"The bank mistakenly gave me credit for 2 million, and I spent it on strippers and machines"

• "bank mistakenly gave me credit for 2 million, and I spent it on strippers and the machine"

Young Australian Luke Brett Moore just lost his job, when he discovered that the bank mistakenly revealed to him unlimited credit. Such a gift of fate it was difficult not to take. According to Luke, he just began to spend and could not stop. Until one day there was a knock on the door ... Then the story of Luke Moore.

I guess it's hard to believe, but I never planned like that to take money from the bank St. George and did not return. I kept waiting for me to call from the bank and asked to return the amount.

So, in 2010 I was an ordinary bank account, with which I was paying a mortgage, health insurance and bills. I got into quite a serious car accident, and payment of bills passed to another bank. I do not remember all the circumstances of how it happened.

The first days after the dismissal, I was worried that I have no money for the next payment for mortgage. What should I do? But then passed the payment through a bank account St. George, and I thought, "Oh, okay."

Two weeks later the same thing happened. This went on for a year, but the bank did not have any news, even though the account shows "overrun".

Then I called my credit card company and asked to carry out direct debit from the account of 5000 dollars. A couple of days - 50 thousand dollars. And both times the request is approved.

I was shocked. I realized that I have access to an unlimited number of credit money. Later, I bought the first car - Alfa Romeo 156, fully staffed. Then bought Hyundai Veloster, to go to Sydney and buy a Maserati.

It was a crazy time. I was young and stupid 22-year-old guy who just oklemalsya after the accident and found himself without a job for the first time since 14 years. I parted with the girl, who met with the school years, and was looking for something new in a different place. And I moved to the Gold Coast near Brisbane. In one weekend I flew to "Surf Paradise" (Surfer's Paradise), I liked it there, and I decided to stay.

It was cool, I spent great time. In fact, I was doing something that would make any guy my age with a lot of money - just fun and tusil. I went to strip clubs and get down hundreds of thousands of dollars on girls, cocaine and the like.

I even bought a fishing boat, which is very loved. As well as 10-foot bill by Banksy - it was the most valuable thing, along with autographed Amy Winehouse. Every time I made a bank inquiry St. George, I did not expect to get the money. However, every time I get them.

I think, the first time my mother thought I was a drug dealer, but then it became clear that I am not associated with the drug. While people around me, quickly realized that it was better not to ask, where does the money. I opened the shop in "Surf paradise", but local media reported that my bedroom reminiscent of Aladdin's cave of treasures from bursting, although most of this stuff I was selling in his shop.

One day in 2012 I was sitting in the bedroom in the house mother in Goulburn, when he heard a knock at the window. Before I could get to the front door, the police were already inside. They practically pressed against the wall and my mother poked the video camera in my face. The police were armed to the teeth, as if expecting that I was some kind of gangster. I was arrested. The next night I spent in the chamber until I was released on bail. A few years later I was sentenced for the acquisition of funds by fraud and was sentenced to 4 and 5 years of imprisonment.

I did not expect to sit down, I thought I was acquitted. But I had to turn to a lawyer free of charge, and this system is poorly funded in Australia. In addition, they were not interested in my case and as a result on the court defended me barely. The prison was awful. You find yourself away from the family, locked in a cell. I spent six months in jail, and it was the worst period of my life. From the first day, as soon as I got there, I tried to find a way out. I have read so many law books as I could find. Had built their defense and to the point, as the case went to trial again, just gave his work the lawyer appointed to defend me. And a couple of weeks ago I was released.

According to Australian law, I was not obliged to inform the bank that is going on. Yes, the judge said that I behaved dishonestly, but do not deprive of freedom for immoral behavior in our society. Judging by the comments in social media, and many young-minded people would have done the same as me. However, if I had the opportunity, I would not repeat it. It has destroyed my life and family and did not have a couple of months with strippers and cocaine.

Only recently I was able to rebuild and to use this experience as something useful - I am a student at university in forensic lawyer. In prison, I saw that many people there are in need of assistance, rather than imprisonment.