ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War

• ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War

The Cold War was the real source of new technologies for both participating countries. Fortunately, designed to take advantage of weapons was not necessary, but they gave a great impetus to the development of both heavy and light industry. Special attention was paid at the time of missiles and their carriers: everything is well aware that after the demonstrative attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the next war will be held in the air.

Soviet Army was extremely short of heavy platforms for missile systems. Yes, and other trucks, serving in the army for different purposes, were morally and physically obsolete. In place of this ancient technique has come a real monster - truck ZIL-135.

ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War

Target Development

The new machine was needed in the first place, as the carrier rocket launchers. Under this need and sharpened Zil-135, whose designers have taken care of high permeability, reliability and durability of the chassis and body. In addition, the new car had to have a high maneuverability, because mobility is installed rocket launchers - a guarantee that their enemies will soon discover.

ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War


The engineers of the Special Design Bureau, working under the direction of VA Grachev. We decided in one fell swoop to close needs of the army and in the new mobile chassis for missile launchers, and trucks designed for other purposes. As a result of hard work, a unique scheme allows you to set the platform ZIL not only weapons, but also the landing and repair truck platform was developed. In fact, the designers were able to create a real transformer is suitable in almost any military purposes.

ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War

Chassis and Engine

This monster can boast of a number of rather peculiar decisions not to apply until such time anywhere in the world. Under the hood engineers hidden pair powerful engines Zil-375, each of which is driven by its wheel side. This ensures the machine more reliable. Also, designers have decided to equip the ZIL-135 independent torsion bar suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers on the wheels extreme bridges. Two middle of the bridge were rigidly fixed to the frame.

ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War


Axle configuration: 8 * 8/4 (the first and last axle)

Weight: 19,800 kg

Payload: 9,000 kg

Dimensions 2800 * 2530mm

Clearance: 589 mm

Engine: ZIL-375

power output: 360 l. from.

Tank capacity: 520 l

ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War


Engineers for a long time could not cope with the problem on machines carrying rocket launchers. The fact that the rocket lifts off just warped metal cabin. Able to solve the problem of Associate Professor Bauman Tsybin, who offered to make the cabin from fiberglass. It is, however, also deformed when fired - but knows itself to return to its original shape.

ZIL-135: avtomonstr Cold War

Modern Life

Unfortunately, no one, even the most successful development can not exist forever. Several modifications of the ZIL-135, designed for different uses, quite successfully had served in many parts of the Soviet and later the Russian army. Civilian cars were produced very little - and they both stopped off the assembly line in 1993.