Here are 6 ways that your pet treats you and extends your life

Here are 6 ways that your pet treats you and extends your life

publish facts that prove the benefit of ownership pets. For example, cats reduce, rather than increase (as many thought) the risk of allergies in children.

allergy prevention in children

Previously it was believed that the presence in the house cat or dog increases the risk of allergies in children. And if there is a genetic predisposition, doctors recommend not to have pets. However, this view is not only out of date, now science has deployed it to 180 degrees.

There is a growing body of research showing that children growing up with pets (wherein matter with cat or dog) are less likely to develop allergy and asthma.

Here are 6 ways that your pet treats you and extends your life

Pediatrician scientist James E. Gern, MD, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducted the study by testing the blood of children: immediately after birth and one year. Children that grew with the family dog, much less suffer from allergies - 19% against 33% - for those who grew up without pets. They also generally had lower levels of eczema. In addition, growing children with pets had higher levels of certain immune system components.

Reduction of the risk of death from heart disease

Several scientific studies have shown that survivors of heart attack patients with pets - live longer than find themselves in the same situation, but no pets.

Men - pet owners are also generally less likely to suffer from heart disease. In addition, there are studies showing that the risk of sudden death from a heart attack in pet owners is much lower. Researchers from the University of Minnesota have calculated that the chance of dying from a heart attack in cat owners 30-40% less than those who live without pets.

Lowering blood pressure

Dr. Karen Allen conducted a survey among randomly selected 48 brokers (operating in the constant stress). For the study compared to 24 pet owner and 24 people living without pets and found that pets improve blood pressure and levels of stress hormones are better than drugs (ACE inhibitors).

Lowering cholesterol levels

Back in the early 90's these studies American Health Association were spread that the owners of cats are generally lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Moreover, the study states that the establishment of a pet reduces these levels.

Too high triglycerides may potentially contribute to the development of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

Here are 6 ways that your pet treats you and extends your life

Reduced stress

In one study, researchers found that people who received a stressful job, showed a lower level of stress to them if they were pets. This level was even lower than in the presence of a spouse or friend. Apparently, because pets love to host and certainly do not appreciate his actions. Generally, there are few studies carried out to prove that pets play a role of a natural "drug", providing a soothing influence in the inevitable stressful situations. For example, in one of them it studied how long it takes to restore normal levels of pressure and pulse rate after human stress. It showed that the owners of dogs and cats suffer less psychological and physical stress and are able to recover faster. Therefore it is not surprising that some people take with them everywhere beloved pets.

Total Health Promotion

In the early 90-ies of the last century, a group of researchers from Cambridge University found that those who acquires a pet, just over a month improved overall health. These positive changes persisted throughout the 10 months of the study. It has been observed that the owners of pets less likely to suffer from colds or headaches. It was later found that male owners of cats or dogs have a smooth and stable pulse pressure than those who have not got a pet.

Also, there are scientific observations showing greater overall life expectancy for pet owners.

Here are 6 ways that your pet treats you and extends your life