the ground. All this time, Clarkson went to shower at the sports club.

Carmen Electra was homeless when she was little more than twenty. Ex-boyfriend stole her life savings.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

After her career as one of the dancers Prince ended Electra boyfriend stole all the girls savings. She stayed for several years in Hollywood without a roof over your head.

"I remember, as it was sitting on a park bench. I was crying because it turned out on the rocks. The street was the heat at 40 degrees.

I sat with a penknife, a pager and a handful of change in your pocket in a very nice high-heeled shoes. The shoes were Versace - leaving, I could get something out of my beautiful clothes.

I remember how cried, staring at the cars passing by and I thought: I'll do my best to get out of this situation and go upstairs. "

Before becoming a great magician, Harry Houdini ran away from home at the age of 12 years and fines begging on the street.

The rich and famous, who once bomzhevat

As a child Houdini knew he wanted to be a magician, and ran away from home by jumping onto the truck and get it to Missouri.

A few years later he went to New York with his father, but they were so poor that Houdini continued to beg in the streets.

His professional career he started in 17 years.

Even before Charlie Chaplin was 10, he learned how to live on the streets of London.

After the early death of his father, Chaplin's mother was put in a psychiatric hospital, and he and his younger brother had to survive on their own. Since both of their parents worked in show business, Chaplin and his brother decided to continue their business. Today he is known as one of the greatest actors of the silent movie.