Jackie Chan received an honorary "Oscar"

• Jackie Chan received an honorary "Oscar"

Jackie Chan received an honorary

The world-famous actor and director Jackie Chan is awarded the "Oscar" for outstanding contribution to cinema

Actor, Stuntman, film director, producer and screenwriter Jackie Chan was awarded the honorary award "Oscar" for his contribution to cinema, according to the American Academy Twitter.

The solemn awarding ceremony was held in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 12. "After 200 films, so many broken bones he's mine", - said the actor during the ceremony.

Jackie Chan received an honorary

Honorary "Oscar" this year was awarded to the American documentary filmmaker Frederick Vaisman, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and British female editor Anne Coates, whose more than 70-year career includes work on such famous films as "Killing on the Orient Express "(Murder on the Orient Express, 1974) and" Lawrence of Arabia "(Lawrence of Arabia, 1962). Over the last picture Coates has been honored with the award "Oscar", reports TASS. Academy Award winners announced in early September, the statement noted that they are "legends and the true pioneers in their professions." "The Board of Governors of the Academy is proud to celebrate their extraordinary achievements", - stated in the message board.

Jackie Chan received an honorary

August 25, Forbes magazine published a ranking of the highest paid actors of the world in which Jackie Chan finished second. According to the newspaper, his income for the scoring of the cartoon "Monkey King" and roles in Chinese films, the upcoming rental, is $ 61 million.

First place in the ranking took Dwayne Johnson with an income of $ 64 million. The third was Matt Damon. How to calculate the Forbes, its revenue grew 120% year over year, to $ 55 million, mainly due to the success of the film "Martian".