10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

LM847 and other modern super-bikes.

Although motorcycles are still one of the most dangerous types of emergency vehicles, their popularity among fans of extreme drive and over time did not decrease. Just the opposite! Every year there are new, more and more incredible model bikes that are striking in their design and technical capabilities. In this review, "ten" super-bikes have appeared recently.


10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at BIPLANE by SUZUKI, - its elegant design. The overall style BIPLANE turned back to the days of aviation development. In concept mounted longitudinally disposed four-cylinder V-type engine, the displacement volume of which is 1000smᵌ and force transmission is performed through a cardan shaft. The front motorcycle suspension in cross-linkage type, and the rear is formed on the double levers (longitudinal) with shock absorber. Brake Type - disc.

Information on the cost of the bike is kept secret, but experts suggest that it will not exceed $ 200,000.


10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

TRON LIGHT CYCLE - a futuristic bike made of fiberglass.

American developers have submitted a bike TRON LIGHT CYCLE with a body made of fiberglass on a steel frame. An interesting feature is the landing - it is considered Tronova, but in reality biker rides almost lying down (at a height of 72 cm).

Just released 10 of these motorcycles. They are equipped with engines from SUZUKI1000.

3. UNO

10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

Bike transformer UNO.

The creators of this bike only 19 years old - is Benjamin Gulak from Toronto. The basis for creating UNO housing front part served sportbike YAMAXA R1. When such a strange form of motorcycle wheels have two that are located under the seat at a distance of 5 cm from each other. two electric motors, which are removed from a conventional wheelchair uses the bike. With their help, motorcycle, weighing 552 kg, can reach a speed of 44 km / h. Service life of the battery - 2, 5 hour.

UNO - it is completely ready to produce the bike, which operate with ease be able to even a child.


10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome


CHOPPER CITY studio engineers have made a replica of the motorcycle, which traveled the legendary Bat Man, and named it in honor of the character - BATPOD. Bike engine installed on V-TWIN (volume 850 cm ᵌ) with water cooling. Powerful frame is made with the use of agricultural machinery parts. As with the bike Bet Maine there are machine guns and cannons.

Estimated cost BATPOD - 100 000 $.


Concept motorcycle MOON RIDER developed by design group Marco Desing /. It is considered a hybrid, not only from the position of the selected engines, but also from the functional. This concept - it's ultra-light and environmentally friendly bike. It is equipped with two types of motors (electric and reactive). During construction the movement is balanced by means of various sensors. On the entire surface of the motorcycle located efficient solar cells, from which the battery is recharged.


10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome


Designers from CHOPPERS BMS provided an amazing gold plated bike in the style of "chopper". Its manufacturing took 24 carat gold, and the seats are fitted strong red velvet. This design was already marked by several awards at various competitions and exhibitions.

Engineered this miracle was back in 2006., And since then THE YAMAXA CHOPPERS BMS toured various US cities.

The cost of the motorcycle is 500 000 $.


10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome


YAMAXA TESSERACT has the original design and is a hybrid, which is equipped as an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. The manufacturer has equipped the quad innovative suspension that allows TESSERACT lean when cornering as well as conventional motorcycles.

Stability bike provided with a special system of levers.


10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

HUBLESS MONSTER CHOPPER - bike with strange wheels.

Experts workshop AMEN DESING AND ENGINEERING managed to create a motorcycle that uses a wheel without spokes and wheels. It should be noted that this is absolutely not affect the driving performance of the bike. With this construction, the wheels bike excellent road holding.

HUBLESS MONSTER CHOPPER - it is quite a functional motorcycle, valued at $ 150,000.

9. LM847

10 camyh modern super bikes that look just awesome

4-wheel motorcycle LM847.

At the Geneva Motor Show the company unveiled LAZARETH 4-wheel motorcycle LM847, whose mass is 400kg. There installed engine V-8 from Maserati, volume 4, 7 l and 470 l capacity. from. Manufacturers claim that the bike can reach speeds of over 300 km / h.

LM847 cost is $ 217,000.


CONFEDERATE B120 WRAITH - the fastest bike in the world.

Bike CONFEDERATE B120 WRAITH made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Its distinctive feature - a futuristic design, successfully combined with the aesthetics of the retro style of the last motorcycle. Weight of the bike - 177kg and a maximum speed, which he demonstrates - about 300 km / h.

To date, his CONFEDERATE class - the fastest and most expensive bike in the world. It has a V-shaped engine, whose capacity is 125 liters. from. This bike is designed for true connoisseurs of exclusive models of motorcycles and worth $ 92 500.