As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

• As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

About how it was an ordinary policeman became a Hero of the Soviet Union, was silent for 30 years. But he was able to prevent hijacking and numerous victims. This brilliantly executed operation went almost all the textbooks on anti-terror of the world, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country has simply forgotten his hero, dismissing him from the service.

As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

"Yak-40" plane.

In the autumn of 1973 in Moscow planned to hold the World Congress of Peace Forces. It was expected that there would be attended by a delegation of the Bulgarian Communist Party, headed by the Secretary Todor Zhivkov. In this regard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs developed a plan called "Thunder," which regulated the actions of the police in the case of terrorists seized government buildings, foreign embassies or aircraft. The structure formed by the task force, in addition to other employees was included Senior Lieutenant Alexander Popryaduhin. At that time he was also a master of sports of the USSR Sambo, 11-times champion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Frankly, the plan "Thunder" has not been worked out in the end and not agreed with the KGB, who already had experience in dealing with terrorists in the air. November 2, 1973 is a police capture group, and not special forces of the KGB, was caused by an alarm. Upon arrival at the airport "Vnukovo" police reported that a passenger aircraft "Yak-40" captured terrorists.

As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

The perpetrators were four young men: the leader was barely 20 years old, the youngest - 16, and two others - for 18 years. This group purchased plane tickets, en route from Moscow Bykovo airport in Bryansk. We can only guess how young people are carried on board a sawn-off shotgun, two hunting rifles and knives. When the plane took off, the ringleader of a shot at the closed door of the cockpit. Mechanic Anatoly Nikitin tried to disarm the terrorists, but he shot him in the stomach. He suffered another passenger who tried to intervene. He was stabbed. aircraft commander gave the terrorists' demands to the authorities: refueling in Bryansk, departure in one of the Scandinavian countries and two and a half million US dollars (and then they demanded five million). Otherwise, the criminals threatened to shoot the passengers.

As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

The visitors talk about AI Popryaduhine.

The plane turned back to Moscow, explaining the bandits that Bryansk just will not be the required amount. On that day in the capital had terrible weather, was a thick fog, the airport is closed. Despite this, the pilots managed to land the aircraft at Vnukovo.

Wounded terrorists released in exchange for refueling. While benzozapravschike overlaps the runway, capturing the band managed to stay in under the wings and fuselage.

When the question arose, who will play the role of courier, transmitting suitcase supposedly desired amount, the choice fell on Alexander Popryaduhina. He knew that this operation for it may be the last.

As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

A memorial tablet dedicated Popryaduhinu AI

When the "courier" was heading to the plane, the terrorists have suspected something. It all happened at lightning speed. Popryaduhin caused the fire itself. Several bullets hit him in the chest, the benefit was a policeman in body armor. In these moments, until Popryaduhin distracted terrorists capture group has blocked the door and threw a package of tear gas. 20-year-old leader was shot and the rest surrendered. The whole operation took 4 minutes 11 seconds. Description of the assault included in all textbooks on anti-terror world.

Terrorists expected unenviable fate: one was strangled in a mental hospital, the second "suddenly" died in prison, and a third was stabbed inmates before the trial. At the criminals had their concepts in relation to the traitors of the motherland.

As a regular police officer became a Hero of the Soviet Union

HSU Popryaduhin AI

Alexander Popryaduhinu December 19, 1973 was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, he was awarded the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star". The country has a true hero, received a "Star" in peacetime. The press mentioned this event, only the terrorists - not a word. We wrote that Popryaduhinu managed to detain dangerous criminals in the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after M. Gorky.

Real information about those events was declassified only in the early 2000s. One of the channels took the story of the hero. After the collapse of the Soviet Union it had the unenviable fate Popryaduhina. He reluctantly recalled his life in the "dashing" 90 "When I was fired, I forgot the hero. Star hidden in the safe. I went to the personal protection of one rich boy of twenty-six years. Coffee in bed brought him. From zero had to start all over ... "In 2013, the Soviet Union Hero died.