The biggest crash in the USSR

The biggest crash in the USSR

The collapse of the Junkers F 13 in Georgia

In the Soviet Union, too, the case of aircraft crash, and there were many. However, in the majority of cases, the information about them carefully concealed.

But, for example, a student Larissa Savitskaya managed to survive after a collision with an airliner bomber at an altitude of 5,000 meters and to tell journalists what happened. The first fall of the aircraft is dated March 22, 1925 year about Tiflis.

Passenger aircraft F-13 performed a regular flight from Tbilisi to Sukhumi. 15 minutes after the takeoff the aircraft suddenly caught fire. By the way, on board were three prominent Soviet and Party leaders: Alexander Myasnikov, deputy chairman of the local Sovnrakoma Solomon Mogilevsky, plenipotentiary representative of the GPU and the chairman of the KGB in the Caucasus, and Georgi Georgi Atarbekov Deputy RCT TSFSR. According to witnesses, two men jumped out of the car, trying to save their lives, but they fell to his death. All 5 people were killed, including passengers and crew. Cause of the fire could not be determined, but evil tongues say that everything is rigged personally by Joseph Stalin to get rid of political opponents. But according to one version, a fire occurred due to the fact that someone blithely tossed a lighted match to the floor.

The biggest crash in the USSR

The aircraft Junkers F 13

The death of the hockey team near Sverdlovsk in 1950

January 5 (according to other sources - January 7) Air Force hockey team on the plane LI-2 is sent to match with the local club from Chelyabinsk. Due to unsuitable weather conditions LI-2 was due to land at Koltsovo airport rather than to land in Chelyabinsk. But in Sverdlovsk was bad weather, and controllers for a long time delayed the plane, causing everyone on board very nervous. In the end, the aircraft made a mistake with the runway and was wrecked. All 19 people, including a hockey team, died. It is believed that the aircraft crashed due to bad weather conditions and air traffic mistakes.

The biggest crash in the USSR

Hockey Air Force team that oversaw personally the son of the leader - Vasily Stalin

By a lucky chance the famous Soviet hockey player and football player Vsevolod Bobrov overslept your flight and stayed alive. The match is not canceled, for the Air Force hockey club played a team of other people.

The clash with the military bomber in the air in 1981

August 24, 1981 in the sky Amur region near Zavitinsk passenger aircraft An-24RV hit a bomber Tu-16K. In the crash killed 37 people, but Larissa Savitskaya managed to survive even after falling from a height of five kilometers. That's what she told me in an interview: "At that moment I was asleep. Remember the terrible impact, a combustion - with temperature plus 25 instantly dropped to minus 30. Terrible cries and air whistle. The husband died at once - at this point to me to live over. I did not even scream. Grief did not have time to understand the fear. "

"Rift went straight to our seats. I was in the tail section. I was thrown into the passage, right on the bulkhead. First I lost consciousness, and when I came to, lying and I think - but not of death, but of pain. Do not want to be in the fall was painful. And then I remembered an Italian film - "Miracles occur yet." Only one episode: the heroine is saved in a plane crash, vzhavshis chair. Somehow I got to him. "

The biggest crash in the USSR

Larisa Savitskaya with her husband, who died in a plane crash

"I had not even thought. Action ahead of consciousness. I looked out the window to "catch the ground." It was necessary to absorb the time. I did not hope to be saved, just wanted to die does not hurt. It was very low clouds, then a green flash shot. I fell into the taiga, on bereznyachok - lucky again. "

"When I woke up, her husband's body was lying right in front of me. A state of shock was such that I did not feel pain. I was even able to walk. When the rescuers found me, they, in addition to "moo-moo", nothing could not pronounce. I understand them. Three days to remove body parts from the trees, and then suddenly see a living person. And Vidocq I was still the same. I had all the colors of prunes with a silvery sheen - paint from the fuselage appeared extremely Addictive, her mother picked out a month later. And the hair from the wind turned into a large piece of glass. Surprisingly, as soon as I saw the rescuers could not walk. Relaxed. Then, in Zavitinsk, I discovered that the grave already dug for me. They dug through lists. "

Tu-154 crash near Uchkuduk

This tragedy occurred 10 July 1985 in the Uzbek SSR, when a flat spin airliner crashed into the ground after the fall of 153 seconds. All 200 people on board were killed. According to the official, the crew made a series of errors that led to the fall of the ship within 45 minutes after takeoff. According to another version, the whole crew before the fatal flight did not get normal rest and awake the whole night, which affected the work and security. This catastrophe was the Soviet Air Force's largest in the history of the number of victims.

The biggest crash in the USSR