15 major failures Elon Musk

The founder of the most successful companies in the field of high technologies Elon Musk wants to save all of humanity. With a 11, 5 billion dollars in the bank and more than humane goals, engineer, inventor and multimillionaire looks like the living embodiment of perfection. However, and in the sun there are spots. Musk made a lot oshibok- some admitted, but about the part not even guess. Here are just 15 of them.

15 major failures Elon Musk

If you have not heard of Elon Musk, you either completely insulate themselves from the outside world, and went to the monks, or you do not work online. But even if you decide to not know anything about what is happening on the ground in our age, Elon Musk deserves your attention.

The founder of the most successful companies in the field of hi-tech "Tesla", "SpaceX" and "SolarCity", Elon Musk wants to save you, me and the rest of humanity ... by ourselves.

Yes Yes exactly.

Born in South Africa, raised in Canada and studying in the US, inventor, engineer and almost visionary waiting in the wings. Elon Musk believes in the sustainable development of renewable energy, and therefore created a "Tesla". He believes that humanity is on the brink of extinction - and founded SpaceX, which is to save the human race, the race populating neighboring planet and made our views "interplanetary". Finally, in free from all these concerns while working in the Elon SolarCity, the largest company in the US, supplying the solar energy.

He is also the inventor of Hyperloop, a kind of magnetic-train tubes that can carry out transportation of people at very high speeds (for example, the maximum speed - 747 miles per hour). We can say with confidence that Hyperloop will be much more successful project than the Segway, when it will be about the future of transportation. With all these achievements, and 11, 5 billion dollars in the bank Elon Musk looks like the living embodiment of perfection. However, and in the sun there are spots. Musk made a lot of mistakes on its way to "world domination", but it is one thing - this guy is not afraid to make mistakes.

Prediction appearance the iCar

15 major failures Elon Musk

When it comes to engineering new products, environmentally-oriented technology and its own start-ups, masks an absolute genius, but in relation to the predictions of the future automotive industry, he seems a bit hasty. Last summer, he predicted the emergence of Apple Car in 2020 (code name - Titanium), because he believed that Apple, with its focus on technological development should soon become the main competitor to Tesla-Mobil. In theory, Apple may be regarded as a future competitor to Google and the Tesla, especially when it comes to electric vehicles, and samoupravlyamom released in mass production. However, most experts believe it is nonsense. Is Musk seeking competition, where it does not exist?

Issues Model X Tesla, the first part of the

15 major failures Elon Musk

The company "Tesla" today, no doubt, deserves the name of the newest and most promising automobile manufacturer. And masks an absolute hero - in fact, he realized his dream and made it so that the car of the future has become a reality.

If you've seen the Tesla machine, then you can imagine what they are powerful, beautiful and incredibly difficult to do. They will fly a lot of money - some of them are worth $ 100,000. In addition, they are taken "for life", and because the machines are equipped crazy chips, which are not always well developed. A case in point of the Model X, of which he Musk said: "Model X was a great challenge for us and I have to blame myself that the product is included in too many new technologies at once.".

Of course, to own such contraption - it's just the upper class. However, the reality is that guys like Musk naively believe that they can succeed at times in all, doing whatever. But sometimes it takes years to understand what is the correct way!

Issues Model X Tesla, Part Two

15 major failures Elon Musk

In addition to the incredible self-centeredness mask in Model X there are a couple of problems. The company has introduced too many (for the car) features on the very first production models. Masks at the same time says that the better they would wait for the next model to establish it more powerful software and implement more interesting features, rather than trying to cram everything possible into the first car. A case in point of a program that controls the door sensors. On some machines the sensors did not work sometimes, or not work at all ... In general, if you bought the same model, forget about locking doors - with special luck in the case of the Model X, it can not be necessary ...

Roadster, the first part of

15 major failures Elon Musk

The first car Tesla Roadster came out a few years ago in 2008. Tesla actually there are only about 13 years, although many think that she has always been. Musk acknowledged that some of the early mistakes made by Tesla, were "staggeringly stupid."

For example, it was idiotic to believe that Tesla to create their electric vehicles may use the patented technology from AC Propulsion Company. Tesla began producing the first fully digital products, and all systems were analog AC Propulsion. Tesla engineers had to rewrite the code a ton to learn in the end that the systems AC Propulsion will never be commercially successful ... That's it.

Roadster, the second part of

15 major failures Elon Musk

At a meeting of shareholders in 2016. Elon Musk admitted that the Roadster was a complete disaster - apart from the fact that the engine management system has been partially analog, and engineers had to rewrite all the code, AC Propulsion battery is cooled by air. And Tesla Roadster had to be used in liquid-cooled battery, since electric cars are very, very hot. Incorrect use of existing technologies is characteristic for Tesla was always - literally from the first days.

Roadster, the third part of

15 major failures Elon Musk

After all his failures with AC Propulsion, Tesla has not finished experimenting with the acquired patents. On the contrary, they have gone so far that have planned to take the development of AC Propulsion, and install them in the car body, created by the British company Lotus Cars.

It turned out that the "stuffing" is simply not enough space, and the case had to be increased. In the end, Tesla has involved only 5% of the original AC Propulsion Technology. And Musk admitted that the whole project was a huge failure!


15 major failures Elon Musk

Not every error mask is connected with his professional activities. We are not even sure whether Musk believes believes that part of his private life just part of the way, a great error or a nightmare. The fact that the mask with his wife divorced ... at least twice ...

He met Talulah Riley in 2008, married her in 2010, divorced her in 2012, remarried in 2013, he took off his bid for a second divorce in 2014, and then watched as Riley filed for the last and final divorce (as we all think) in 2016. In short, Musk and Riley are ready to get the title of Richard Burton and Liz Taylor in the technology industry!

Bidding for SolarCity

15 major failures Elon Musk

When the end of August Tesla said about the desire to buy SolarCity (in order to consolidate the assets of Mask), shares of Tesla tumbled 13% to $ 189, 99 per share. The company's capitalization has shrunk by $ 4, 3 billion - more than the amount that the Tesla is prepared to pay for SolarSity. But SolarCity quotes soared 18% to $ 25, 02 per share. Thus, the purchase of assets was made up 20-30% of the market.

Musk told reporters that "nothing tricky" in this transaction are not present. According to his plan, as a result of Tesla able to provide customers with a comprehensive offer and sell the right electric car chargers, solar panels for the home. Thus, the client instead of ordering the equipment in different places and getting in three waves, can get everything at once. Ease of such a scheme is obviously mask. Well, only time will tell how this scheme will justify itself.

The expansion of the Tesla

15 major failures Elon Musk

Just when Tesla came finally to mass production and profit, as the Musk decided to drive his company in a deplorable state. At least, so say about his affairs industry analysts.

Musk being in your niche, before the end of 2015 to produce each year about 50 000 vehicles of high cost and high-end that were too tough for many. However, he recently announced that it would increase production to 500,000 cars by 2018. An incredible increase in production in a very short time, and no one takes it seriously. Just like he usually flies on the icy road with mountains and no brakes. Metaphorically, of course.

Controversy To Reddit

15 major failures Elon Musk

Sometimes you do not even know that you made a mistake, as long as someone does not have you on it. As is the case when frustrated "about the owner of the" Tesla came to Reddit complain Tesla handled it while buying a car.

The buyer said that cater to his manager, Tesla has hinted that the buyer will operate a discount if he did not take the temporary use of the machine, which he offered while waiting for delivery of the new Tesla. This kind of manager behavior has caused a storm of emotions. Unfortunately, Tesla and mask there is a completely immutable law - no discount! And this policy applies to each of the people, including also for the mask.

Well, he's not just faced criticism himself and publicity of the case, he was also forced to speak with its own employees, so that they do not undermine the fundamental principles of his company.

The silence on Twitter, and blog posts

15 major failures Elon Musk

Remember, we're talking about higher Tesla problems with doors at the Model X?

Well, one of the promises mask that he was willing to make Twitter and the official blog of Tesla, was that the new equipment is ready and it will solve all the problems with the Model X. Musk promised to fix it first in July and then in September, then ... silence! I wonder what made him shut up at last? Sale of SolarCity, the failure of the launch of SpaceX, or jumps the value of its securities in the market?

The explosion before the start of

15 major failures Elon Musk

If you think that most of all the errors relate to mask launch its electric car, then you are wrong. This is nothing compared to the explosion of a rocket Falcon-9 in September this year.

The rocket exploded during the tests immediately after the launch at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX - Mask aerospace company that specializes in the delivery of goods (primarily satellites) in space. Elon has high hopes for her, as a firm believer in the fact that mankind should move to the stars, to avoid extinction on Earth.

The incident resulted in the Falcon 9 rocket was completely destroyed and burned Israeli satellite Amos 6 worth two hundred million dollars. It slowed down the space program mask, but not much: in January 2017 is preparing to take off another rocket with 10 satellites on board.

The production in Asia

15 major failures Elon Musk

Tesla, like almost all the US automakers, down against the idea of ​​producing cars in Asia. Although from the point of view of corporate governance, to make cars in Asia it is very profitable - cheaper labor, no trade unions, no requirement to raise the salary more man-hours in a day and so on. etc., -. Musk decided that Asia can not serve as a producer of high-tech models of the Tesla him. He thought that it is possible to make a "cheaper and better", but the quality and safety checks have shown that the east need to stop outsourcing.

Roadster, the fourth part of

15 major failures Elon Musk

This error mask is too fun to keep silent about it.

Elon Musk told the story of an attempt to attract investment in Tesla Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. In order to get them interested, Musk took the boys to test drive the Roadster in the first modification.

The only problem was that the car was traveling at a speed of 10 miles per hour ... Surprisingly, the duo from Google enjoyed the slow as molasses, parade with masks, so they end up invested in the company. In retrospect this sounds funny fact: not every car manufacturer can say that was a successful test drive the car, which was moving no faster than a regular cyclist.

Interview with Chris Anderson

15 major failures Elon Musk

Mask looks like a bold, self-confident guy - and how he was supposed to be, when all he came up with, he carried out? But even the tough guys fall into a situation where they do not own.

During a live interview session in 2013, organized by the Chris Anderson, a member of the audience asked what was the biggest mistake Ilona.

His answer? ... Well, you could hear a fly flying over the room ... The silence lasted an incredibly long time. Musk hovered as if he's not the star of PR, and his words are not climbing. It was this pause in the truest sense of the word has become the largest public failure, the best speaker of the decade!