The most unusual cars of all time

The most unusual cars of all time

The family of cars there are models that are striking in their concept and their capabilities. In this review we will focus on the most unusual and amazing car the last 60 years. Some projects have already seen real implementation, while others are preparing to release in the coming years.

1. Fireberd III

The most unusual cars of all time

This machine was presented in 1959. Even at the first examination it is clear that Fireberd III - a mix of cars and jet aircraft. Cars with unusual body had 2 separate aircraft cabin. You do not control the wheel and a joystick, which is typically used in aircraft. Tail fins were as many as 7 pieces.

The rear wheel is almost completely hidden under the wings-air intakes. The vehicle was installed gas turbine engine, whose capacity was 225 l. from.

2. Holden Hurricane

The most unusual cars of all time

Holden Hurricane - a real "Hurricane".

In 1969. coupe was presented with a bright name "Hurricane". Planting it (similar to military aircraft) was performed as follows: the driver and the passenger sat in the cabin, the roof of their laying, and at this moment set aside seats in the semi recumbent position.

Holden Hurricane was equipped with the most advanced at that time electronics: set a rearview camera, automatic climate control, a digital dashboard, self-tuning radio and navigator, who was guided by magnets.

3. Cadillac Cyclone

The most unusual cars of all time

Cadillac Cyclone

In 1959, Cadillac has created a concept Cyclone, which already at that time was implemented so popular in our time collision avoidance system. The front bumper of the car was built radar system that scanned the roadway in front of the car and autodriver warned about possible dangers.

In addition to this system Cadillac Cyclone had another opening dome roof and doors that slide back on ball-bearings.

4. Toyota fun-vii

The most unusual cars of all time

Toyota fun-vii /

This car is called car XXII century. Body Toyota fun-vii coated with a special material which is capable of outputting to the surface cars diverse video content. As a result, depending on the owner's wishes, the machine can not only change color, but becomes a field for absolutely any patterns and ornaments. In addition the whole body of the car is completely touch.

In addition, Toyota fun-vii is equipped with a function of "electronic concierge" in the form of a hologram of a girl who communicates with the driver (her appearance and clothing, the driver can choose your own).

5. Transparent car

The most unusual cars of all time

In the car in the bank.

This machine is fully working on 100% made of organic glass. Her example can be seen how the car and set it in safety.

6. BMW Jina

The most unusual cars of all time

The special innovation design and special material (Spandex) for the production of the body, this machine is able to change the appearance. The basis of the body is an aluminum frame, which can be driven by electric, very plastic and translucent spandek completely fits frame.

7. Hydra Spyder

The most unusual cars of all time

Hydra Spyder - a hybrid racing car and motor boats.

This machine - a hybrid racing car and motor boats. Auto weighing 3300kg and equipped with a 6-liter V-8 engine, which capacity is 400 liters. from. On land Hydra Spyder can accelerate to 201km / h, and water - up to 85km / h. When delivering the water from the driver must press a special button. At this point, a special pneumatic system will remove the wheel, turning cars into the boat.

8. Kiravan

The most unusual cars of all time

Kiravan - the perfect motorhome.

This truck is considered to be an ideal home on wheels. It is equipped with multiple fuel tanks, total capacity of which is 772l (range - 3000 km). All systems of the trains are controlled from the cab. In Kiravan installed: block solar panels, battery and diesel generator with a capacity of 25kW. These devices provide all the needs for electricity.

The inner space of the lorry convoy is amazing. Here are situated on different levels: office with 2 PCs, fully equipped kitchen, dining room and guest room, two bedrooms, a shower cabin and a bio-toilet.

9. Mercedes Benz Hexawheel

The most unusual cars of all time

Mercedes Benz Hexawheel-

This concept of a young Iranian designer is able to overcome very difficult obstacles in its path. The basis of the ideas it took particular individual articulation elements skeletons insects and his idea embodied in the model 6 wheeled vehicle. As long as it exists in the form of computer graphics and mini-model, assembled from parts designer Lego. But on the idea of ​​the author's real model will be equipped with all-wheel drive and hydraulic transmission.

10. Mercedes Benz F-Cell Roadster

The most unusual cars of all time

Mercedes Benz F-Cell Roadster.

This machine is a modern version of the first car, which was released in 1886. Mercedes. There retro design coupled with advanced technologies of the XXI century, but the maximum speed is only 25km / h.

11. Rolls-Royce 103EX

The most unusual cars of all time

Rolls-Royce 103EX. This concept manufacturer introduced as the future of the car. She has an unusual body shape, and the interior, as it always is Rolls-Royce, filled with luxury.

In this case, the traditional steering wheel and pedals are not available, because the car has to move in autopilot mode.

12. BMW Vision Next100

The most unusual cars of all time

BMW Vision Next100.

This concept is similar to most German automakers with the machine even XXII, and XXIII century. Windshield - is one big screen, which can display the route.

The machine is equipped with artificial intelligence, which will warn the driver of potential dangers on the road. In addition the car can move around in autopilot mode.