Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

Designer LEGO fans will always find inspiration to create new and surprising creations. Today we tell you about ten stunning statues, structures and even the cars created from popular designer in full size:

10. A whole arsenal of the LEGO

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

On the page of the group dedicated to weapons of LEGO in full size on the Flickr photo hosting, you can see more than 500 weapons, knives and bombs made out of toy building blocks popular designer. Just do not go out with these realistic looking objects, otherwise it can lead to big problems!

9. Ford Mustang 1964 release

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

The LEGO celebrated the 40th anniversary of the American Club Ford Mustang fans (Mustang Club of America) model 1964 full-scale, putting it on display during celebrations of the 40th anniversary on the racetrack, "Indianapolis Motor Speedway" (Indianapolis Motor Speedway).

The car, built by hand in the American headquarters of the LEGO company, located in Enfield (Enfield), Connecticut, made several stops in different parts of the country and reached its final destination in the amusement park Legoland Florida Resort.

It weighs 777 kg, of which 435 - directly LEGO bricks. The remaining 342 kilograms weighs aluminum chassis, which is built on the basis of the car.

8. Led Zeppelin IV in LEGO

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

LEGO-builder Zambito David (David Zambito) created from LEGO version of a life-size cover for an unnamed fourth studio album Led Zeppelin. Not bad, right?

7. Batmobile

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

LEGO-artist Nathan Sawaya (Nathan Sawaya) not only designs models of cars, but also builds them large enough that they could ride.

This Batmobile length of 5, 5 meters created during actual size of more than 500,000 bricks LEGO, weighs slightly more than 680 kilograms. He goes along with the license plate number on the order and flames escaping from the exhaust pipe.

6. Baseball

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

Statue of LEGO former player of the team, "Boston Red Sox" (Boston Red Sox), David Ortiz (David Ortiz) was opened in Fenway Park (Fenway Park) in LEGO in the day this August. It is made of 34,510 Lego bricks, weighs 77 kilograms and required 290 hours of work.

LEGO Master Builder Erik Varzegi (Erik Varszegi) told how it was difficult to choose the right all the details: "In fact, the most difficult was the right thing to do his tattoos I have not had so many photos, which I could navigate his left hand.. almost all in tattoos. in my possession was only a couple of shots, where they could be seen. Then, I even watched some games of video recording. in addition, was also a 3D-map of the texture of his skin, so I could use some of it for its purpose. "

5. Bed

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

With LEGO-bricks in full size you will be able to build large structures and a functioning furniture, such as a bed in the photo above.

4. Trailer

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

This caravan Teadrop of LEGO was created for the exhibition "Motorhome and Caravan" (Motorhome & Caravan Show) at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK, in 2015. In it there is a sink with water, working lights and a place to lie down.

3. The droid from the "Star Wars"

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

BB-8 from the "Star Wars" in full size of LEGO for the British premiere of "Star Wars: The Awakening forces" is built of the same "Bright Bricks" team, which has created a trailer of the preceding paragraph.

How did they do it? See the video below:

The Fighter 2. "X-wing" of the "Star Wars"

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

"Star" fighter "X-wing" was built for the inauguration of LEGO store in New York, which took place in 2013. 5 million LEGO bricks were used to build the fighter nearly 14 meters long. Impressive!

1. Characters from "Scooby-Doo" (Scooby-Doo)

Stunning creation of LEGO, by a full-size

Oh! A-a-a-nd! Scooby, his gang and "van mysteries" (Mystery Machine) received a LEGO-version. Van is the actual size of the Chevrolet Greenbrier 1965 release, and all the characters - human size, which means that Shaggy (Shaggy) (in green shirt) has a height 1, 83 meters.

To create the whole installation took 85 hours to design and 525 hours to build and glue the parts. It consists of 70,875 bricks LEGO.