The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

• The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

Every modern man has at least one gadget, such as a smartphone, a smart watch, fitness tracker. Without these electronic assistants we can not imagine my life.

But there are some gadgets that beat all records of popularity, and in this article you will learn what it is.

the iPhone 7

The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

The most anticipated gadget 2016 - iPhone 7 - of course, made the list, and in the 1st place. The announcement of Apple gadgets always makes a splash in the market, but the iPhone 7 - one of the brightest leaders of the flagships. He was not afraid of the water element, it is capable of self-diagnosis, and "pulls" any game.

The camera device is worthy of special attention: she was awarded the honorary title of "gold standard" among those represented in the smart phone market, besides, it is a double. Results portraits using the iPhone 7 have exceeded all expectations - very high quality and clear.

Smartphone for a long time holding a charge: after a day of active use is still about 50%. The device immediately starts even the most "difficult" game, and the manufacturer is still good money on developing apps for iOS.

Google Pixel

The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

Google Pixel, according to many journalists, the best Android smartphone on the market in 2016. The device is made very high quality and can compete even Apple. And the first thing worth mentioning - the main camera. If at all possible synthetic tests iPhone camera 7 is gaining 83 points, then Google Pixel - 89 points. Pixel equipped with fast charging technology to charge the device from 0 to 100% for only 1 hr. According to the manufacturer, a 15-minute charge will last for the use of your smartphone for 7 hours. Owner "guglfona" do not have a few hours to be in the socket. In the smart phone, you can insert the drive without any problems (microSD) up to 256 GB, so no need to worry about the availability of free space for photo or video.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

By touching this device, you will not feel the cold metal: since the design is entirely made of glass (Gorilla Glass 4). The rear camera performs all at 0, 4 mm, making it almost invisible. The device has a maximum moisture level of protection (IP68). If you drop your smartphone to a depth of 1, 5 meters, for 30 minutes nothing happened to him.

Nintendo Switch

The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

According to the number of requests in the network game console Nintendo Switch ranks first among similar products. Nintendo company on the market for 127 years, known as the creator of legendary games such as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda. Prefix refers to hybrid and can be used in three modes: a mobile version for multiple players, and a player as a docking station (the image displayed on the TV screen, transforming console classic gamepad).

In portable mode, the device is able to work from 1 to 3 hours depending on the game. You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 second smartphone Samsung, which was at the peak of popularity in 2016. In addition to the top-end fillings noteworthy pen S Pen, which recognizes up to 4096 levels of pressing. Despite the lack of fast charging, the battery is 3200 mAh will allow for a long time to ensure the efficiency of the device. Use a good iris scanner. The housing is completely waterproof.

iPhone SE

The most popular gadgets on the end of 2016

According to still successfully uses iPhone SE, a modified version of the iPhone 5S. For the first time such a model in the presence of 2 GB of RAM, as opposed to 4 GB in flagship smartphones. The battery is sufficient for 13 hours of surfing the web or watching videos. As a bonus protrude two chambers: a front - 8 M, most - 12 Mn.

Manufacturers preserved form factor, screen sizes awarding device 4 inches. Despite its small dimensions, the performance of the smartphone on top. Siri app is running on the first call, you just say, "Hi, Siri" and the app will start dialogue with the user. The body color options added a new color - pink gold.

Many people consider the iPhone SE heir to the iPhone 6s. Manufacturer refused protruding camera ring that affected the design and ergonomics of the model. On the whole, pleased with the result.

This is perhaps the main popular gadgets at the end of 2016, which enjoyed great success among customers.