Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

• Revolver: a legendary weapon NKVD

A prototype of the famous "Nagano" was born in a small family factory. Here, under the skillful hands of armourers Emil and Leon Nagant, formed the general principles of the revolver, which for a long time will be a faithful companion of the officers and men of many countries. I must say that for Fabrique d'armes Emile et Léon Nagant pistol became an unexpected success.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

Background design

The end of the XIX century demanded that the major states of the modern military equipment. Without new weapons to confront a future war (and doubt no longer had its reality), it was simply impossible. Big problems caused private armed soldiers: needed a reliable, snub-gun, which, moreover, would be inexpensive to manufacture. Liege, where the brothers armourers worked, it was considered one of the largest centers of the arms industry - from here and expected a new weapon.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

Officers and soldiers

Emil presented to the Belgian military authorities as much as two versions of a revolver. Officers got a weapon, the hammer is cocked automatically when you press the trigger. For the soldiers deliberately worsened design: they can shoot, just cocked the trigger manually. This was done in order to save ammunition - rifle training at the time of the imagination not impressed.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns


First model revolver (model 1878) relished not only Belgians, but also throughout Europe. Modification Nagant revolver began to produce large plants: Belgian "Lepage", "Bayard", "Frankot"; German "Enel" and, of course, the Russian Imperial Tula Arms Factory.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

Russia and the neighborhood

Nagant revolver came to the court system and in the Russian army. It was easy to use, relatively inexpensive and reliable - that is necessary for rapid rearmament. However, the gun should not come as a managed in Tsarist Russia: the beginning of the First World War, most of the participating countries switched to more modern private arms - we prefer to save.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns


Caliber: 7, 62 mm

Length: 234 mm

Weight: 837 g

Drum capacity: 7 rounds

Muzzle velocity: 270 m / s

Sighting range: 50 m

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

The symbol of the revolution

And, of course, that this gun has become a real symbol of the 1917 revolution. "Revolver" has become a common noun word - so called general all guns. Red Army used the gun even after 1930, when entered into service is much more modern self-cocking TT.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

The Second World War

Nagan has not left the Red Army during the Second World War. A revolver equipped with armored carriages (TT not suitable for firing through the loopholes of the tank), officers often used as it is. But after the war the revolver Nagant system with army weapons was lifted: too much time to spend on his recharge.

Nagan: legendary NKVD guns

Modern Life

Until the beginning of 2001 revolvers Nagant systems are actively used by several paramilitary structures of our country. He was armed with the notorious squads "VOHR", he served in the service of collection and even helped science: revolver relied leaders geological expeditions. It is interesting that in 1998, the revolver was officially adopted by the Federal Bailiff Service, and in the United States, Soviet "revolvers" can be bought so far.