European Sales Lada has bypassed Porsche and Lexus

• In Europe sales Lada has bypassed the Lexus and Porsche

VAZ - 19th place on sales in Europe in 2016

European Sales Lada has bypassed Porsche and Lexus

At the end of 2016 the Russian brand Lada cars occupied the 19th place in the ranking of sales of new cars in Europe. Over the past twelve months in the European countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, CIS countries, Turkey, it has sold 274 000 903 "Lada", that at 0, 3 percent less than in 2015.

Focus2move Agency in its annual study has identified the top 30 automotive brands for sales in the European market.

The most popular car manufacturers began Volkswagen (2, 22 million vehicles), Renault (1, 61 million) and Ford (1, 46 million cars).

Below Lada sales ranking settled Mazda, MINI, Suzuki, Land Rover, Honda, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Smart, Porsche and Lexus. Before the "Lada" at the end of 2016 is the company Volvo, it ranked eighteenth place with a score of 303 thousand 200 vehicles.

Pravda.Ru previously wrote that for eight months of 2016 exports of cars from Russia to countries outside the Customs Union, have increased more than twice.

In January-August last year, the country exported 9, 1 thousand cars, and for the same period in 2016 - for 19, 2 thousand. The largest number of vehicles purchased in Germany - more than 3, 3 thousand. For comparison, in 2015 only 300 cars were delivered in this country. Ukraine supplied 2, 6000 cars from Russia (previous year - 673), and in Uzbekistan - 1, 6 thousand cars (in 2015, 456). Russian cars were also in demand in Egypt. For eight months purchased more than 2 thousand cars. In Latvia 1, 7000, and Lebanon 1, 4 thousand. In Hungary and China, about 1, 2 thousand cars.

"After the devaluation of the ruble on our cars prices in dollars and euros decreased twice, that is why our cars were in demand. It should also be noted that automotive plants in Russia produce fairly high quality products. The state creates preconditions for her to go for export and this trend is planned to develop in the coming years ", - previously told Pravda. Ru vice-president of the Association "Russian Automobile Dealers" Vladimir Mozhenkov.

According to him, the Russian plants capacity to produce 3, 3 million cars a year. One job in the automotive industry creates at least 7 jobs in related industries. At the time, Germany, Japan, Korea, China raised its economy, including due to the automotive industry. Russia, too, should go this way. To produce 1, 5 million cars for domestic consumption, and 1-1, 5 million for export. According to Deputy General Director of "ASM-Holding", and previously vice-chairman of the Committee for Automotive Businesses at Alexander Kovrigina also "to increase demand for Russian cars is necessary to set up joint ventures. Just representatives of foreign components firms is not enough. In Russia, all plants components, but not the assembly, so this factor will allow to move on. "

"Foreign companies benefit from creating us joint ventures. But first of all it is necessary to think about the fact that benefit Russia. At the same time, we have to stick to Chinese policy. China has for a long time did not let on Renault market. Empty for now, but on its own terms. We need more think about themselves than about others, "- commented on the situation in the automotive market Pravda. Ru expert.