Which machines are most interested hijackers

• Which machines are most interested hijackers

Five years ago, the number of car hijackings in Russia exceeded 100 thousand per year. Since the number of thefts gradually decreases. For example, last year recorded 34 000 hijackings. What machines often "leave" from their owners?

Which machines are most interested hijackers

"Hot" vinaigrette

Top 10 most stolen car is original. It pleased, "state employees" and the Solaris Rio, just four models of Toyota and, most surprisingly, the VAZ-2106.

Which machines are most interested hijackers

Toyota Camry

According to statistics, most frequently stolen vehicles for the sole purpose - to disassemble and sell for parts. In the current situation, "detalyushki" on foreign cars are expensive. Therefore, the "popular trail" to the automobile dismantling b / Parts are not overgrown. And buyers in bulk, do not care about the past necessary "glands". The main thing - to pay for it as little as possible.

The same pattern is observed in the domestic car disassembly: if you can save her people tend to enjoy.

In the "top ten"

In the first place in popularity among attackers appeared Hyundai Solaris. Total in 2016 was stolen 1540 cars of this brand. There are good reasons why the criminals have chosen "Korean". Firstly, a full-time security system crack under force even novice thief. Secondly, the demand for spare parts for these cars is huge, because sales in Russia Solaris have long entrenched in the lead. And demand, as we know, breeds supply. In second place settled - surprise surprise! - VAZ-2106: 1114 cars stolen in the previous year. On Jeet does not affect even the fact that the "Lada" a long time ago removed from production. According to the country, this model is sold in such great quantities that are still often encountered on the road. Especially popular "six" is enjoyed by beginners. Given the age of machines, the need for spare parts is only increasing. Here are vases victims of criminals who trafficked them apart.

Which machines are most interested hijackers


"Bronze" at another "Korean" - Kia Rio. Over the past year 1059 the owners have lost their vehicles. The reasons for which this model is popular with car thieves, are the same as in "Solaris".

Further, with a score of 967 copies is Toyota Camry. "Japanese" from year to year gets to the top of the most stolen. In our country, "Camry" is popular, and therefore, the demand for spare parts is kept at a high level. Here criminals and saturate the market.

892 car - as "gone" Ford Focus. If we compare with the number of thefts in the past, criminals have become not so much to pay attention to "American." This is due to the fact that the model is put into the position of Russia - said the high price. But the market second-hand vehicles "Focus" is one of the most sought after. This means that the parts on it will not be left without customers.

In sixth place is another "Toyota" - Corolla: 649 copies. theft splash came in the first half of 2016, when hackers stole more than 500 cars.

Which machines are most interested hijackers

Kia Rio

Following is another representative of "toyotovskogo family" - Land Cruiser 200. The criminals managed to steal 622 cars. And, as in the case of the Corolla, the main wave of thefts has fallen for the first half of last year. Then sunk into oblivion 499 SUVs. Prices for new spare parts for these cars are at a high level, so the demand for b / u spare parts is high. These attackers and use.

But the love of the criminals to the French "workhorse" Renault Logan began to dry up. In the past year we hijacked only 445 cars of this brand, that in comparison with previous years is a modest result. This is primarily due to the fact that the new generation of Logan is not a "proletarian", as previous: its price has increased, while the number of cars sold fell.

Traditionally, hit the "top ten" and crossover Toyota RAV4 - 410 stolen vehicles. These crossovers quite running, a lot of them. Of course, they are parts, not fabulous money, but still quite expensive. Therefore, the owners' Rafikov "sent to the footy" office "supporting illegal business ruble.

Well and closes the top ten most stolen another representative of Japan -Mazda 3. In the past year, was hijacked 371 car, and all because of the high prices of spare parts.

Which machines are most interested hijackers

Land Cruiser 200

What about the premium class?

Here, leaders at the end of last year, broke Land Rover Discovery with a score of 169 copies. And the majority of off-road vehicles - 118 units - were stolen in the first 7 months of 2016. By the way, it has increased by almost 20% compared with 2015 the number of thefts. For one car less than the attackers hijacked SUV BMW X5. Most "Bavarians" stolen in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In third place was the Lexus LX - 156 cars. And, for the first half of last year, became victims of criminals 84 SUV.

Following is another representative of Bavaria - BMW 5-series. Parts for these cars are always cost dearly, and now crossed all conceivable psychological barriers. Therefore, the owners are increasingly bypass the authorized dealers, preferring to acquire spare parts from the "gray" dealers to save.

The top five Mercedes E-Class (148 vehicles). This model uses the persistently high demand - as new instances, and on supported. Therefore, criminals quickly switched to "eshki". Although a few years ago these cars in the number of thefts do not fall in the "top ten".

Which machines are most interested hijackers

Land Rover Discovery, 2013

Also in the top 10 were: Land Rover Range Rover (113), Lexus RX (100), BMW-3 series (94), Mercedes S-class (77), Mercedes C-class (75).