Hotels where you can find a unique collection

For those who are not ready for the grueling marathon of museums and art galleries during the holidays, hotels in front of you, where you can find the art without leaving the room.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Sometimes in the lobby of a European hotel, you can find a product that did not dream, and many museums. For example, a collection of sculptures of the hotel Dolder Grand in Zurich is considered the best and is estimated at 45 million Swiss francs. Rome Waldorf Astoria luring paintings by Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana, and pearl collection of New York The Surrey - Chuck Close panel with the image of Kate Moss.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Pulitzer Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

# # Antique Dutch

Hotel Pulitzer - it is 25 separate houses XVII and XVIII centuries on Channel Princes. Designer Hotel Yakushima Strauss spent the night in each of the 225 rooms, in order to understand how it must be to beat. And hotels, and a collection that is attached to it, originally held Pulitzer family, in particular the grandson journalism award founder Joseph Pulitzer. Owners have changed, but the name is after reconstruction in 2016 with pride left. Features Art Collector's Suite guest can feel himself a collector: the walls are almost entirely covered with pictures. Particularly impressive is the painting "Branch Khalsa" Dutchman Thierry de Kromera, funny paraphrase "Feast of the officers' Frans Hals the Elder, the founder of the Dutch realistic portrait. Only instead of meat and wine on the table burgers and beer cans. The Pulitzer also has apartments for antiques lovers and book lovers - each with a corresponding collection.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Dolder Grand (Zurich, Switzerland)

Haring, Warhol # # # # gave myrrh

Behind the counter reception reclines tramp in his underpants - installation Duane Hanson's "Traveler". Without art there can not step to step - wishing to give aypad a guide to all the works of the collection. Sculpture by Niki de Saint Phalle adorns the terrace of the restaurant, "Woman with Fruit" by Fernando Botero - patio, and "large retrospective painting" Andy Warhol - a bar. Keith Haring sculpture hidden in the garden of spices, where chef Heiko Nieder grow herbs for the kitchen. Collection of sculptures in the Dolder Grand in Zurich is considered the best in the city, where, for a moment, 50 museums. Like the hotel, the meeting belongs to the financier Urs Schwarzenbach, and is estimated at 45 million Swiss francs.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Das Tyrol (Vienna, Austria)

# # Abstraction realism

The owner of a boutique hotel Das Tyrol Helena Ramsbaher - politician, hotelier and passionate art collector shoes and Prada. Their meeting, Ms. Ramsbaher gladly demonstrates guests.

Collection Ramsbaher would do honor to any European gallery: here and brooding realism Bernard Ammerera and abstract compositions Loretta Stats and ironic design Elke Huala, including "vegetarian" - something like a tribal African sculpture with a belly-aquarium full of vegetables. The hotel is located in Vienna's Museum Quarter, which creates a very pleasant context.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

The Surrey (New York, USA)

# # Keyt_moss sesil_braun

Collection elegant hotel on the Upper East Side, one block from Central Park, has a total of 31 exhibits, but well thought out. The most "age" in the instance of the collection - the photograph of Frida Kahlo's works Imogen Cunningham, made in the 1930s. Most of the work refers to the end of XX and beginning of the XXI century. In the lobby guests looking Kate Moss with a huge, full-wall mural Chuck Close - this is undoubtedly the pearl of the collection. The Presidential Suite is decorated with a picture of Cecily Brown in 2003 - roughly the same period, a different picture of the artist bought Elton John. Bonus collection - Restaurant Daniel Boole, favorite New Yorkers French chef.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Waldorf Astoria (Rome, Italy)

# # Tapestries pop art

Waldorf Astoria is located on the hill of Monte Mario, but boasts not only views of the city and La Pergola restaurant, the only one in Rome with three Michelin stars. Art collections of the hotel and the Vatican would envy, especially the Vatican of "Young Pope". Estimated value of the collection - to $ 700 million park on a hill, the hotel and has a collection of Angelo Guido Teruzzi, Genoa "Nickel King".. The Hotel has over 1,000 exhibits from the XVI to the XX century, works of art and historical artifacts, such as a cradle, commissioned by Napoleon for his son. In the lobby - Tiepolo triptych and tapestries from Beauvais, the XVII century. Suites - paintings by Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana. Art collection is available in other hotels Waldorf Astoria: for instance, in Beijing - more than 600 works of contemporary Chinese artists, but in Berlin - 900 works by graduates of the Berlin Academy of Arts. But the Roman collection of different caliber, it is in line with the museum collections.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Lord Nelson, Lady Hamilton, Victory Hotel (Stockholm, Sweden)

# # Sea ships

The Collector's Hotel - is three hotels in Stockholm, owned Bergtsson family. The Lord Nelson in the old town kept an extensive collection of artifacts related to the history of navigation: antique maps, models of ships, commemorative coins, compasses, miniatures naval battle on ivory depicting Admiral Nelson. Lady Hamilton Hotel is a family decorated statues and paintings on the theme of the eternal feminine; at the reception welcomes guests wooden statue itself Lady Hamilton. The Victory Hotel put all that remained, but it was here in a glass case in the lobby houses the main pride of the family - Nelson's letter to his mistress Lady Hamilton, nicknamed Marilyn Monroe of the XVIII century.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

La Perla (Dolomites, Italy)

# # Wine motorcycles

Alpine chalets crammed with curiosities: in the hallway - a showcase of ancient castles, on the stairs - old chest, and the restaurant - glazed wall clock. The owner of La Perla Michiel Costa - President of the local community Ladino Rhaetian peoples of the Dolomites, who settled in the mountains even in Roman times. Michiel wears a yellow coat with light green handkerchief and sometimes participates in cycling on the vintage unit beginning of the XX century with a huge wheel. Michiel - a passionate collector of wines, wine cellar of the hotel is designed as a playroom: the hall sparkling sounds of disco and dance of the bottle, the hall virtual white birds fly, and tasting area is arranged waterfall. Heart collection - "Temple Sasikayi": room, from floor to ceiling lined with bottles of Super Tuscany, and in a secret niche - the first bottle of vintage brand.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

Hotel L'Orologio (Florence, Italy)


Boutique hotel on Piazza Santa Maria Novella is associated not with kerrollovskogo through the looking glass, not from the "Tale of Wasted Time": dials everywhere - old analog, digital, modern, and artistic photographs hours. Each floor is dedicated to Sentinel house - Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin. Vintage watches on display in the shop windows, closets in the hall. Just a collection Hotelier Sandro Fratini more than 2,000 copies. Initially, the state Tuscan family Frattini earned ... jeans - their company Rifle Jeans, founded in 1958, one of the first began producing denim in Italy.

Hotels where you can find a unique collection

V8 Hotel Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)

Retro car # #

V8 Hotel - part of the exhibition center Motor World in a hangar at the former airfield. The hotel is housed in a dispatch center in the Art Deco style. The hotel lobby houses a collection of racing cars, the most honored of them - the 1920s. Cars used in the interiors of the hotel rooms: beds in many rooms - a kind of centaur, where the front part of the hood is made of vintage cars Volkswagen Beetle, Mercedes or a Morris Minor. There is no "Car Wash" with huge brushes, "Open Air Cinema" - a "Cadillac" and "Route 66" with a portrait of James Dean and an awning over the bed.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinzengracht (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

# alisa_v_amsterdame

Amsterdam hotel design department of Hyatt stands on Princes Canal, including art galleries and boutiques, and very reminiscent of a museum of contemporary art. The hotel has a patio garden which Dutch designer Marcel Wanders designed based on the works of Lewis Carroll: on the wall above the garden flaunts a huge graffiti mural "Alice in Amsterdam." The garden placed 12 statues crying princes - homage to the name of the channel and the call of the author of the composition is not part of childhood. Rooms are decorated with painted Wanders Rybin - they symbolize the openness amsterdamtsev to change. And the hotel has a blue room dedicated to Delftware.